Pull My Horns

Poison Rouge and Rubedo are two designers that I truly love showing off. There are two new releases between these amazing creators that you can get at the We Love Roleplay Event. So, grab your wallet and haul butt to the We Love Roleplay Event for a truly unique and well, pretty badass exclusive release from Poison Rouge. This headpiece is phenomenal, the detail in each piece is stunning to say the least. There are 14 horns all stretching out from this helmet style headpiece that has a teardrop front at the forehead and solid back base. Each horn has a metal capped end piece for extra durability I’m sure. The headpiece comes in 6 colors and has a built in resizer script so you can get the perfect fit. On a side note, I wear Lelutka EvoX head and I just hid my ears so the headpiece stayed with a fit snug to my face. Now that you have that rocking addition to your inventory, if you head over to the booth from Rubedo, you can get a pretty epic new release from this lovely lady. The makeup almost looks like you got your butt kicked in paintball but it’s pretty freaking awesome to say the least. One of my new favorites for sure. The makeup has bold color that covers the majority of the left side of your face up to your forehead, the right side has bold color below the eye and to the inner corner and both sides have dashes of speckle color throughout. As an added bonus, there’s a delicate black symbol above the bridge of the nose. Stunning right! The makeup comes in 16 BoM Colors and can be worn by both Men and Women, or a squirrel, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re BoM compatible

We Love Roleplay Event: February 4th – February 28th

Full Credits & Links

Dress: OPIA Lea – Mainstore
Headpiece: POISON ROUGE Qebehut Headpiece – We ♥ RP , Mainstore
Hair: Photoshop
Makeup: Rubedo – tyrone – We ♥ RP , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka EvoX Ceylon

Background: None

Pose: Custom