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Pink Obsession

Envious will having you falling in love over and over again with this amazing new Valentines release. This adorable dress you can snatch up on the Marketplace and it is worth every last penny, not that it’s going to break your bank in the first place. This is a mini

Friends Are The Sunshine Of Life

Limited Addiction has a whole bunch of pretty amazing things happening for this month. So much so, I actually tried to cram as much of it as I could into one picture/post because well, it’s need to know information! Sooo, that being said, hold onto your butts and get ready

Love You Like A Love Song

Scandalize will without a doubt make you fall in love a hundred times over with this amazing new release at this months round of the Collabor88 Event. This outfit is actually in 3 pieces to you can definitely mix and match them however you like as the sleeves are a

There Is No Weight Limit On Beauty

Wicca’s Originals and WarPaint paired perfectly for this picture because I got to get up close and personal with the shot. You will be running between the Necrosis Event and the Anthem Event this month to grab both of these awesome new releases. Wicca’s Originals has a really badass new

Let Me Tell You A Secret

FashionNatic has not one but TWO really amazing new releases for you to grab and guess what, one of them is Free! Sooo, slip on over to the Mainstore for a really awesome group gift and then over to the new round of Uber for the other. So, the first


FashionNatic is rocking the Cosmopolitan Event this month. This outfit is so much fun and by accident actually I noticed that there was a Men’s release that is quite similar for any couples wanting to have a his and hers look. I am clearly female so I don’t blog men’s

Shine A Light

United Colors and Wicca’s Originals were a fun pair to combine for this post and of course adding some WarPaint to the situation was pretty awesome too. United colors has this dress available for you at the Mainstore. it’s not a new release, however, it’s definitely one that you need

Not Yours

Wicca’s Originals has a really fun and unique pair of booties for you this month at the new round of the Midnight Order Event. These boots are definitely bad ass not only with options but with design as well. The ankle boots have a chain link base for a heel

Relax & Let It Go

Scandalize & WarPaint are the perfect duo of designers at two pretty awesome events. You are going to be scrambling between Collabor88 and Uber for sure. To start you off, grabbing this outfit from Scandalize at the Collabor88 Event needs to be on that to-do list. I personally, really like

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

United Colors has an amazingly stunning new gown for you at the Mainstore. This absolutely stunning gown can be worn for so many occasions and in a couple different ways. The gown was designed as a wedding gown. However, it is in two pieces, so you can wear this sleek

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