What A Duo

FashionNatic is going to spin your head clear off your shoulders with some absolutely amazing New releases for you to snatch up. Not only can you actually mix and match this awesome set together with each other (unintentional but possible) you are absolutely going to love every single piece of both of these sets and certainly have a hard time deciding which to wear first. So, let’s start off with the sporty-looking set. This one was originally available at the Cosmopolitan Event so if you didn’t have a chance to grab it there you can now haul some butt to the Mainstore and grab yours or get it off Marketplace. This set comes with the top and pants and the wrap-around sweater and the sneakers are sold separately as a fatpack only. The shirt on this changes in 3 spots so you can completely customize the look of it. The neckpiece changes, the lower and sleeves change together and the main part of the shirt changes all between 50 solid colors and 40 print options. The top also has an optional bag that is rigged into the shirt which you can toggle on and off via the HUD and change between 55 colors and control the strap, the bag itself, and the upper and lower parts. The leggings have 4 points of sections to color individually. You can choose between 50 solid colors and 20 print options. The wrap-around sweater is pretty badass, not only can you alter this between 50 solid colors and 30 print options but you can write whatever you want on the back of it via the super easy to use customization HUD which gives you 3 full alphabets in different fonts, 2 lines of available text as well as 50 different pretty awesome images that you can add to it. And of course, the sneakers and so much fun!, the versatility of the HUD on these is crazy! you can fully customize them between 55 colors and 10 print options and pretty much every area you see on these shoes can be customized to individual colors, however, you like it. Now, for the other amazing and truly incredible New release that you can snatch up at the Cosmopolitan Event. This outfit is 3 pieces and is so unique you are definitely gonna look one of a kind in this. The top on this has 22 solid colors, 20 extra colors as well as 40 pattern choices, and 42 stripe options. The jeans are so smooth looking and fit amazingly, with an open seductive appeal to the front of them. You can alter the Jeans between 22 jean color options, 20 jean colors with hearts, 42 basic solid colors, 42 basic heart color prints as well as 40 pattern options. Holy crap right! and what’s even better, you can snatch up these sexy heels which can be altered between 22 solid colors and 20 awesome extra colors. There is even an added HUD for the bow of the top (the lower band) as well as one for the laces of the pants which you can change to be any color from the previously listed ones. Such amazing products, made for all major Mesh bodies. I can’t encourage you enough to run and grab up both of these




Top: FashionNatic Anais Top – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Shorts: FashionNatic Anais Jean Shorts – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Shoes: FashionNatic Anais Heels – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Eden Hairstyle – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Top: FashionNatic Manoli Top – Marketplace , Mainstore
Pants: FashionNatic Manoli Leggings – Marketplace , Mainstore
Sweater Wrap: FashionNatic Manoli Waist Sweater – Marketplace , Mainstore
Purse: FashionNatic Manoli Top With Bag – Marketplace , Mainstore
Headpiece: bonbon – ichibebbies – Mainstore
Shoes: FashionNatic Manoli Shoes – Marketplace , Mainstore
Hair: bonbon – ichigo hair – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Ottilie – Glam Eyeshadow – Smokey
Body: Belleza Freya
Head: Catwa Lona


Background: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Hip Hop Lounge – Mainstore


Pose: Animosity – Go Bestfriend 3 – Mainstore