This absolutely stunning new release from Partners In Crime is just “wow!” truly, words are at a loss for me with this one. I recently re-did my own home land, and upon doing this blog, I now have not 1 but BOTH of these scattered around my place. The detail in the fabric, right down to the intricate stitching is just stunning. Without getting up in your face close, my pictures don’t do justice to this set. It comes with pretty much everything you see…. except the animals, those are mine and you can’t have them lol…. kidding…. sort of, you’ll need to read the credits for those ones. So, this set comes in pink or blue, both are shown below. Pink has windlight effects and the blue I have shown exactly as is, no windlight enabled at all. Sooo… you get the couch, the coffee table, and accessories that are on it, the ottoman, the floor lamp as well as the wooden floor panel and gorgeous backdrop. It all comes in a pre-bundled handy drop and rez so you can get it exactly as is, or you can manipulate the pieces on your own to scatter around how you wish. The couch has fantastic single poses and adorable cuddles for couples, and of course it has the forbidden naughty menu… sure does!.  It’s truly a must have for your home decor or outside decor, it really works anywhere.



Full Credits & Links

Building: Trompe Loeil – Jiayi Pool – Mainstore
Potted Plants: JLD – Dracaena Tree – Mainstore
Sofa Set w/ Backdrop: Amberly Set {Blue} & {Pink} – Mainstore
Puppy in Basket: Foxwood – Lilly – Puppy Basket – pink – Mainstore
Teddybear: hive // sweet teddy bear . pink heart – Mainstore
Chihuahua: [Black Bantam] Love Struck Long Haired Chihuahua Heart Decor – Mainstore