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WarPaint & FashionNatic have some pretty awesome things for you to grab up. Sooo much happening in this post, just for you! Warpaint has multiple releases that will have you scrambling to hit that TP Now button. The first is a set of lipstick available at the new round of

♫ Tuuuneeee ♫

Moondance Boutique & LeLuck are bringing some really badass new Exclusive releases to the Darkness Monthly Event and the Sense Event. Moondance Boutique has a truly stunning and elegant jewelry set that comes with gorgeous teardrop style earrings, a ring for each hand, bracelets and a beautiful necklace. The super

Lay With Me

LeLuck & Moondance Boutique have an amazingly pairable set of New Releases available this month at the Whore Couture Fair & The Designer Showcase. The gorgeous and exceptional bold eyeshadow from Leluck is definitely worth a trip to the Whore Couture Fair to snag up this set. There are 6

Diva Ready

Moondance Boutique and LeLuck are an explosive pair of Designers this month with some extraordinary new releases. LeLuck is rocking the Darkness Monthly Event with an in your face bold eyeshadow that is dramatically gorgeous in more ways than one. The eyeshadow has 6 smoking colors to choose from for

Picture Perfect

There’s nothing “false” about these incredible lashes from LeLuck. There are 6 amazing sets to choose from in the HUD. Each has unique detail that looks beautiful on the Genus heads (make sure you own one before grabbing this set). As you can see, the lashes are a perfect fit

Sexy Chica

The UniK Event has such an amazing set up this month, super easy to navigate and so much to choose from! LsR Moda has an adorable summer bikini outfit available in an array of various color and print options for you to choose from. The set comes in two pieces


What a perfect way to enjoy the last bit of summer by pairing two incredible designers for a special night out or just because looking pretty for any reason is really great. Tiffany Designs has a beautiful dress release this month that is a perfect addition to the wardrobe. This

♛ Queen ♛

Zibska is rocking the UniK Event this month with a badass new release that is truly, soooo much fun!. This set comes with the collar, orbit, and the headpieces. If you’re feeling super adventurous you can combo that with the exclusive matching eyeshadow as well. Zibska is so inspiring I

Pixel Kandy

This is not a set of new releases from ALMA Makeup, however, they are freaking awesome nonetheless. The eyeshadow comes in 6 very unique multiple toned shades to choose from. Although they are not a combined set, I paired these amazing eyeshadows with a different lipstick that has this really

You’ll Never Know

LeLuck has an incredible new exclusive release out at the Gloss Event this month. The HUD has 6 various color options to choose from, each has a subtle yet soft glimmer to them. The colors are truly stunning and it’s a definite must-have to add to your LeLuck cosmetic collection.

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