Outdoor Harvest

Raindale is bringing you soooo many exciting fall things, and I was able to cram a lot of them into one amazing set-up for you. The drapes are gorgeous and completely customizable for whatever you may need them for. They click to change and have so many different versions from completely closed to one-sided they are fantastic! The drapes are available at the Sense Event. The mirror is beautiful as well, it fits in with any decor and is absolutely stunning, that you can grab at the Swank Event. And then the pumpkin set, I freaking love it, it comes with a ton of various sizes and shapes for your home decor and it even looks fantastic in event booths if you have a business. This Valenbert pumpkin set is available at the Cosmopolitan Event.

Sense Event – October 18th to November 8th

Swank Event  – October 7th to October 31st

Cosmopolitan Event – October 8th to October 20th


Full Credits & Links

Background: [ Focus Poses ] Rustic Fall Backdrop w/ leaves – Mainstore
Left Tree: Hayabusa Design Pecan Pacanier – Mainstore
Right Tree: LAQ Decor ~ Medium Birch (Autumn)- Mainstore
Grass: HPMD* Cliff Hill – Mainstore
Window: Raindale – Mirgaild mirror – Swank Event , Mainstore
Curtains: Raindale – Borlon drapes – Sense Event , Mainstore
Pumpkin Stands: Raindale – Valenbert Set – Cosmopolitan Event , Mainstore
Ground Pumpkin: Raindale – Valenbert Set – Cosmopolitan Event , Mainstore