Raindale has some truly fantastic items to win at the Lootbox Event. There is a truly stunning skybox, a black chair with 12 solo animations, and a gold colored wall art to win as rares and then there are 10 common items to win such as deco branches, grandfather clock (you can choose the time zone, sound and volume), armoire, chairs and the hanging chair. They are truly, a gorgeous addition to the skybox itself or for any home you own.

laverton 2


Full Credits & Links

Skybox: Raindale – Laverton skybox – Lootbox , Mainstore
Autumn Pictures: Raindale – Harringnell frames – Mainstore
Lamp: Raindale – Lauriston floor lamp – Mainstore
Firewood Rack: Raindale – Coldbrook firewood rack – Mainstore
Picture Board: Raindale – Cedarvale board – Mainstore
Bench: Raindale ~ storage bench – Mainstore
Basket: Raindale – Lanefield basket – Mainstore
Fern: dust bunny . areca palm plant – Mainstore
Hanging Chair: Raindale – Laverton hanging chair – Lootbox , Mainstore
Pugs in blanket: Foxwood – Puggies – Cosy pair – white – Mainstore
Dark Rug: Raindale – Lauriston rug – Mainstore
Room Divider: Raindale – Darlow room divider – Mainstore
Pouf: Raindale – Coldbrook pouf (light) – Mainstore
Armoire: Raindale – Laverton Armoire – Lootbox , Mainstore
Wall Branch: Raindale – Laverton branches wall art gold – Lootbox , Mainstore
Floor Mirror: Raindale – Laverton mirror (gold) – Lootbox , Mainstore
Small Plant: dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree – Mainstore
Bed: Raindale – Lanrene bed – Mainstore
Canopy: Raindale – Lanrene canopy – Mainstore
Floor Blanket: Raindale – Coldbrook blanket – Mainstore
Playing Puppies: [Black Bantam] Puppies At Play 2 – Mainstore
Puppy Watching: [Black Bantam] Golden Retriever Boy Puppy – Mainstore
Puppy in blanket on bed: Foxwood – Puggies – snug – pink – Mainstore