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Rubedo did it again everyone! Some absolutely amazing new releases for you to haul butt to grab. Hitting the Makeover Room Event and the Gala Fair Event are two stunning eyeshadows just for you. This amazing lady sure knows how to do our skin good and ramp up our options

Sweet As A Berry

Rubedo did it again at the Inithium Event!! andddd there’s a bonus surprise with this one. This makeup is an alteration of a previous release but tweaked quite a lot. I wore a similar blue version of this with my formal gown in Miss SL 2021 and damn this lady

Oh Canada!

Rubedo is rocking the Second Life 18th Birthday Event with a really awesome new makeup. I was so very fortunate enough to have this amazing lady sponsor and design my makeup for the Miss SL 2021 competition and this makeup set is the variation of my makeup from this event

Under The Sea

Rubedo is gonna have you shining those fish tails for sure at the new round of the Mermaid Cove Event with some pretty badass makeup. I was super excited to come back from a small holiday to some really amazing new designs to play with and this is one of


Wicca’s Originals and Rubedo are rocking some pretty amazing things this month between the Warehouse Sale Event and the Ice and Fire Event. To kick things off, you definitely need to hit up the new round of the Fire and Ice Event to grab some pretty damn amazing makeup from

That Of My Pains Sprout Flowers

United Colors and Rubedo are rocking yet again, another amazing combination for you to put together. This time you can jump over to the Access Event as well as staying put where you are at the 77th Street Fair. So, to get you all caught up with United Colors new

On The Verge

United Colors and Rubedo are a rocking duo this month between the Kustom9 Event and the 77th Street Fair. To kick you off I’m gonna send you over to get your face rocking some new makeup from Rubedo at the 77th Street Fair. This makeup is really awesome and has


Wicca’s Originals and Rubedo are rocking some amazing new releases this month at the Pandora Event and the CyberPunk Fair. To get you started, if you slip on over to the Cyberpunk Fair and grab this hot new shirt from Wicca’s Originals, you are really going to enjoy it. The

Make It Pop!

Rubedo is not only going to be popping up with amazing new things this month but also has a special little surprise available to you at the new Pop Up Event from Tres Chic which is a Mainstore release event and a badass release at the Inithium Event as well.

Arctic Lovers

Are you ready? really? you better get more excited than that, because there is an amazing new Cosmetic brand that is going to rock your world in all the really fun and exciting ways. RUBEDO!!! you know you wanna scream it too ♥ This incredibly talented designer is every fashion

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