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{Why Not ?} is an amazing sponsor that is new to me this month. I haven’t blogged home and harden in a while but I am so very happy and excited to be able to do so again for this designer. I had a lot to choose from for sure, but this gorgeous living room set won my heart right off the bat. This is a 7-piece set that you are without a doubt going to fall in love with as well. There is a gorgeous piece of artwork picture that has a wall hook so you can literally put it anywhere. There is a wall shelf that has black and white art sketches adorned along it. A hanging fabric light that is adorned with tassels to match the couch. There are two end tables, each is prepped and ready with décor to add that perfect amount of class to your living room. The couch is pretty awesome too, it’s a stunning deep blue color that has the right amount of pillows and blankets for you to snuggle up in. There are 7 female poses, 7 male poses, 3 friend poses and 5 couples poses. You can grab this whole collection from the Mainstore or on Marketplace.

Full Credits & Links

Building: Onsu ~ “Eggplant” Exp. Skybox – Mainstore
Planters: Ariskea[Malyn2] Philodendron Plant & table – Mainstore
Side Table w/decor (Left): {Why Not ?} Alness Plant Table 2 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Side Table w/decor (Right): {Why Not ?} Alness Plant Table 1 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not ?} Alness Sofa – Marketplace , Mainstore
Books: dust bunny . book pile – Mainstore
Laptop: .peaches. Tap That App – Laptop and Books – Mainstore
Magazines: Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 2 – Mainstore
Picture: {Why Not ?} Alness Wall Art – Marketplace , Mainstore
Shelf: {Why Not ?} Alness Art Shelf – Marketplace , Mainstore
Candle: +Half-Deer+ Everlight Votive Candle – Pastels – Gold Dots – Mainstore
Kleenex Box: ACORN Tissue Box -Gold – Mainstore
Coffee Table: Fancy Decor: Nathan Coffee Table – Mainstore
Small Dog: [Rezz Room] Chihuahua – Mainstore
Big Dog: [Rezz Room] Beagle Adult – Mainstore
Floor Lamp: Fancy Decor: Miller Floor Lamp – Mainstore
Hanging Light: {Why Not ?} Alness Ceiling Light – Marketplace , Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not ?} Alness Rug – Marketplace , Mainstore

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