A Hidden Christmas Cabin

{Why Not?} won’t be hiding anything this year but they are making things a little fun with a new Gacha release at the Yuletide Event. This is an amazing set because not only is it perfect for the current winter season or upcoming winter wonderland, depending on where you are from. This set can be used with and without the snow which means it’s amazing all year round. You can keep it filled with all the decor this set is made for and then swap it out for other amazing releases from this designer in the summer. It’s surely a win win. The gacha set has 2 rare items and 22 common items that you can grab up. Normally I take pictures of each piece but 24 is quite a lot so I attached the gacha chart at the bottom so you can see what each looks like if I missed it in one of the images. The credits are also broken down as to what item is what number. All the furniture has single and snuggle animations as well so you’re sure to keep warm in the cold

Yuletide Event: December 1st – December 31st


Full Credits & Links

Background: ..:Bee Designs Christmas Skybox 2 – Mainstore
House: 01{Why Not?} Lomand Xmas Cabin RARE – Yuletide , Mainstore
Snow: 18{Why Not?} Lomand Xmas Cabin Snow Roof – Yuletide , Mainstore
Bed: 08{Why Not?} Lomand Couples Bed – Yuletide , Mainstore
Bedside Table: 12{Why Not?} Lomand Side Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Side Table With Blanket: 10{Why Not?} Lomand Blanket Box – Yuletide , Mainstore
Couch: 03{Why Not?} Lomand Sofa – Yuletide , Mainstore
Star Ornament: 23{Why Not?} Lomand Starlight Floor Decor – Yuletide , Mainstore
Christmas Tree & Gifts: 14{Why Not?} Lomand Christmas Tree & Gifts – Yuletide , Mainstore
Rug: 20{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Fireplace Rug – Yuletide , Mainstore
Coffee Table: 05{Why Not?} Lomand Coffee Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Drink & Cookies: 18{Why Not?} Lomand Hot Coco & Cookies – Yuletide , Mainstore
Red Rug: 20{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Bedroom Rug – Yuletide , Mainstore
Clothing Rack: 09{Why Not?} Lomand Clothes Rail – Yuletide , Mainstore
Vanity: 16{Why Not?} Lomand Vanity Set – Yuletide , Mainstore
Wall Table: 11{Why Not?} Lomand Wall Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Wall Table Decor: 22{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Table Decor – Yuletide , Mainstore
Chair: 04{Why Not?} Lomand Armchair – Yuletide , Mainstore
Curtains: 20{Why Not?} Lomand Curtains – Yuletide , Mainstore
Fireplace: 02{Why Not?} Lomand Fireplace RARE – Yuletide , Mainstore
Wreath: 21{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Wreath – Yuletide , Mainstore
Dining Table: 06{Why Not?} Lomand Dining Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Dining Chairs: 07{Why Not?} Lomand Dining Chair – Yuletide , Mainstore
Place Setting: 19{Why Not?} Lomand Place Setting – Yuletide , Mainstore
Leaning Shelf: 23{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Leaning Wall Decor – Yuletide , Mainstore
Buffet Table: 13{Why Not?} Lomand Buffet – Yuletide , Mainstore
Deck Potted Trees: 18{Why Not?} Lomand Fir Tree – Yuletide , Mainstore
Sled: 17{Why Not?} Lomand Couples Sleigh – Yuletide , Mainstore
Bench: 15{Why Not?} Lomand Deck Bench – Yuletide , Mainstore