Wicca’s Originals went all out on the creativeness this month with a really unique and spot on pair of gloves at the My Bloody Valentine Event. Where to begin with these amazing glove accessories. They aredefinitely authentic to say the least. The gloves go just above the wrist and have a double layer glove appearance at the hands before turning into some really epic scissor hands. There are straps of fabric around the wrist, some fabric strips down between the gloves themselves and the metal plus some along the fingers as well. The gloves are bento compatible so if you use a bento AO or even for when you take pictures and whatnot, your fingers will wiggle and move about but with added awesomeness with scissors!  Watch out all you long haired people, wear a hat when standing next to someone wearing these 😉 The bento gloves color in 2 glove areas and the straps between 10 colors. The 2 metals color between 10 various options as well. The hands fit Gianni, Jake, Legacy and Maitreya and also have a display version so everyone can enjoy them!

My Bloody Valentine Event: January 27th – January 24th

Full Credits & Links

Dress: JustBECAUSE Oasis Gown – Mainstore
Earrings (Right): Wicca’s Originals – Sharira – Mainstore
Earrings (Left): Wicca’s Originals – Pandora Set – Mainstore
Face Piercings & Chain: Wicca’s Originals – Tagan Set – Mainstore
Nose Piercing: Wicca’s Originals – Jadeon Piercing – Mainstore
Hands: Wicca’s Originals – Burton Hands – My Bloody Valentine , Mainstore
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Tempest hair – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: +Nuuna+ Rist Makeups
Lipstick: +Nuuna+ Rist Makeups
Lipstick 2: Zibska Evo X ~ Oriv Lips – Mainstore
Body Tattoo: +Nuuna+ Rist Makeups
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka EvoX Ceylon

Background: [BH9] – Retro Lobby

Pose: Lyrium Bento Pose 9

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