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Who would have thought that a tattoo and a hat would compliment each other so well right! Well, Zibska and Kaos paired exceptionally well tother in this UniK Event Round. Zibska has this stunning hat and makeup available at the UniK Event this month. The hat and Orbit have a


Zibska has some pretty amazing things happening at the Liaison Event this month. Of course, I paired it with some other pretty awesome Zibska items since they actually go perfect together if you wanted to duplicate the styling, but of course, you can wear each on their own and create


Zibska is overflowing the Trunk Show with some really no REALLY fantastic stuff yay!!!!. Not only is Zibska offering some badass accessories, but there’s also makeup too!. The headpiece comes with the matching eyebrow attachments as well. They really are so much fun both together and separate for that truly

Tip My Hat

These two incredible designers pair some pretty amazing creativity and stylish creations together. The outfit from Kenny Rolands is one of the newer releases found at the Mainstore. It comes in 6 truly gorgeous colors and of course, you can mix and match them to get that really unique sense

Driftwood Origin

This entire set from Zibska is one of my personal favorites. Each piece looks incredible on it’s own or broke down individually as well as combined with other amazing Zibska products. The headpiece comes with the upper piece and the cascading piece. Each of these changes between 14 colors for

Dreamlight Bliensen

This round of On9 has some amazing things worth taking a look. Bliensen has this stunning pair of earrings that comes in 10 different colors with a gold/silver option to each one so you can style them with whatever outfit you have going on. Dreamlight has a gorgeous pair of


Zibska has a really fun and exciting new exclusive release at the We ❤ Role-Play Event. If you love Zibska as much as I do, you can see that I paired this new release with a whole line of other Zibska products to show you just how easy and fun

In Silence, We Hear

This new release from Zibska makes a statement all on its own without much of a word from me. The headpiece, as well as the eyeshadow, is an exclusive that is obtainable from the Shiny Shaby Event. Both are absolutely stunning to have together or on their own. The eyeshadow

What cannot be seen

Tiffany Designs and Zibska paired surprisingly well together with these two releases. This combination is definitely one I would rock down the runway for a styling inspiration without a doubt. The dress from Tiffany Designs comes with a HUD that has 19 color options! and all of them are truly

Amidst The Creative

Here are two truly outstanding designers showcased together. Zibska and Bakaboo both have that unique, edgy and just truly thrilling concept that is so unique to both and in the fashion world of SL in general. Zibska has this rocking new release at the Sense Event this month. I did

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