Perfectly Bold

[[ Masoom ]] & Rubedo are two designers who I absolutely love pairing together for blog pictures. Simply because they are both bold, unique and exceptionally creative people. I don’t wanna play favorites but well, they’re pretty great, right! So, these new releases are available between the Equal 10 Event and the We Love RP Event. To get you going, if you head over to the Equal10 Event, you can grab this really fun and sexy new release from Masoom. The outfit is a 3-piece that you can obviously mix and match with other releases from this designer or just wear individually as well. The jacket is a crop style that has laces on the outer front edge and covers the unique halter style top that has metal rings securing each piece in place. The skirt is a high-waisted mini that shows some skin beneath an array of laces that hang perfectly down the left thigh. The jacket colors in the main area between 12 solid and vibrant colors and in the fatpack version you get a bonus 4 multi tone colors. You can also change the stitching between the same 12 colors with an added 4 color bonus in the fatpack. The skirt changes in 12 solid bright colors with 4 fatpack bonus colors, the laces change between the same colors and so do the metal choices. The top changes between 12 vibrant colors for the top as well as the added 4 colors in the fatpack version. You can also change the straps to these same colors as well as the metal options too. Okay, so, now that your body is rocking some amazing fashion, you can head over to the We ♥ RP Event and grab the new release from Rubedo. This makeup is nothing less than bold, daring and really awesome for many reasons. The makeup covers the majority of your forehead with a slight break in color before cascading down both eyes with a solid black outline that accents some really awesome pops of color. Not only are you spoiled with a fun eye makeup set, but there is also lipstick that has the same unique fade style. The lipstick adorns the lower lip and fadees down the chin with the same vibrant color shade. So, the fun thing with the lipstick is that since the top lip is bare, you can easily pair it with other lipsticks from this designer to create an even more unique look for you. The eyeshadow comes in 13 bold and creative colors for you to choose from in BoM layers. The lipstick comes in 13 bold BoM colors for you to choose from.

Equal 10 Event: November 10th – December 5th

We ♥ RP Event: November 4th – November 28th

Full Credits & Links

Outfit: [[ Masoom ]] Monarch – Equal10 , Mainstore
Headpiece: Zibska Elena Headpiece – Mainstore
Necklace: Tentacio Love goth collar – Mainstore
Earrings: e.marie // Kiana Earrings – Mainstore
Hair: tram K0925 hair – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Rubedo – destina eyes – We ♥ RP , Mainstore
Lipstick: Rubedo – destina lips – We ♥ RP , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka EvoX Ceylon

Background: None

Pose: Custom

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