I don’t think I know which I like more in this set, the bed or the pictures!…. okay, maybe I’m leaning a little more towards the bed because it’s so pretty right!. This amazing set from Bee Designs is a hot new release at the Kinky Event. It’s a sex bed shhhhhh (blushes)… of course, you don’t have to use it for naughty naughty stuff it has amazing poses for everyone. The double rugs on either side are truly a wonderful touch to all the intricate details on the bed itself. you can even see the stitching on all the pillows, really, shove your face right up there you can see it I swear 😉  The double picture set comes with this as well for you to hang in any room of the house if you want, beautiful and sultry images, very tasteful.  There are so many poses in the bed. I did try to count them all for you but after twenty minutes of always losing count and forgetting I was supposed to be counting I figured you all could just go to the Event and grab it yourself, it’s truly worth it and looks fantastic in any windlight. I love it!




Full Credits & Links

Bed: Bee Designs Bailey Sex Bed – Kinky Event , Mainstore
Rugs: Bee Designs Bailey Bedroom Set rug – Kinky Event , Mainstore
Pictures: Bee Designs Bailey Bedroom Set wall decor – Kinky Event , Mainstore
Bears: BDSM Bears – Mainstore
Plants: dust bunny . areca palm plant – Mainstore
Cage: Stockholm&Lima: The Birdcage – Mainstore

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