Addicted To Wicca

Limited Addiction and Wicca’s Originals are an amazingly fun and hot duo for you to snatch up and slip into your ever growing Inventory at the Cosmopolitan Event and the Kinky Event. Limited Addiction has a really fun and unique set for you at the Cosmopolitan Event. This outfit comes

Fade Into The Music

FashionNatic has a really fun and awesome new release available for you at the new round of the Cosmopolitan Event. This outfit is really cool and the top especially. Not only can you color it in two sections to give a duo-tone look but you can also hide the long

Picture Perfect

Little Fox has a really awesome release at the Mainstore that if you missed from a previous event, you need to haul some booty to grab it up. The top is a tube style with a plunging neckline to show off all those sexy curves. The top colors between 40


Envious & WarPaint are rocking you out this month with two really incredible new releases. Envious has a really cute and unique dress available for you at the Mainstore or on Marketplace. The dress is a long sleeved short style that has an adorable front corset piece that has a

Fine Without You

Fashionnatic and WarPaint were the perfect duo together in this post. The outfit from Fashionnatic is not a new one, but it’s definitely one you are going to want to snag up for sure from the Mainstore or on Marketplace. The dress has a plunging front neckline that is accented

Be Good, Do Good

United Colors will have you bouncing into the excitement at the new round of Kustom9. This is definitely one of the cutest baby doll style dresses I’ve seen in a long time. The dress has a halter style top and the dress itself is pleated all the way around. You’ll

You Are Your Home

Scandalize has an awesome new release at this new round of the Tres Chic Event. I personally really love this outfit so much! It’s a 3 piece set that you can buy the pieces individually or as a megapack. The top is a long sleeved crop style that has a

There Is No place Like Home

Wicca’s Originals has one heck of an amazing top available for you this month at the new round of Fetish Fair. This is a pretty cool top because it functions kind of like a 2-in-1. The corset piece can be work on it’s own by using the HUD to hide

You Can’t Use Up Creativity

Little Fox has an amazing new release up for grabs at the new round of the Anthem Event this month. This designer is a new sponsor for me and this is my first post, I am super proud to be able to present them to you because, well, they’re badass!

Paint With Color

United Colors is colorfully rocking the new round of the FaMESHed Event this month with one truly hot new release. This outfit is in two pieces and the colors are incredible, I fell in love with it right away and I am pretty sure I spent more time pushing buttons

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