Hiding In The Shadows

Von Noir is like a double shot of espresso that will have you shaking with excitement at all the new releases. I have combined 3 releases into this post so you can get an up-close look at the new branding of this Designer. From tattoos to epic jewelry, you’re going to love it as much as I do. Let’s get you going to the event first. You can grab the necklace and bracelet set from the new round of the Darkness event. This set has a thick band that is covered in lots of riveted gems and a large hoop in the center of each. The choker colors in the main metal area between 12 color options as well as 5 color choices for the studs and the ring. The bracelets color left and right separately between 12 solid colors and the studs and ring color individually per side as well between 5 color choices. So, now that you have those exclusive new releases, if you head over to the Mainstore, you can grab even more goodies! There is a hot new septum piercing (plus more if you look around) that you can grab. This one in particular has 1 large spike in the middle with two smaller ones on each side and a pair of gems enclosing them in. The septum nose piercing colors on the inner ring, left spike, outer ring, middle spike, balls, and right spike individually between 5 color choices. And to finish off an amazing look, there is a sexy pair of earrings that add that last touch of awesomeness that have a large hoop base and cascading crosses and lots of gems on the outer area of the dangly bits. The earrings color on the left and right separately between 5 colors for the metals and 3 color choices for the gems. 

The Darkness Event: January 5th – January 28th

Full Credits & Links

Dress: /CUREMORE/ Innistrad GOWN – Mainstore
Necklace: Von Noir – Nixie Choker – Darkness , Mainstore
Earrings: Von Noir – Golgotha Earrings – Mainstore
Bracelet: Von Noir – Nixie Bracelets – Darkness , Mainstore
Nose Ring: Von Noir – Azzroth Septum – Mainstore
Hair: Photoshop
Eyeshadow: Knife Party // Blades // Eye Makeup – Mainstore
Face Makeup: +Nuuna+ Shay Makeups – Mainstore
Lipstick: Izzie’s – Matte Lipstick – Mainstore
Nailpolish: Legacy Standard
Body: Legacy Perky
Head: Lelutka EvoX Ceylon

Background: D.U.S.T. -forgotten door- [Mystical]

Pose: Custom

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