A Peaceful Outdoor Escape

{ Why Not ?} has a really fun and beautiful new release up for grabs at the Mainstore. Are you ready for it? you should be! This is by far, one of the best investments you are going to grab for your land whether you have a skybox or you’re just on the ground level. I wish I could show you every single detail this bench has to offer but that would just be an excessive amount of pictures so I will paint the best picture I can with words and of course, some visual aids to help the process along. So, first off, I can’t express the level of detail enough about this designers products, it’s so real looking! it photographs sooo well in all windlights too which for anyone who’s a photographer, you’re going to love that. And it’s the perfect place to cozy up with your special someone, or even just some friends and chill out The bench Has 9 female poses, one rezzes a guitar that you can play, another rezzes a squirrel that you can talk to if you feel lonely. There are 7 male poses to choose from, there is a rezzable guitar in these as well. There is a drinks section of poses, where the coffee one rezzes out a cozy pillow for you to lay back on, some magazines for light reading and a cup of coffee beside you plus one that rezzes into your hand. There is beer for a male pose though women can use it to and it too rezzes a beer in your hand, don’t get loaded and fall off the bench though! There is a wine pose that rezzes a bottle of wine beside you plus a pair of sexy designer glasses and also puts the wine glass in your hand as well. There are a total of 4 drink poses. There is also a couples tab that has 5 amazing snuggle poses for you to choose from.

Full Credits & Links

Ground: HPMD* Cliff Hill – green B – Mainstore
Rock Base: Rezzable Prop From Bench – Mainstore
Rocks: 21strom Birch Meadow BASE – Mainstore
Grass: HPMD* WildGrasses -green- a – Mainstore
Clover: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- b – Mainstore
Flowers: (Fundati) Chamomile – Mainstore
Deer: JIAN Fallow Fawn – Mainstore
Tree Bench: { Why Not ?} Blairmore Tree Bench – Mainstore
Tree: Rezzable Prop From Bench – Mainstore
Tiger: Foxwood – Little Tiger – Mainstore
Panda: SEmotion Libellune Panda Bear – Mainstore
Sugar Glider: Foxwood – Sugar Glider – Mainstore
Cow: Foxwood – Little Moo – Mainstore
Raccoon: JIAN :: Raccoon – Mainstore
Red Tree: dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . red apple tree – Mainstore
Orange Tree: dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree – Mainstore
Dog: [Black Bantam] Puppy Pup – Mainstore

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