A Boudoir Hide-away

Oubliette has one of the most stunning bedroom sets that I’ve seen in a very long time. This gorgeous set is available at the Gachaland Event Jan 1st to 31st. There is 13 amazing commons to win and 2 wonderful Rares (Vanity & Bed) that you can get a hold of. Of course, since Oubliette is such a fantastic brand, after 20 pulls on this gacha you’ll get the chandelier which is an amazing addition to any room whether you put it together with this set or one of your own.



Full Credits & Links

Room: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Cozy Bedroom – Mainstore
Vanity: Oubliette- RARE Vanity – Gachaland , Mainstore
Books: Oubliette- Boudoir Books – Gachaland , Mainstore
Candle: Oubliette- Boudoir Candlestick – Gachaland , Mainstore
Cup: Oubliette- Boudoir Cup of Tea – Gachaland , Mainstore
Kitten: [Black Bantam] Leaning Kitten Bow V1 Gold – Mainstore
Curtains: Oubliette- Bourdoir Drapes – Gachaland , Mainstore
Flowers: Oubliette- Boudoir Vase – Gachaland , Mainstore
Pillows: Oubliette- Boudoir Pillow – Gachaland , Mainstore
Ottoman: Oubliette- Boudoir Tufted Ottoman – Gachaland , Mainstore
Chihuahua: [Black Bantam] Southern Belle Chihuahua – Mainstore
Potted Plant: :neigeux: Mesh Plant No.1[V2]BK-GR 1 – Mainstore
Hanging Plant: dust bunny . darling hanging plant – Mainstore
Chandelier: Oubliette- Boudior Chandelier – Gachaland , Mainstore
Nightstands: Oubliette- Boudoir Sidetable – Gachaland , Mainstore
Bed: Oubliette- RARE Boudoir Bed – Gachaland , Mainstore
Black Dog: labrador C-3 – Mainstore
Wall Lights: Oubliette- Boudoir Wall Lamp – Gachaland , Mainstore
Wall Pictures: Oubliette- Boudoir Print – Gachaland , Mainstore
Room Divider: Oubliette- Boudoir Dressing Screen – Gachaland , Mainstore
Rug: Oubliette- Bourdoir Rug – Gachaland , Mainstore
White Dog: labrador B-2 – Mainstore
Chair: Oubliette- Boudoir Chair – Gachaland , Mainstore
Dog on bed: JIAN Posh Pups :: RARE Snuggly Pup Bed – Mainstore