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{Why Not?} has something pretty great this week for you at the Saturday Sale. This complete set is definitely one that will make you never want to leave home. This set is in 9 total pieces so you can put everything wherever you want it in your living room or loft. The couch has 8 male poses, 9 female poses, and 9 couple poses for you to choose from. The pouf stool has 3 female poses and 2 male poses. The room divider has pictures in it and although it’s not possible to change these, if you would like to have your own in there, just rez a prim, slap it over top and put whatever you want there in replace of it. This set pairs perfectly with a lot of other products from this designer so you can go on a shopping spree while you’re getting this and find other great items that you can mix and match to create the house of your dreams

Full Credits & Links

Apartment: hive // built-in kitchen skybox – Mainstore
Wall Divider: {Why Not?} Kennet Room Screen – Mainstore
White Dog: SEmotion Libellune English Beagle Premium – Mainstore
Stool: {Why Not?} Kennet Pouf – Mainstore
Coffee Table & Decor: {Why Not?} Kennet Coffee Table – Mainstore
Dog in cup: [Black Bantam] For You Yorkie Decor – Mainstore
Flower Vase: !ROIRO! – Flower vase (Plumeria) – Mainstore
Potted Plants: dust bunny . potted dragon tree – Mainstore
End Tables: {Why Not?} Kennet Side Table – Mainstore
Table Dome: {Why Not?} Kennet Dome Terrarium – Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not?} Kennet Coffee Table – Mainstore
Hanging Plant: dust bunny . darling hanging plant – Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not?} Kennet Sofa – Mainstore
Big Dog: [Rezz Room] Beagle – Mainstore
Lamp: {Why Not?} Kennet Table Lamp – Mainstore
Mixer: Apple Fall Mixer – White & Gold – Mainstore
Grocery Bag: dust bunny . homemade soup . bag of groceries . pattern b – Mainstore
White Dish: dust bunny . kawaii lunch . fawn bento – Mainstore
Pumpkin Board: Astralia – Pumpkin Spice Cake (Step 1) – Mainstore
Bundt Cake Platter: Astralia – Lemons Bundt cake (Step 1)
Cheese Tray: Apple Fall Cheeseboard – Mainstore
Soup Board: dust bunny . homemade soup . prep board – Mainstore
Bun Basket: dust bunny . harvest feast . dinner rolls – Mainstore
Bread Board: West Village Seeded Bread & Azoychka Tomatoes – Mainstore
Pear Basket: West Village Pears in Vintage Trug – Mainstore
Blizzard Machine & Cup: Junk Food – Snowblast Machine – Mainstore

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