In A Glorious Moment

There’s definitely a lot happening this month with Celestina’s Weddings and I’ve somehow managed to pack it all into one amazing and wonderful get it all here kind of post. I’m awesome like that! no, not really, but Celestina’s is pretty freaking fantastic to give us bloggers the opportunity to show off TWO awesome new exclusive releases. The gown is just the start to your escapades around SL to grab all this stuff. You can grab this sexy number from the Designer Showcase Event. The gown comes in 7 sparkly colors for you to choose from or you can grab the entire set in a Fatpack so you never have to have those moments where you go sh**t I shoulda grabbed that color. Each single purchase, as well as the fatpack, comes with the gown for all major mesh bodies, the chest brooch, a pair of sexy gold earrings and a bouquet of beautiful flowers which also has it’s own pose and movements enabled in it. Now, for the background and other showcased image here, there’s the incredible 2nd Exclusive release from Celestina’s Weddings which is the party venue. This set comes with sooo many pieces, no really, there’s A LOT to this set and you can move it all around how you like, swap pieces in and out or whatever you desire. Absolutely everything pictured comes with this set. The gorgeous balloon arch, tables with all decor already linked to it, more balloons, lots of lights, glitter, and so much more. You can grab this at…… the Designer Showcase too! you thought I was gonna make you go all over hells half SL huh?. Celestina’s has made grabbing everything super easy cause’ it’s a one-stop-shop unless you head on over to the Mainstore to stockpile more but otherwise you can grab it all in one place. Awesome right!




Full Credits & Links

Dress 1: .:(CW):. Glory Gown Dress / Black – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Dress 2: .:(CW):. Glory Gown Dress / Pink – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Earrings: .:(CW):. Glory Earrings Gold – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Brooch: .:(CW):. Glory Brooch Gold – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Shoes: Pure Poison – Paola Pumps – Mainstore
Hair: TRUTH Eternity – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: [LeLuck]Glitter Eyeshadow – Mainstore
Lipstick: Catwa Default
Nailpolish: Maitreya Default
Bouquet: .:(CW):. Glory Weddings Bouquet / Dove – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya


Pose: Included with the bouquet in purchase – Designer Showcase , Mainstore




Tree with hanging lights: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree & Golden Fairylights – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Tree with hanging lights & party sign: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree & Fairylights 2Arch – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Balloons: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Balloon Arch Twist Lights – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Table with decor(left): .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Table – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Table with decor(right): .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Food Table – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Table with decor(far right): .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Table party – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Chairs: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chair – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Cake: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chocolate Panna Cotta Cake – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Sign: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Frame Time To Drink!!! – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Small Table with decor: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party Set – Champagne Tower – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Balloon Group: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloons – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Cake Stand: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Stand – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Ground Balloons: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloon Floor – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Grass: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Grass – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Ground Glitter: .:(CW):. Vanilla Weddings Set – floor lights with script – Designer Showcase , Mainstore