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A Long Look

ALMA Makeup and ZOZ have two absolutely amazing releases out now for you to grab. ZOZ has a beautiful nail polish set that has truly stunning Sakura flower swirls on each nail. The polish comes with the beautiful HUD that has 12 various colors to pick from. Each nail has a subtle shimmer to it as well and it pairs perfectly with your makeup … Read More A Long Look

Seeing Red

LeLuck and ZOZ are hitting two really amazing events with some pretty fantastic stuff!. LeLuck has this truly remarkable set of eyeshadows avaialable at the Whore Couture Fair. The HUD has 6 really vibrant colors to choose from. I can’t even begin to show the amazingness of either of these designers through my pictures, so you’ll just have to go buy them for yourself … Read More Seeing Red


I definitely stepped a little outside my comfort zone doing this one…… But, it was so worth it!!!!. So, I paired some stunning jewelry by Moondance Boutique with some badass makeup from ALMA Makeup. Okay, lets get to the awesome of these two designers. The jewelry comes with really cool oblong earrings that are a lot of fun, plus a choker, bracelets as well … Read More Elven

Sparkle & Rose

MOoH! and LeLuck have two exceptionally pairable new releases available this month that I personally really love. The tank top and sweater are available at the Truth or Dare Affair this month. The tank top is changeable in color via a massive HUD with every color you can possibly think of and the knit sweater comes in 10 colors. It’s gorgeous to wear together … Read More Sparkle & Rose

Forever Yours

ALMA Makeup and LsR Moda are just a wow combination in this post. I was able to combine 3 absolutely stunning releases from both of these fantastic designers, and they paired together beautifully. LsR Moda has this really fun, cute and sultry 2 piece outfit available at the ACE Event. You can get it in single color options or of course the Fatpack which … Read More Forever Yours

Just Breathe

There is so much excitement and amazing things to share with this post, hence, just breathe! don’t pass out or you can’t go shopping, just sayin ♥. Sooo, Vann Underwood has a gorgeous and really fun dress available at her store. It has a HUD that allows you to choose between 5 various colors that are all very unique and a lot of fun. … Read More Just Breathe

Pandora Under The Sun

I am most definitely so excited to pair two absolutely incredible designers together for this post. Both ALMA Makeup and Moondance Boutique have some really awesome releases for you to grab. Alma Makeup has the Moon & Sun Makeup set available at the 2nd Chance Event, so make sure you hurry up and grab it for 50% off. It has a lovely HUD with … Read More Pandora Under The Sun

Truly Precious

MOoH! has a truly stunning lingerie set at the mainstore for January’s group gift. It has a gorgeous color HUD to customize the lace overlay robe as well as the bra and panties each individually. The colors all mix and match really well and I spent the whole day chilling in this outfit, it moved perfectly with my busy ao which is certainly important for … Read More Truly Precious

Content Reflections

LsR Moda, LeLuck & VENGE (Vengeful Threads) are truly a combination of fierce styling not to be reckoned with. The stunning dress from LsR Moda which you can get in-world or on Marketplace is adorable in more ways than one. It has a fantastic and user-friendly HUD that gives you the opportunity to have 30 different color options! How awesome is that!. You can … Read More Content Reflections

Red Vs. Pink

ALMA Makeup has a truly fun and beautiful makeup set available at the Avenue Event. It’s the best of a two-in-one with lots of mix and match options to choose from. 6 lipstick shades and 6 eyeshadows that are exceptionally vibrant and truly stunning. Full Credits & Links Top: Scandalize Anna Black – Mainstore Pants: Scandalize Anna Black – Mainstore Hair: TRUTH Montana – … Read More Red Vs. Pink

Looking Forward

2018 was nothing if not exceptionally interesting and full of some truly amazing things. I’m so thankful to each of my sponsors for all the hard work they do, to bring us amazing quality products and lets be honest, they bring a smile to our faces with each release and then we get other releases go OMG I neeeeed that! I’m very excited to … Read More Looking Forward

Alma Christmas

I don’t think this incredible Christmas makeup from ALMA Makeup really needs a whole lot of explanation. Just to look at it you can see the awesomeness that bundled into this package. This release is exclusive to the Ghee Christmas Market, so this truly stunning eye makeup and lipstick are yours for only 50L, which is a pretty sweet deal. Although you cannot see … Read More Alma Christmas