What cannot be seen

Tiffany Designs and Zibska paired surprisingly well together with these two releases. This combination is definitely one I would rock down the runway for a styling inspiration without a doubt. The dress from Tiffany Designs comes with a HUD that has 19 color options! and all of them are truly just as gorgeous as the last. Each has the duotone of color along the chest, and glitzy glamour down the body. It’s a dress to die for without a doubt. And….. since you are out and about and of course, you’re a Zibska fan and since you’re already in the group…. right!…. you better be because you can grab the entire accessory set for Free! just for loving them, how freaking awesome is that This set comes in 4 separate pieces that can all be personally customized on your own or you can custom color in double sections with the amazing HUD that has 20 variation color options! So fantastic and definitely worth the trip. It’s a fun and exciting gift without a doubt.



Full Credits & Links

Dress: ::TD:: Yvonne Mesh Gown ~ 19 Textures HUD – Marketplace , Mainstore
Headpiece: Zibska [Group Gift] ~ Finn – Mainstore
Shoulder Pieces: Zibska [Group Gift] ~ Finn – Mainstore
Necklace: Zibska [Group Gift] ~ Finn – Mainstore
Pearl Necklace: AvaWay Gina Necklace – Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears – Mainstore
Nose Ring: CATWA Bento Face Piercing – Mainstore
Hair: Mina Kayla – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Zibska ~ Ortensia Eyemakeup – Marketplace , Mainstore
Lipstick: Zibska Camelia Lips – Marketplace , Mainstore
Ring: Chop Zuey WR In My Heart – Bento Wedding Ring Set – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Amidst The Creative

Here are two truly outstanding designers showcased together. Zibska and Bakaboo both have that unique, edgy and just truly thrilling concept that is so unique to both and in the fashion world of SL in general. Zibska has this rocking new release at the Sense Event this month. I did something a bit unique with my styling of this to show you just how really fantastic Zibska items are. So, not only do you get a color HUD with this entire set, which is actually in 3 pieces (neck piece, front piece and the surrounding orbit) you get to choose from 16 different colors for each of the 3 sections… OR…… because all Zibska items are mod for this very reason, you can custom color that badboy to match whatever it is you’re styling…. how freaking awesome is that!!!! Zibska is so versatile and unique and just really user-friendly, so I truly recommend that you get over to the event and grab yours. Bakaboo doesn’t have a new release out yet for this month, so, I dug a little into the Bakavualt and found something I was actually surprised I didn’t already have since I really own everything else. This really fun dress comes in a couple various variations of colors but I chose the quieter of the two for this one. It fits really well and of course, works with all popular main body types. Super fun, super cute, and a must-have like all Bakaboo products to brighten up that wardrobe. You can grab this color or any of the other color options on Marketplace or In-World.




Full Credits & Links

Dress: Bakaboo – Baka Designer Dress – Autumn – Marketplace , Mainstore
Headpiece/Hair: Zibska ~ Cathan – Marketplace , Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Necklace/Orbit: Zibska Amisi – Sense Event , Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Angelica hairstyle – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Zibska ~ Zoe Eyemakeup – Marketplace , Mainstore
Lipstick: Zibska ~ Yasu Lips – Marketplace , Mainstore
Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Wicked & Bound – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: VARONIS – Sector7 Background – Mainstore

Fairytale Princess

Although these items are not new or exclusive releases from IT! they are still pretty fantastic and PINK! Okay, they do come in other colors ya ya but way deep down you know you love pink too right?  IT! has a really pretty tiara available, it comes in a bunch of different colors for you to choose from and has a HUD that allows you to change the bead options between 8 different colors and 10 various metal options. I added this intricate necklace as well. It has a color HUD to change between 8 various color options and 10 metal options. And to ocmplete my pink princessy looking styling, I added a gorgeous pair of earrings from IT!. The earrings also have a HUD that allows you to change the color of the gems between 8 different variations and 10 metal choices as well. The eyeshadow and lipstick are also an added addition of style from IT! All of these are a must have to the addition of your wardrobe. The detail, the beautifulness of each of these products is something you really need to see first hand and you can get most of them In-World or on Marketplace


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Full Credits & Links

Dress: Violent Seduction – Neo Senshi – Princess Chibi – Mainstore
Tiara: !IT! – Seraphim Tiara 3 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Necklace: !IT! – Kate Necklace 3 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Earrings: !IT! – Laurel Earrings 3 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Angelica hairstyle – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: !IT! – Flirty By Day Eyeshadows 1 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Lipstick: !IT! – The Good Vibes Lipstick 1 – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Unicorns: LOVE – DREAMY DAWN DEER GROUP – Mainstore
Pose: K&S Naked 3 – Mainstore
1st Image taken at Elysion


It took me a few days to work my brain a little for this one. As a model, I get to do some really crazy styling and so many fun and unique things to present on the runway. With Zibska, it is a brand I use sooooo often as a model and well, I think most of us do. The unique, vibrant and intense array of items that literally cover one end of the spectrum to another are available through this incredible designer. Even though I get to style for a runway on pretty much a weekly basis, it’s always different when you’re doing so exclusively for a designer that has been an idol since you started, that’s what Zibska is for me. So…. for all of my posts with this designer, you’re going to get some rocking styles, and, even better… NO edits of any kind. There will be zero photoshop done in any of my Zibska images, pure SL to blog, windlights only so you all can see what I see and that’s pure incredible quality!.

Okay, so now that I have done my little blurb, brag and ramble, let’s get to the items!. Oh come on, I know you skimmed through everything super fast to get to this part. Soooo Zibska is rocking the UniK Event this month with some pretty badass new releases. The eyeshadow is intense, vibrant and so perfect for any style really, but the crazier the better right?… The eyeshadow comes with a HUD of 12 colors to choose from and appliers for all major mesh heads. And to get that extra perfect combo look, you can get the matching set of awesome with the collar and headpiece with 30 various color options to choose from, how amazing is that! The detail on each of these is truly more stunning than I could show you so you better just haul some butt and pick them up at the UniK Event



Full Credits & Links

Top: Love [Harness / Crop Tank & Panties Set] #9 – Mainstore
Headpiece: Zibska ~ Bebe Set – UniK Event , Mainstore
Necklace: Zibska ~ Bebe Set – UniK Event , Mainstore
Hair: enVOGUE – HAIR Ravenna – Light Blondes – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Zibska Bebe Eyemakeup – UniK Event , Mainstore
Lipstick: Zibska ~ Eirlys Lips – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Good Vibes

I had so much fun running around finding all the exciting items available at The Good Vibes Hunt including these items from IT!. Although the hunt is over, these items can be purchased at the Mainstore and are worth the trip and so much less work than having to run around like a crazy person looking for stars lol. You can get a hold of 3 different sets of lipstick, 2 variations of earrings, 2 variations of necklaces, 3 different flower headpieces. There are a total of 10 amazing packages to get a hold of and each one is truly worth it. The detail and perfection of these items is a must see for yourself. There is a HUD to control the metal with 10 different options.



Full Credits & Links

Top: Belle Epoque { Ocean’s Daughter } Top Pink – Mainstore
Tail: Belle Epoque { Ocean’s Daughter } Tail – Mainstore
Headpiece: !IT! – The Good Vibes 6 Pansies 1 – Mainstore
Necklace: !IT! – The Good Vibes 5 Shania Necklace – Mainstore
Earrings: !IT! – The Good Vibes 4 Soraya Earrings – Mainstore
Ring: Chop Zuey WR In My Heart – Bento Wedding Ring Set – Mainstore
Hair: *ARGRACE* HARUKA_II – Blondes – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: !IT! – Spring Breeze Eyeshadows Gacha RARE – Mainstore
Lipstick: !IT! – The Good Vibes 3 – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Pose: [PR] Poses: A Mermaid’s Tale – Mainstore

Explosion Of Color

This was such a fun post for me to do because of the amazing colors both of these fantastic designers brought to the table with their creations. ALMA Makeup has two truly incredible products for you to run and grab from 2 events and ZOZ has 2 new releases as well that you can snag. Put your running shoes on ladies because I’m about to send you all over the grid but it’s worth it, I promise. ALMA Makeup has a set of 8 eyeshadows for you to choose from at the Vanity Event. You can choose between applying the makeup with the forehead piece or without it so you can customize your look to how you want. And to pair it perfectly with some lipstick, you can head over to the eBENTO Event to grab this set of 8 stunning and vibrant choices of color splash to your face. Both are truly remarkable and worth all the running around to grab. Now, before you go bonkers snatching up everything from ALMA, don’t leave the eBENTO Event just yet because that is also where you can get this rocking polish from ZOZ. It’s soooo pretty! no really it’s awesome, and so much so that I am actually wearing BOTH of the color options that are available. I couldn’t pick just one so I manipulated my bento hands so I could get one color of each on there to show you just how great both of them are and because I might be a little weird like that too, who knows. So, ZOZ has the blue shades with 12 various colors to choose from, all containing a gorgeous shade of blue, and there is also the pinks, with again, 12 various colors to choose from and each of which contains the shade of pink. So much great stuff ladies! Run run run

Note: The nailpolish does not duotone like shown manipulating the hands off and on is how it was achieved. Also, the makeup.. on a Catwa head, I used the omega AND the catwa appliers to get the duo forehead and lipstick


Full Credits & Links

Hair (w/ Mask): -FABIA- Mesh Hair < Katrin> Blond – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ALMA Makeup – Sally – Vanity Event , Mainstore
Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Nineteen – eBENTO , Mainstore
Nailpolish (Left): {ZOZ} Power Pink Polish – eBENTO , Mainstore
Nailpolish (Right): {ZOZ} Blue Baby Polish – eBENTO , Mainstore
Ring: Chop Zuey WR In My Heart – Bento Wedding Ring – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Pose: FOXCITY. Spotlight-5 (Fatpack Exclusive) – Mainstore


Surrounded By Blossoms

I’m a little late with getting this outfit posted for you, but…. with Tiffany Designs even being a little late is worth it because she has recently released a really rocking new gown that is so much fun to play with, really. This absolutely amazing gown comes in 10 various colors for you to choose from. Each color has a unique twist with the colors that you don’t expect but is a lovely surprise. The add-on flowers that come with this for each color has a twist of contrasting colors to the attachments. So as you can see, you get the “look” of mix and match without actually doing the hard work….. but of course, if you’re anything like me you totally pulled pieces from all the other colors just to check it out lol. So, this gown comes with pretty much everything you see attached to me, a head flower, a gorgeous set of earrings, the flowers along the waist, the back flowers which actually somewhat look like pretty wings-ish (we’ll pretend that’s a word) attachments. Even in my ramblings, I don’t think I can speak highly enough about this gown, it’s stunning, really. For the first image here I am wearing the gown set in Azul, and the second image I am wearing the purple set


imageedit_3_4153355982 New

Full Credits & Links

Dress: ::TD:: Blossom Gown with Appliers – Marketplace , Mainstore
Headpiece:::TD:: Blossom Gown with Appliers – Marketplace , Mainstore
Flower Wings: ::TD:: Blossom Gown with Appliers – Marketplace , Mainstore
Hair: Tableau Vivant // Fruit of the Bloom [flowers] Pack I – RARE
Eyeshadow: [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Arctia – Mainstore
Lipstick: Glam Affair Cosmetics – Mindy Lipstick – SET 3 – Mainstore
Skirt Flowers: ::TD:: Blossom Gown with Appliers – Marketplace , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Wisteria House – Mainstore
Fruit Tree: dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree – Mainstore
Potted Plant: CJ Angel Trompet Planter with Hydrangea – Mainstore
Wisteria Plant: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Wisteria House – Mainstore

A Romantic Gathering

What better addition than to add this stunning gazebo style set from Tylar’s Treasures and this romantic lagoon from M.Law to your slice of heaven. Whether it be a small parcel or a full region, both are the perfect size to fit into whatever outdoor decor you’ve got going on. The set from Tylar’s Treasures comes with everything you see inside the gazebo style building, the hanging flowers, potted flowers and the bench… which has some pretty awesome poses by the way, you can chill out by yourself or you can enjoy some really smooth flowing bento couples cuddle and/or adult poses… depends on which you choose. And both the building and couch are color change so you can get that real personalized touch for whatever you decide. The lagoon from M.Law has some gorgeous detail of course, but we knew that with this designer too. It has two trees that hold a very pretty set of string star lights that run from 4 posts surrounding the pond, lanterns around the water and intricate floating leaves in the water. Stunning butterflies giving that real tranquil peaceful time as you enjoy some relax time by yourself or with another person. The lagoon has single and couples poses, both cuddles and the naughty versions of cuddling…. truly both of these are a must have and both you can get at the On9 Event this month. They are an amazing addition either on their own or combined together



Full Credits & Links

Building: .:TT:. THE GATHERING PATIO – On9 Event , Mainstore
Bench: .:TT:. THE GATHERING BENCH BENTO CUDDLES 5TC – On9 Event , Mainstore
Potted Plant: .:TT:. THE GATHERING IMPATIENS PLANTER – On9 Event , Mainstore
Hanging Plants: Attached to the patio
Ground: 21strom Birch Meadow BASE [SUMMER] NO GRASS w/ River+Wind – Mainstore
Clover Grass: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- a – Mainstore
Pink Clover: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass04 – pink1c – Mainstore
Tall Grass: T-Spot Spring grass mesh – Mainstore
Lagoon: .:M.LAW:. Alle romantic Lagoon – On9 Event , Mainstore
Star Lights: .:M.LAW:. Alle romantic Lagoon – On9 Event , Mainstore
Butterflies: .:M.LAW:. Alle romantic Lagoon – On9 Event , Mainstore
Trees: .:M.LAW:. Alle romantic Lagoon – On9 Event , Mainstore
Flowers: 1 Prim Grass Section Flowers – Mainstore
Rock Tree: GD Mesh tree with animated hummingbird – Mainstore

Breakaway Diva

I wasn’t sure about packing this many designers into one post….. however, it worked surprisingly well because lets face it, they are all pretty damn awesome! The On9 Event is rocking some pretty fabulous brands this round. So we get to see some great things from SlackGirl, TryskMoon, Sass and Tameless.

So, we’ll kick things off with some truly gorgeous shoes from SlackGirl…. my Inventory overflows with shoes from this designer already so what’s one more right!…. they’re definitely worth it, and of course, they come with a color HUD that has so many options to really make these your own and flow into whatever you decided to style them with. I paired my shoes with an adorable outfit from Sass. The cute top and short set comes in two variations… you get the plain solids that mix and match with color change ruffle, main top, shorts and belt…. but then you also get the chance to grab the special edition version of these which have the same color combo ability but with print options, how freaking awesome is that yay!. And to complete my crazy ass shopping endeavor I combined a new personal favorite set of jewelry from TryskMoon Accessories. The earrings are very unique as you can see, each side is different, and the necklace is truly gorgeous, the gems on these are fantastic and cascade uniquely against your body, and the matching ring was an added perk to this entire set. It really is a must have to the jewelry addition of your wardrobe. And of course, we can’t certainly look this fantastic bald now can we lol…… soooo some badass pigtail style braids from Tameless Hair which have a full option color HUD and omega appliers for the hairbase which is pretty convenient to have it all within a touch and it was the perfect finishing touch for this absolutely great ensemble, all pieced together from the On9 Event, so really, I recommend hauling some butt, go grab your own because I don’t particularly want to share mine, I’ve been in it all day




Full Credits & Links

Outfit: sass [izzy] – On9 Event , Mainstore
Necklace: GEO RAINTY BLACK SILVER SET – On9 Event , Mainstore
Earrings: GEO RAINTY BLACK SILVER SET – On9 Event , Mainstore
Ring: GEO RAINTY BLACK SILVER SET – On9 Event , Mainstore
Shoes: ::SG:: Penny Shoes – On9 Event , Mainstore
Hair: Tameless Hair Edolie – On9 Event , Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Easy on The Eyes – Mainstore
Lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK – Sheer Kiss – Mainstore
Nailpolish: alaskametro<3 “Snow Queen” – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: FOXCITY. Rude Gacha – 9 – Be Naked (Blush) (Common)

Take Some Time

There is so much happening at the new round of the On9 Event! This event is certainly filled with some pretty awesome designers including the two in this post. Jumo Originals and CryBunBun are offering some pretty fantastic stuff this round. Jumo has 2 absolutely stunning dresses for you to snatch up, each comes with a HUD to control the various levels of color each HUD offers. From floral to solids and some pretty badass abstracts in between with these two original mesh dresses. Both have a beautiful halter neck appearance and are rigged fitmesh for all your typical mesh bodies. Definitely, need to head to On9 to grab these.  I had honestly never heard of CryBunBun before becoming an On9 blogger but I am sooo glad I know now because whoop whoop they have some pretty fantastic stuff!. I couldn’t get it all in this one but for starters, the adorable pouf stools are freaking awesome! There are 3 various colors to choose from and I’ve scattered them all over my living room. They also have a cute bunny collar both OC scripted and no scripts and this adorable tongue bow add on for bento heads that are so freaking cute you gotta try it (neither the collar or tongue are shown in image) So again, haul some butt to the On9 Event and goooo shopping!

Snapshot_004 EDIT

Full Credits & Links

Dress: JUMO Originals – Delilah Dress Floral – On9 Event , Mainstore
Hair: TRUTH Horizon – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ~Shiny Stuffs~  Bedroom Eyes – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Cute Thing (Pink) – Mainstore
Dog: [Black Bantam] Golden Retriever Boy Puppy – Mainstore
Stools: CryBunBun – Hush Babygirl – Stools – On9 Event , Mainstore
Pose: SERENADE FMP6 Lounging Pose

Every Girl Needs Comfort

This is certainly one of my personal favorites from Bee Designs. This bedroom gacha set from the Cosmopolitan Event is one that is a perfect combination of sweet, innocent, cosy and just fun in general…. and of course…. you guessed it… it’s pink yay!!!!. Okay well, that’s a seller perk for me, but if that’s not how you base your shopping then the fact that, well it’s Bee Designs so that’s awesome all by itself right!, okay but it comes with soooo much stuff, and the animations are fantastic as we expect no less from this amazing designer. This set has 11 different items to collect and all of them are certainly worth every pull on that gacha machine. 1 Rare and 10 commons you can walk away with, so hurry up and go go go!



Full Credits & Links

Building: Trompe Loeil – Leander Beach Cottage White – Mainstore
Painting: Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 7 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Pallet: Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 11 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Bed: Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 1 RARE – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Rug: Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 6 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Painting(left): Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 5 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Pillow Pile: Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 9 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Pallet(right): Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 4 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Elephant: Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 10 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Elephant(bow): Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 2 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Papers: Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 8 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Painting(right): Bee Designs Savannah Bedroom gacha 3 – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore

Look Busy

So much color!!! MoOH! and LeLuck had the perfect pairable items for this post. MoOH! has this exceptionally cute jogging style suit outfit available at the Mainstore for this months group gift! This outfit has 6 super fun colors all changeable via color HUD. LeLuck has this really fun and exciting dotted eyeliner available at the CYBER/PUNK Fair. There are 6 intense and vibrantly bright colors to choose from and are definitely worth it, they are so much fun!!



Full Credits & Links

Outfit: MOoH! Lilo outfit – Mainstore
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Hair with Hat: Beusy: Vendetta Hairstyle – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: [LeLuck]Cyberpunk Dotted Eyeliner – Cyberpunk Fair , Mainstore
Mask: K{<3}P – 6 – Sloppy Mask
Ring: Chop Zuey WR In My Heart – Bento Wedding Ring Set – Mainsore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Treadmill: [Since1975]-Pinkness Gacha-Treadmill
Weight Bench: [Since1975]Pinkness -Bench Press RARE
Step: [Since1975]-Pinkness Gacha-Step Board
Dog: [Rezz Room] Box American Bully Puppy Animesh Companion RARE
Dumbbell: Valor Poses- Donut Workout – Mainstore
Pose: Valor Poses- Donut Workout – Mainstore