FashionNatic is rocking the Cosmopolitan Event this month. This outfit is so much fun and by accident actually I noticed that there was a Men’s release that is quite similar for any couples wanting to have a his and hers look. I am clearly female so I don’t blog men’s items. However, that being said, I buy A LOT of FashionNatic items for guys and especially when I get the opportunity to do a duo blog and feature both. So, now that I have successfully rambled long windily we’ll get to the new release. This outfit comes in 3 parts. The jacket is really awesome and has a built in shirt. You can completely customize this in 9 areas between 50 solid colors, the shirt has an option to choose also between 20 print options. The clips can be changed between 20 colors and there is an additional 10 color choices as extra for the jacket plus 3 metal options. Although it’s not clear, the back of the jacket also has straps and buckles and whatnot that are really cool. The pants with this outfit are like a cargo military style pant that you can color in 5 areas between 50 colors and 10 print options with 3 metal colors and the ability to turn the straps on or off. And of course, what would an outfit be without some shoes!. The boots with these pants match the ones from the male outfit as well so you and your special person, friend, whatever will be quite the pair!. The boots color in 7 areas between 50 solid colors and 3 metal choices. I don’t think I could rave enough about this outfit. It’s truly worth the trip to grab and you’ll be wearing it constantly I guarantee it.

Cosmopolitan Event: January 25th – February 6th

Full Credits & Links

Top: FashionNatic – Pedra Jacket – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Pants: FashionNatic – Pedra Pants – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Shoes: FashionNatic – Pedra Boots – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Mask: Insomnia Angel . Japanese face mask – Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Sins Hairstyle – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Top: FashionNatic Pedro Jacket – Mainstore
Pants: FashionNatic Duty Cargo Pants – Mainstore
Shoes: FashionNatic Pedro Boots – Mainstore
Mask: AKUJI – Face mask
Ring: Zuri Rayna ~ Spell Bound Men’s – Mainstore
Hair: Modulus – Cole Hair – Mainstore
Body: Signature Gianni
Head: Catwa Daniel

Background: Synnergy Desert Backdrop – Mainstore
Machetes: Included With Pose
Chainsaw: Included With Pose

Pose: Fashiowl Poses – Apocalypse – Mainstore

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