Whispering Winter

Celestina’s Weddings is not only a really amazing clothing company but this Designer sure knows how to knock out an incredible winter wonderland release for this chilly season. The details in this release are more stunning than I could even show in a picture. This complete set is available at the Sense Event and comes with everything you’re looking at. The stunning trees with intricate little lights, the hanging lanterns, the deer all dressed up in pretty roses, sweet little fairies that flutter around as well as the butterflies which move about around the deer and one of my favorite things, the hanging icicle style lights from the tree with sweet blinking stars. It’s really gorgeous and worth the trip to Celestina’s Weddings to grab this. Because it’s all in pieces it’s something you can use even if you don’t have a winter sim. It’s a must-have for this one guys




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Full Scene: .:(CW):. Whispering Winter Set – Sense Event, Mainstore