Cold In Hell

Masoom brought all the sexy with this hot new release that is out at the new round of Uber. This sexy dress has a unique off the shoulder design on the left side and a really high cut hem on the opposite side. The dress has a perfectly placed chain belt that secures at the front with double gems on each end. This set also has an optional fur stole that can be worn with this dress or with other cute releases from this Designer. The dress comes in 12 solid color choices but there is an additional 4 bonus ombre colors in the fatpack version. Each has the option to color the gems between 4 colors and 4 metal choices as well. You can also choose to turn the gold decals off of the dress and also the gems and front chain portion on or off as well all via the HUD. The fur stole comes in the same 12 color choices and also has 4 bonus ombre colors in the fatpack version.

Uber Event: December 24th – January 22nd


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