Elven Hideaway

This is one really exciting and truly gorgeous GACHA release from MOoH! There are 13 different prizes to win, two of them are rare (boats). In my image I used the gold version of everything as well as the special hunt item which is the chair on the left of the table set. The detail on every piece here is just incredible. Even to get up close in a picture wouldn’t do these any justice. You really need to head over to the Enchantment Event and grab the entire set plus grab ahold of that special hunt prize. The poses are phenomenal in each of these items. So, the common items in this are the corner wall, the straight wall with gate, a normal straight wall, 2 chairs (silver & gold), 2 benches (silver & gold), seesaw, 2 stools (silver & gold) and the Ivy Gazebo. The two rares are the Elven bath, which is the one in the back by the table and chairs, and the Elven boat which is in front of the gazebo.


Full Credits & Links

Wall w/ gate: MOoH! Elven door and wall – Enchantment , Mainstore
Straight Wall: MOoH! Garden wall – Enchantment , Mainstore
Corner Wall: MOoH! Garden wall corner – Enchantment , Mainstore
Seesaw: MOoH! Elven seesaw – Enchantment , Mainstore
Table: MOoH! Elven table gold – Enchantment , Mainstore
Stool: MOoH! Elven stool gold – Enchantment , Mainstore
Bench: MOoH! Elven bench gold – Enchantment , Mainstore
Branch Chair: MOoH! Elven branch chair (Hunt item) – Enchantment , Mainstore
Chair: MOoH! Elven chair gold – Enchantment , Mainstore
Gazebo: MOoH! Ivy gazebo – Enchantment , Mainstore
Elven Bath: MOoH! Elven bath – Enchantment , Mainstore
Elven Boat: MOoH! Elven boat – Enchantment , Mainstore
Trees: Hayabusa Design Forest Tree F1aWT 1 – Mainstore
Deer w/ Lights: LOVE – FANTASY DEER – FAIRY LIGHTERS – Mainstore
Deer w/ Flowers: LOVE – FANTASY DEER – BLOSSOMS – Mainstore

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