This bedroom set quickly became a personal favorite of mine from Zen Creations. Most of my furniture in my house is from Zen so it was pretty easy for me to swap one bedroom set from them to another. Of course, this is the new one that I absolutely love. The set comes with everything to really make that room cozy and tranquil. The bed has both PG and Adult versions available so whatever you’re into, the smooth and fluidly moving poses got you covered. Everything is also color change via an amazing and easy to use color HUD to give your room that overall “you” feel with that touch of personalization. The set also comes with two delicate and beautiful pictures for the wall (not shown) and everything rezzes out as a group so you can place it as is, or you can grab whatever pieces you like and re-arrange to your own style and liking to fit any bedroom. Definitely worth grabbing off Marketplace, or bounce over to the Mainstore and pick it up



Full Credits & Links

Building: Onsu Magnolia – Mainstore
Plants: Timeless Potted Plant 2 – Marketplace , Mainstore
End Table with Decor: Timeless Bedside Table – Marketplace , Mainstore
Bed: Timeless Bed – Marketplace , Mainstore
Rug: Zen Creations Rug – Marketplace , Mainstore
Chair with props: Timeless Armchair – Marketplace , Mainstore
Fence: Privacy Fence A (Birch) – Mainstore

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