Raindale Haven

So, this is a whole collaboration of various Raindale products. I’m an overachiever evidently so I crammed a whole lot of awesome into one parcel. I furnished and decorated an entire little retreat with 90% of my items from Raindale. What can you create? Highly recommend o head there and come up with a unique home of your own, there’s so much more than what I could cram efficiently into my little area.




Full Credits & Links

House: Raindale – Lauriston Retreat (with lights) – Mainstore
Gazebo: Rare – Raindale – Lanefield pavilion – Mainstore
Gazebo Furniture: Raindale – Lanefield GACHA – Mainstore
Dog with Lamp: LOVE – DOGGY AND LAMP – Mainstore
Fern Plant: AT Potted Plant S8 – Mainstore
Table Decor: Raindale – Lanefield GACHA – Mainstore
Long Grass: [we’re CLOSED] grass field lush – Mainstore
Clover Grass: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass- Mainstore
Pink Flower Grass: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 – Mainstore
Overgrown Windows: LOVE – WILD WINDOWS – MOSSY – Mainstore
Scattered leaves: {what next} Scattered Leaves Decor – Mainstore
Rocking Chairs: Raindale – Estwards rocking chair – Mainstore
Flower Cat Basket: .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. FlowerCat ZenLife – Mainstore
Raccoon: JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Sleep L) – Mainstore
Couch: Raindale – Lauriston sofa (light wood) – Mainstore
Planters: CR Spider Plant Stand & Pups – Mainstore
Bookcase: MeshPossible 1 Prim Boxy Room Divider – Mainstore
Tree Shelf: MeshPossible 1 Prim Tree Corner Bookshelf – Mainstore
Wall Picture: Raindale – Lauriston frames – Mainstore
Curtains: ~ASW~ The Distant Storm Curtains -Morning – Mainstore
Coffee Table: Raindale – Lauriston tree stump table – Mainstore
Table Plant: Raindale – Lauriston autumn vase – Mainstore
Cookie Plate: {YD} Autumn coziness – Cookies – Mainstore
Rug: Raindale – Lauriston rug – Mainstore
Bench: Raindale ~ storage bench – Mainstore
Chandelier: Raindale – Lauriston chandelier – Mainstore
Bed: Raindale – Lanrene bed – Mainstore
Canopy: Raindale – Lanrene canopy – Mainstore
Love Picture: Raindale – Lovington wall sign – Mainstore
Kitten: [Black Bantam] Bengal Kitten Pose 5 GACHA
Dog: labrador C-3  GACHA
Table: Raindale – Lovington coffee table – Mainstore
Candle Jar: [ zerkalo ] Like a Bird – Bowl Candle Light GACHA
Flower Vase: !ROIRO! – Flower vase (Plumeria) – Mainstore
Scattered Flower Candles: [DDD] Romantic Candle Display – Mainstore
Lamp: Raindale – Lauriston floor lamp – Mainstore