Epoch has a pretty amazing outfit available at the AnyBODY Event this month. The set comes in 10 really fun colors which of course, if you get all of, you can mix and match them like I did in the first picture. The set comes with the bra and skirt separate so they pair well with other items from Epoch. Fits perfect, moves flawlessly. Definitely worth a trip to AnyBODY to grab it


Epoch 2

Epoch (1)

Full Credits & Links

1st Outfit: .epoch. somer bra+skirt pink. – AnyBODY Event , Mainstore
Top: .epoch. somer bra red. – AnyBODY Event , Mainstore
Skirt: .epoch. somer skirt white. – AnyBODY Event , Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Angelica hairstyle – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: [ Focus Poses ] Beach Backdrop

In My World

I don’t think there is enough rambling possible to express just how excited I am for this post. I crammed not just 1 but 3, yep 3 freaking amazing products from Lisa Walker Makeup into 1 picture! Makeup, especially good makeup, is very hard to come by in SL, especially with all the new heads and stuff coming out. It’s not often I get to wear my Genus head because either the selection is limited or you pay out the a$$ for it. My eyes are a new release from Lisa Walker, which is available at the Access Event. There are 4 different sets of mesh eyes that you can grab. Each set has the eyes sold individually or as fatpacks. Super easy to adjust and gorgeous to look at. Now, my eyeshadow…. I’m sure you all know I love intense and vibrant colors and cosmetics and Lisa Walker made me drool with this new release of shadows for the Genus head. There are 10 amazing options to choose from that range between intense look at me shadows like the 2nd picture on here, or in your face hellooooo baby colors like the first image. Each of these are available individually or as a fatpack as well and are truly worth the trip to Equal 10 to grab them. And of course, since I have issues we won’t talk about shhhh I had to grab some luscious kiss me lipstick as well. This lipstick too, is for the Genus head!. There are 10 smooth and creamy options to choose from or you can buy the fatpack and have them all! The colors are deep and rich if you keep your opacity on your lips set high, or you can lower it for a more sensual look, both look amazing in various windlights. This pack of lipstick is available at the Unik Event.

The second image shown has not been edited in any manner whatsoever. It is straight shot from Second Life to here.


New Edit Image

Full Credits & Links

Top: Blueberry – Laine – Tops & Bodysuits – Cloud – Mainstore
Necklace: !::Cae :: Faithful :: Collar – Mainstore
Nose Ring: CATWA Bento Face Piercing [Female] – Mainstore
Hair: Stealthic – Desire (Blondes) – Mainstore
Eyes: L.W PACK 0.1 MESH EYES NUMBER 04 – Access Event , Mainstore
Eyeshadow 1: L.W PURPLE WORLD (GENUS) EYESHADOW 0.10 – Equal Event , Mainstore
Eyeshadow 2: L.W PURPLE WORLD (GENUS) EYESHADOW 0.9 – Equal Event , Mainstore
Lipstick 1: L.W NUDE CREAM (GENUS) LIPS #05 – Unik Event , Mainstore
Lipstick 2: L.W NUDE CREAM (GENUS) LIPS #09 – Unik Event , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Genus Baby Face

Background Top: Onsu ~ “Soho” Skybox – Mainstore


All Good Things

I was so excited to see these two absolutely amazing designers at the On9 Event this month. 1 Hundred and Moondance Boutique are bringing a fabulous set of items to this round. 1 Hundred is showcasing this exclusive dress for you to snag up. The intricate designs on this dress are soooo pretty. The ruffles are a beautiful added touch of elegance to each one. The dress is available in 8 stunning colors. Moondance Boutique has a gorgeous set of jewelry available at the On9 Event as well. Of course, we expect nothing less than beautiful and intricate quality from her designs. This set comes with the necklace, bracelets, two rings, earrings and headpiece. Each of these is re-sizeable and color change through the easy to function color HUD. So many different options and ways to wear this set, it’s beyond words. Top quality and a definite must-have to your wardrobe.

1 Hundred & Moondance 2 (1)

1 Hundred & Moondance

Full Credits & Links

Dress 1: 1 Hundred. Day Date Mini. Lemon – On9 Event , Mainstore
Dress 2: 1 Hundred. Day Date Mini. Blue – On9 Event , Mainstore
Headpiece: Moondance Boutique – Ishani – On9 Event , Mainstore
Necklace: Moondance Boutique – Ishani – On9 Event , Mainstore
Earrings: Moondance Boutique – Ishani – On9 Event , Mainstore
Bracelet: Moondance Boutique – Ishani – On9 Event , Mainstore
Rings: Moondance Boutique – Ishani – On9 Event , Mainstore
Nose Ring: Moondance Boutique – Ishani – On9 Event , Mainstore
Hair: RAMA.SALON – Vanessa Hair ‘Blondes Colorant’ – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ~Shiny Stuffs~CATWA Glow Job – Mainstore
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~CATWA Glow Job – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background/Prop: Trompe Loeil – The Dreaming House – Mainstore


Dreamlight Bliensen

This round of On9 has some amazing things worth taking a look. Bliensen has this stunning pair of earrings that comes in 10 different colors with a gold/silver option to each one so you can style them with whatever outfit you have going on. Dreamlight has a gorgeous pair of mesh bento nails at the On9 Event as well which are certainly worth a look. The HUD has 16 pastel colors to choose from and the nails are fully customizable beyond just the base color. You control the rings, the gemstones and more!


Dreamlight & Biensen 2 (1)

Dreamlight & Biensen (1)

Full Credits & Links

Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai – Iride – earrings – gold/pink – On9 Event , Mainstore 
Hair 1: Sintiklia – Hair Titania – Light blondes – Mainstore
Hair 2: Stealthic – Lithe (Blondes) – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: IDTTY FACES – CATWA NAKED SKIN – Mainstore
Lipstick: IDTTY FACES – CATWA NAKED SKIN  – Mainstore
Nails: [Dreamlight] “Ramika” Bento Nails – On9 EventMainstore 
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Pose: FOXCITY Spotlight – Mainstore


Zibska has a really fun and exciting new exclusive release at the We ❤ Role-Play Event. If you love Zibska as much as I do, you can see that I paired this new release with a whole line of other Zibska products to show you just how easy and fun it is to rock a style from this incredible designer. The headpiece changes color with the large 15 color HUD in two sections. The frontal face piece changes on it’s own and the main side bars change on their own as well. Of course, like all other products, you can make it all white and then custom color it to your own styling needs to make it go with whatever you’ve put together and you’ll kill it on the runway with this for sure. The makeup is also a matching set with the headpiece that has 12 colours with Lelutka, LAQ, Catwa, Genus & Omega appliers and system tattoo layers. Haul some Ziskabooty to the We ❤ Role-Play Event and grab this set and check out the other items available there from Zibska as well. 

Zibska We love RP 2

Zibska we love rp

Full Credits & Links

Top: Zibska ~ The Harpy – Mainstore
Bottoms: Blueberry – Sunny – Bikini V2 – Mainstore
Headpiece: Zibska ~ Rimon – We ❤ Role-Play , Mainstore
Hair: Zibska ~ Titan – Mainstore
Makeup: Zibska ~ Rimon Makeup – We ❤ Role-Play , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background/Prop: Meva Photo Box Round Cubes White – Mainstore

Lil Tillie

This is certainly one of the most adorable living room sets I’ve seen in quite some time. Partners In Crime have made this set as an exclusive for a great cause. 100% of the proceeds from this release are being donated directly to the cause for paws charity which helps raise awareness and contribute to animal rescues. The set comes with pretty much everything you see and the detail on each of these pieces is truly stunning and by far better than I could dictate in a picture. The couch has 26 animations which range from solos to snuggles and of course shhhh the naughty menu. All of Partners in Crime items are low prim so you can scatter this stuff all over your house yay!!!. This set combines really well with other items released by this designer so just go shopping and mix and match! But don’t forget, haul some booty over to this charity event and support an amazing cause and pick this adorable living room set up while you’re at it

Partners In Crime

Partners In Crime 2

Full Credits & Links

Building: Onsu ~ “Soho” Skybox – Mainstore
Rabbit: +Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Latte – Look Around – Mainstore
Bunny: Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Little Bear – Mainstore
Bird Basket: ERSCH & Yokai – Bird’s Nest Gacha – Love nest RARE – Mainstore
Babygirl Sign: [Emily Hearts] – Mesh – Baby Girl – Mainstore
Hanging Hearts: hive // heart strings hanging [wide] – Mainstore
Balloons: hive // celebration balloons A . rose gold – Mainstore
Couch: Tillie Sofa Set – Cause For Paws , Mainstore
Side Table: Tillie Sofa Set – Cause For Paws , Mainstore
Lamp: Tillie Sofa Set – Cause For Paws , Mainstore
Stump Table: Tillie Sofa Set – Cause For Paws , Mainstore
Candles: Tillie Sofa Set – Cause For Paws , Mainstore
Wall Decor: Tillie Sofa Set – Cause For Paws , Mainstore

Summer Heat

There are some pretty great things happening with LeLuck and also at the anyBODY Event this month. LeLuck for starters, has this amazing set of 6 eyeshadows that are an exclusive release at the anyBODY Event. They are soft and have a subtle and gorgeous slight glow around the inner corner of the eye. Truly gorgeous and a must-have. Belzebubble is a new designer to me, but I’m glad I came across them in the event bloggers group because they have this adorable bikini available at the anyBODY Event. It has a color HUD with 22 options. Yep that’s right, 22 different colors to customise the main part of this set as well as the straps. You can really make this set your own and mix match till your clicker finger goes numb. It’s pretty great and they both pair exceptionally well together so make sure to grab both!

LeLuck & Bellzebubble (1)

LeLuck & Bellzebubble

Full Credits & Links

Outfit: [BB] Bikini – Kaylee – AnyBODY Event , Mainstore
Hair: Boudoir Pompadour Hair Powder – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: [LeLuck]Soft-Smokey Eyeshadow Set – AnyBODY Event , Mainstore
Lipstick: [LeLuck] Liquid lipsticks NightShade  – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya


Alexandra Sun

What an exciting step into the upcoming warmer weather this month with some exclusive releases from ALMA Makeup and ZOZ. ALMA has a really fun and in your face eyeshadow at the Sense Event that will stop a room and have everyone checking you out. The HUD has 6 variants to choose from and each color choice has a lovely gradient effect of colors on each. They are very stunning. ZOZ has one of my newest favorites for a polish exclusive this month at the Cosmopolitan Event. The HUD gives you a 12 color option to choose from for this unique polish. On top of the vibrant colors are beautiful water droplets that are so full of detail you need to see these up close for yourself. This set also has the appliers included for ZOZ’s own bento nail system so they work too if you have body nails or rigged mesh ones



New Image

Full Credits & Links

Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Rings: Chop Zuey Kalani – Bento Wedding Ring Set – Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Angelica hairstyle – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ALMA Makeup – Alexandra – Sense Event , Mainstore
Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Babygirl – Mainstore
Nailpolish: {ZOZ} Sun Spot Wet Polish – Cosmopolitan Event , Mainstore
Glasses: Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Pose: [KoKoLoReS] Wearing Glasses – Mainstore

Avada DePerla

These two amazing designers are bringing some pretty great exclusives to the anyBODY Event this month. Avada has a bento pair of rings for Maitreya and Slink. The rings are customizable so you can turn some on or off as well as change the metal type and the color of the stones to get that perfect look that suits whatever you’re styling. They are truly a must-have. DePerla Poses has a really fun and beautiful set of 6 poses that range from standing to kneeling down seductively. I have a very tall avatar and the poses all put me in a perfect place without making my avatar all distorted so certainly worth the trip to anyBODY Event to grab these as well


imageedit_1_8399789813 Edit


Full Credits & Links

Outfit: Dhoma – Shelly Lingerie – Mainstore
Rings: Avada~ Hamisi Rings – anyBODY Event , Mainstore
Shoes: -KC- DAVINA HEELS – Mainstore
Hair: RAMA.SALON – Charis Hair ‘Blondes Colorant’ – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: !IT! – Flirty By Day Eyeshadows 1 – Mainstore
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ Isla’s Kisses CATWA – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: MINIMAL – White Apartment – Mainstore
Pose 1: Bento Close Up 6 M – Mainstore
Pose 2: DePERLA – S06x05 – anyBODY Event, Mainstore
Pose 3: DePERLA – S06x02 – anyBODY Event, Mainstore

In Silence, We Hear

This new release from Zibska makes a statement all on its own without much of a word from me. The headpiece, as well as the eyeshadow, is an exclusive that is obtainable from the Shiny Shaby Event. Both are absolutely stunning to have together or on their own. The eyeshadow has 12 different colors to choose from, all are vibrant and unique as we expect nothing less from Zibska, always quality products and works with all major mesh heads. The headpiece is just gorgeous, it is modifiable of course, but I stuck with the HUD color choices this time and didn’t make any alterations to it myself. So, the HUD comes with a 3 part color choice so all 3 sections of this will change to whatever color you like. The HUD comes with 10 choices. Both of these are a definite must-have to the wardrobe or just the inventory in general so you can look at them, they’re that pretty The Necklace is also from a Zibska set so check that out in the credits and head to the Mainstore for that one



Full Credits & Links

Dress: Blueberry – Moki – Dresses – Mainstore
Headpiece: Zibska ~ Adorn – Shiny Shabby , Mainstore
Necklace: Zibska ~ Andrina – Mainstore
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears – Mainstore
Rings: *AvaWay* VANESSA  – Mainstore
Hair 1: Stealthic – Ivy – Mainstore
Hair 2: .Shi Hair : Barak . LBlonde – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Zibska ~ Adorn Eyemakeup – Shiny Shabby , Mainstore
Nailpolish: {ZOZ} Liquid Foil 2 Polish – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Flowers: ((LovelyAlien))FableFlowers_ClusterB_MultiColor_ – Mainstore


What cannot be seen

Tiffany Designs and Zibska paired surprisingly well together with these two releases. This combination is definitely one I would rock down the runway for a styling inspiration without a doubt. The dress from Tiffany Designs comes with a HUD that has 19 color options! and all of them are truly just as gorgeous as the last. Each has the duotone of color along the chest, and glitzy glamour down the body. It’s a dress to die for without a doubt. And….. since you are out and about and of course, you’re a Zibska fan and since you’re already in the group…. right!…. you better be because you can grab the entire accessory set for Free! just for loving them, how freaking awesome is that This set comes in 4 separate pieces that can all be personally customized on your own or you can custom color in double sections with the amazing HUD that has 20 variation color options! So fantastic and definitely worth the trip. It’s a fun and exciting gift without a doubt.



Full Credits & Links

Dress: ::TD:: Yvonne Mesh Gown ~ 19 Textures HUD – Marketplace , Mainstore
Headpiece: Zibska [Group Gift] ~ Finn – Mainstore
Shoulder Pieces: Zibska [Group Gift] ~ Finn – Mainstore
Necklace: Zibska [Group Gift] ~ Finn – Mainstore
Pearl Necklace: AvaWay Gina Necklace – Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears – Mainstore
Nose Ring: CATWA Bento Face Piercing – Mainstore
Hair: Mina Kayla – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Zibska ~ Ortensia Eyemakeup – Marketplace , Mainstore
Lipstick: Zibska Camelia Lips – Marketplace , Mainstore
Ring: Chop Zuey WR In My Heart – Bento Wedding Ring Set – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Amidst The Creative

Here are two truly outstanding designers showcased together. Zibska and Bakaboo both have that unique, edgy and just truly thrilling concept that is so unique to both and in the fashion world of SL in general. Zibska has this rocking new release at the Sense Event this month. I did something a bit unique with my styling of this to show you just how really fantastic Zibska items are. So, not only do you get a color HUD with this entire set, which is actually in 3 pieces (neck piece, front piece and the surrounding orbit) you get to choose from 16 different colors for each of the 3 sections… OR…… because all Zibska items are mod for this very reason, you can custom color that badboy to match whatever it is you’re styling…. how freaking awesome is that!!!! Zibska is so versatile and unique and just really user-friendly, so I truly recommend that you get over to the event and grab yours. Bakaboo doesn’t have a new release out yet for this month, so, I dug a little into the Bakavualt and found something I was actually surprised I didn’t already have since I really own everything else. This really fun dress comes in a couple various variations of colors but I chose the quieter of the two for this one. It fits really well and of course, works with all popular main body types. Super fun, super cute, and a must-have like all Bakaboo products to brighten up that wardrobe. You can grab this color or any of the other color options on Marketplace or In-World.




Full Credits & Links

Dress: Bakaboo – Baka Designer Dress – Autumn – Marketplace , Mainstore
Headpiece/Hair: Zibska ~ Cathan – Marketplace , Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Necklace/Orbit: Zibska Amisi – Sense Event , Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Angelica hairstyle – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Zibska ~ Zoe Eyemakeup – Marketplace , Mainstore
Lipstick: Zibska ~ Yasu Lips – Marketplace , Mainstore
Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – FatPack – Wicked & Bound – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: VARONIS – Sector7 Background – Mainstore