Colored Pink

These two amazing designers became the perfect pair to combine for this awesome new release blog. Kenny Rolands has this super sultry and sexy hot new outfit available at the Kinky Event. The outfit comes in 6 awesome colors for you to choose from and the detail in this outfit is incredible, right down to the intricate stitching detail on the fabric down to the suspender straps. Definitely, a kinky set to add to the collection. And of course, Von Noir Tattoo is rocking a new release at the Commotion Event that is exceptionally detailed and gorgeous as always from this designer. The tattoo comes in three different color intensities so you can get that real custom feel to your look. It covers the whole sleeves down to the fingertips and subtle areas down the front and back of both legs as well as the chest area. The tattoo is truly stunning in rich colors. Both are must-haves ladies



Full Credits & Links

Outfit: Blogger’s [KR] KEISHA – Kinky Event , Mainstore
Hair: TRUTH Euphoria – Mainstore
Tattoo: Von Noir Tattoo – Colored Mess – Commotion Event , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Whiskey Bottle: No59 Old59 Whiskey – Mainstore
Shot Glass: No59 Old59 Whiskey – Mainstore

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