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  • High Maintenance

    High Maintenance

    Breathe has an incredibly super cute pair of heels out for you at the current round of the Dollholic Event. These shoes are a cute babydoll-looking pump that has a single ankle strap and a string of delicate beads that hangs against the front of your foot. The back, side, and toe of the shoes […]

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  • Take Away The Pain

    Take Away The Pain

    Poison Rouge has a gorgeous new release out at the Kinky Event this month. This necklace is unique and pretty awesome. It has a triple-layer strap appearance with a single buckle and to top that off, the name “Poison Rouge” is written right on the front strap, who wouldn’t want to rock this amazing designer’s […]

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  • Resist


    Masoom & Breathe have two incredible new releases out between the Access Event and the Collabor88 Event. If you head over to Access first, you will find the new outfit from Masoom exclusively available there. This is a 3 piece outfit that consists of a sexy bra, a cute open loose or tight fitting top […]

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  • Blythe


    Poison Rouge has a stunning new headband out at the current round of the Cosmopolitan Event. This headband has a unique tapered design to it so it makes it really easy to wear with tons of different hairstyles. The headband has a built-in resizer script so you can adjust it to the perfect fit. The […]

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