Night Chill

For those who haven’t started the Halloween decor process now is the perfect time to start!. Well, even if you have, you’re going to want to swap out some stuff with this awesome group of goodies from │T│L│C│ 

Without the landscape items, the best thing about all this? It’s that cute, creepy, furry little Tasmanian Devil chilling between the swans, which in fact, is actually a Companion pet! yep, it sure is and it’s so much fun. The animal is animesh, which is pretty badass in itself. If you haul some ghostly butt to the Salem Event you can grab this adorable little creature and a few other │T│L│C│ items while you’re there



Full Credits & Links

Cage: TLC ‘Resting In Moonlight’ set – Mainstore
Mountains: Skye Cuesta Rock 9 – Mainstore
Tree with bats: TLC Bats and tree – Mainstore
Tree with Spiderwebs: TLC Redback Spider On Tree – Mainstore
Swans: TLC Black Swan – Mainstore
Tasmanian Devil: TLC Tasmanian Devil – Salem Event , Mainstore
Candles: TLC Floating Candle – Mainstore
Spiderweb with spider: TLC Redback spider dangling from web – Mainstore
Pond: TLC ‘Resting In Moonlight’ set – Mainstore
Spider Skull: TLC Redback Spider On Skull – Mainstore
Normal Skull: TLC Skull – Mainstore
Folded Bat: TLC Bat Folded – Mainstore
Flying Bat: TLC Bat – Mainstore

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