Live, Breathe & Dream

Breathe is really going all out this month and certainly has me running to show you all the amazingness that’s coming out you too need to haul some booty for. Not only is there a brand new Exclusive release at the C88 Event but there’s another Exclusive happening at the Access Event as well. You’ll only get slightly dizzy bouncing around but I promise it’s worth it. Sooo, let’s start with C88 Event. Breathe has a truly gorgeous pair of ankle boots(shown left) that have a very detailed and sweet ribbon-style design that cascades down the side, kind of like a strap but sexier. You can choose between 18 color options or the usual triple set boxes if you’re only going after certain colors, but of course, the Fatpack has 3 added extra colors that you can only snag up there, but it’s definitely worth it. The picture below is completely without any windlights, advanced lighting and is exactly how these shoes look if you wear them, the detail as you can see is truly phenomenal, right down to the shadow on the ribbon itself, that’s not edited in any way by me, that’s how badass these are. Now, how about those sexy wedge shoes at the Access Event. They are truly something else and I mean that in the most positive and in your face you gotta buy them way as possible ;). These adorable boots have the ability to duo change the shoes to give a color combo between the intricate lace-up style on the back and the wedge itself. Of course, each single-color option allows you to change that ribbon but if you snag up the fatpack you get that full customization plus the added color bonus of the Fatpack exclusive. The shading on the rings themselves that attach the laces is gorgeous, as below, no edits of any kind on either shoe, they are just that stunning.


Snapshot_004 EDIT

Full Credits & Links

Dress: =Zenith=Suspender Corset Dress (white) – Mainstore
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Charm Ears – Mainstore
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Mimoka Heels – C88 Event , Mainstore
Hair: Foxy – Bunny Hair (Blond) – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya




Dress: =Zenith=Muted Coven Dress (Rose) – Mainstore
Shoes 1: [BREATHE]-Hitomi Heels-Serenity – Access Event , Mainstore
Shoes 2: [BREATHE]-Hitomi Heels-Powder Pink – Access Event , Mainstore
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Sori /Brown – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Genus Default
Lipstick: . MILA . Sweet Lipgloss – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Genus Classic




Boxes: VF MESH Box – Mainstore



Pose: Le Poppycock *Minor Obsession* A – Mainstore

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