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Ruffled Feathers

United Colors is bringing more Feathers to life at this months round of FaMESHed. For those that don’t know about previous releases from this Designer. There is a pretty awesome feathered corset and short set that I am wearing in this image and it pairs amazingly with this feather collar.

Undercover Beauty

Wicca’s Originals & WarPaint are a perfect duo for you to snatch up together between the Anthem Event and the Access Cyberfair. Wicca’s Originals is gonna blow your mind with yet another really awesome mask at the new round of the Access Cyberfair. This is a larger section that covers

Addicted To Wicca

Limited Addiction and Wicca’s Originals are an amazingly fun and hot duo for you to snatch up and slip into your ever growing Inventory at the Cosmopolitan Event and the Kinky Event. Limited Addiction has a really fun and unique set for you at the Cosmopolitan Event. This outfit comes

Friends Are The Sunshine Of Life

Limited Addiction has a whole bunch of pretty amazing things happening for this month. So much so, I actually tried to cram as much of it as I could into one picture/post because well, it’s need to know information! Sooo, that being said, hold onto your butts and get ready

There Is No Weight Limit On Beauty

Wicca’s Originals and WarPaint paired perfectly for this picture because I got to get up close and personal with the shot. You will be running between the Necrosis Event and the Anthem Event this month to grab both of these awesome new releases. Wicca’s Originals has a really badass new

Shine A Light

United Colors and Wicca’s Originals were a fun pair to combine for this post and of course adding some WarPaint to the situation was pretty awesome too. United colors has this dress available for you at the Mainstore. it’s not a new release, however, it’s definitely one that you need

Stopping Traffic

Wicca’s Originals and WarPaint are definitely going to blow your mind to say the least month between the New Releases available at the Kinky Event and the Anthem Event. Wicca’s Originals has a Collar set for you at the Kinky Event that also comes with additional pasties to cover up


Wicca’s Originals has a rocking new release this month at the new round of We ♥ Roleplay Event. This headpiece is super versatile in the fact that it can be work 3 different ways! How badass is that! woop woop. So, this headpiece is adjustable so don’t worry, you can

Beautiful Tragedy

United Colors and WarPaint make the perfect Duo this month at the Collabor88 Event and a release available at the Mainstore. United Colors has a pretty awesome feathered collar available to you at the new round of Collabor88 which also comes with a pretty great surprise inside for you regardless

Curse Of Cain

Wicca’s Originals has yet again another really badass new release that you are going to love adding to your ever growing collection of items from this Designer. Not only does everything look incredible as it is but because Wicca is a thinker she makes it possible to really customize absolutely

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