Neon Desires

Swank & Co is lighting up the Swank Event this month with a pretty badass Gacha set. It’s sooo colorful!. 31 Commons to win that vary between colors, there’s so many! as well as you can win the silhouettes, the keyholes and the writings which says Don’t Bless me I sin. There are also 5 rares (some of which color change) and an additional 3 Ultra Rares which color cycle. My images truly don’t do a ton of justice to these items, you really need to get over and grab them yourself. They make the perfect addition to any room, club or just to scatter all over your land.



Full Credits & Links

Silhouette: Swank & Co. Neon Desires Gacha 1 Blue/Teal RARE – Swank , Mainstore
Keyhole: Swank & Co. Neon Desires Gacha 2 Keyhole L – Swank , Mainstore
Writing 1: Swank & Co. Neon Desires Gacha – 3 Don’t Bless Me – Pink – Swank , Mainstore
Writing 2: Swank & Co. Neon Desires Gacha 3 Dont Bless Me Cycle ULTRA RARE – Swank , Mainstore

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