Keep Me Warm

FashionNatic will have you running through the snow and knocking down Snowmen to grab up this new release at this round of Uber. This outfit is a 3-4 piece absolute wonder that you’re without a doubt going to want the Megapack version of so you can have absolutely everything since the boots are sold separately. The outfit has a cropped jacket that you can wear in either the colored version or the denim version. The color choice options on this are insane! in a really great way though. You can choose between 50 solid colors and 25 denim options. So, now the reason that I say this is a 3-4 piece outfit is because not only does the jacket come with a built-in bralette but it also gives you the opportunity to hide the main piece, the straps or both completely giving you just the jacket so it’s like it’s own piece you could wear with another of your favorite FashionNatic products. The bralette colors between the same 50 solid color choices as the rest of the outfit orrrrr you can choose between 20 really cool print options. The skirt on this is one of my favorites, mainly cause’ I’m really a sucker for having a ton of mix and match options available and you definitely get that with this set. The skirt changes between 50 solid colors in 11 different selectable areas! How awesome is that and pure customization, so even if your best friend has the outfit you can look completely different! The skirt is adorned with front wrap belt straps that criss-cross in a really fun way, the skirt also has built-in panties which is one of the things I know I look for when I buy skirt outfits. The purse attached to this skirt is a really fun a practical addition for sure but if you’re not wanting it on don’t worry, you can take it off, there’s a button for that!. The boots are yet another amazing ankle-boot style from this designer. You can manipulate 6 different colorable areas between 50 solid choices that match the rest of the outfit. What a great set!

Uber Event: December 23rd – January 22nd

Full Credits & Links

Top: FashionNatic – Amara Jacket – Uber , Mainstore
Skirt: FashionNatic – Amara Skirt – Uber , Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Lala Hairstyle – Mainstore
Shoes: FashionNatic – Amara Boots – Uber , Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Natural Eyeshadows – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka Erin

Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Nap Corner – Mainstore
Bulldog: Foxwood – Bulldog pup – stand – Mainstore
Pup: Foxwood – Boston Pup – Lay – Mainstore

Pose: Custom