FashionNatic has an amazing new release up for grabs at the Cosmopolitan Event this month. This gorgeous set comes in 3 pieces if you snatch up the fatpack of it. You’ll get a sexy shirt, skirt and some rocking heels. The shirt on this outfit for starters, is pretty badass. It’s kind of like having a two in one because that second sleeve has the ability to be turned on or off as well as colored either the same as the remainder of the outfit or you can go with something totally different. The top shows some sexy side boob action but don’t worry, it covers the important bits and has a cute ribbon adorning the side. The top can be changed between 50 solid colors, and 30 print options. The skirt with this set is pretty awesome as well because you have two different variations you can wear. There is a denim version and then a solids version. The skirt is high-waisted and has a tapered front to it with an offset thick belt to make sure you don’t drop your bottoms while shaking your booty. The skirt can be changed between 50 solid colors, 30 print options and 25 denim colors. The panties that are built into this skirt can also be colored between the same choices or you can turn them off altogether if you’re wanting to throw on some leggings or whatever beneath. The shoes that come with this outfit are a really cool design that you will certainly love. The tapering on the heel pulls out into a thicker base so you won’t break your neck walking on those weird tiled floors some places have. The shoe itself has rounded circles that adorn the whole wrap around the foot and color in various pieces so you can really customize this to match whatever other style choices you’ve combined with the outfit. The shoes can be colored between 50 color choices and the skirt and shoes both have the option to change metal colors between 3 choices to. What a killer set! you ladies definitely need this added into the wardrobe for sure.

Cosmopolitan Event: November 2nd – November 14th

Full Credits & Links

Top: FashionNatic Vera Top – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Skirt: FashionNatic Vera Skirt – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Necklace: AvaWay TRIXIE – Mainstore
Shoes: FashionNatic Vera Heels – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – JLOW hairstyle – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: [LeLuck]Glitter Eyeshadow – Mainstore
Lipstick: IDTTY Faces – Nectar Lipstick [PACK 2] – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Underground – Mainstore

Pose: Project Puppet 9-9