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Amidst The Creative

Here are two truly outstanding designers showcased together. Zibska and Bakaboo both have that unique, edgy and just truly thrilling concept that is so unique to both and in the fashion world of SL in general. Zibska has this rocking new release at the Sense Event this month. I did something a bit unique with my styling of this to show you just how … Read More Amidst The Creative

Fairytale Princess

Although these items are not new or exclusive releases from IT! they are still pretty fantastic and PINK! Okay, they do come in other colors ya ya but way deep down you know you love pink too right?  IT! has a really pretty tiara available, it comes in a bunch of different colors for you to choose from and has a HUD that allows … Read More Fairytale Princess


It took me a few days to work my brain a little for this one. As a model, I get to do some really crazy styling and so many fun and unique things to present on the runway. With Zibska, it is a brand I use sooooo often as a model and well, I think most of us do. The unique, vibrant and intense … Read More Bebe

Good Vibes

I had so much fun running around finding all the exciting items available at The Good Vibes Hunt including these items from IT!. Although the hunt is over, these items can be purchased at the Mainstore and are worth the trip and so much less work than having to run around like a crazy person looking for stars lol. You can get a hold … Read More Good Vibes

Explosion Of Color

This was such a fun post for me to do because of the amazing colors both of these fantastic designers brought to the table with their creations. ALMA Makeup has two truly incredible products for you to run and grab from 2 events and ZOZ has 2 new releases as well that you can snag. Put your running shoes on ladies because I’m about … Read More Explosion Of Color

Look Busy

So much color!!! MoOH! and LeLuck had the perfect pairable items for this post. MoOH! has this exceptionally cute jogging style suit outfit available at the Mainstore for this months group gift! This outfit has 6 super fun colors all changeable via color HUD. LeLuck has this really fun and exciting dotted eyeliner available at the CYBER/PUNK Fair. There are 6 intense and vibrantly … Read More Look Busy

Take A Breath

After a little bit of a hiatus I’ve got some catching up to do, and what better way than with ALMA Makeup and ZOZ!!!. Both of these events are over very soon so I apologize for the delay in getting them out to you, but I know ya’ll can haul some pixel booty so you won’t miss out ♥. ALMA is rocking some super … Read More Take A Breath

Lovely Dreamer

This incredibly stunning and absolutely gorgeous polish set from ZOZ is incredible. ZOZ always rocks the intricate details and never skips a beat on bringing us absolutely amazing and unique designs to spice up our sexy pixel fingers and toes. The set I have is the Lovely Blues which you can get at the eBento Event. There are 12 individual colors to choose from … Read More Lovely Dreamer

Blue Horizon

So, it’s really blue right!….. This blog was so much fun to combine designers for and style as well. Lately, I have tried to limit the number of designers I throw into a single blog post, however, it just so happened that all three of these badass creators came out with new releases that flowed so well together you’d think they collabed it!…. they … Read More Blue Horizon

Beauty In A Frame

This incredibly vibrant and bold eyeshadow from ALMA Makeup is something surely worth hauling butt to the Dubai Event to go and pick up. 8 really intense and bright colors come on the HUD for this set. I paired this gorgeous eyeshadow with some variant lipstick from ALMA as well. They obviously are not a set, but they both give a great contrast to … Read More Beauty In A Frame


LeLuck has this really incredible and vibrant eyeshadow available at the Whore Couture Fair. There are 6 really intense colors to choose from for any occasion you want to turn some heads with that “wow” factor. Each shade has an intricate combination of cosmic colors that bring new life to your eyes. They are truly incredible and are a must have to the virtual … Read More Meteor

A Long Look

ALMA Makeup and ZOZ have two absolutely amazing releases out now for you to grab. ZOZ has a beautiful nail polish set that has truly stunning Sakura flower swirls on each nail. The polish comes with the beautiful HUD that has 12 various colors to pick from. Each nail has a subtle shimmer to it as well and it pairs perfectly with your makeup … Read More A Long Look