Category: Cosmetics

On The Brink

Wicca’s Originals and WarPaint are for sure spoiling us between the Warehouse Sale Event and the Uber Event. Wicca’s Originals has a stunning headpiece for you at the new round of the Warehouse Sale Event. This beautiful adornment is something that will look incredible with any outfit. The headpiece changes

Woke Up Like This

FashionNatic & WarPaint are absolutely rocking the new round of Uber this month. To get you going you can slip over to the FashionNatic spot and grab up this really awesome outfit. It’s a one-piece overall outfit and of course, grabbing the megapack gives you the shoes too! This overall

Don’t Ask

Wicca’s Originals and WarPaint are yet again, a really awesome duo to combine together. Wicca is rocking a new release at the Engine Room Event this month. This top is pretty cool and is a long sleeved crop style that changes between 6 areas with your choice of 10 different

Undercover Beauty

Wicca’s Originals & WarPaint are a perfect duo for you to snatch up together between the Anthem Event and the Access Cyberfair. Wicca’s Originals is gonna blow your mind with yet another really awesome mask at the new round of the Access Cyberfair. This is a larger section that covers

Princess Coming Through

Limited Addiction & WarPaint are rocking new release that are going to surely have you looking like a Princess or at least acting like one, or maybe not so much when you plow over people to get these hot new items. Limited Addiction has an awesome new release for you

There Is No Weight Limit On Beauty

Wicca’s Originals and WarPaint paired perfectly for this picture because I got to get up close and personal with the shot. You will be running between the Necrosis Event and the Anthem Event this month to grab both of these awesome new releases. Wicca’s Originals has a really badass new

Relax & Let It Go

Scandalize & WarPaint are the perfect duo of designers at two pretty awesome events. You are going to be scrambling between Collabor88 and Uber for sure. To start you off, grabbing this outfit from Scandalize at the Collabor88 Event needs to be on that to-do list. I personally, really like

Come This Way

Scandalize & WarPaint will have you running between the Vanity Event, Collabor88 and Anthem this month with some really awesome new releases. Warpaint has an Eyeshadow available for you at the Collabor88 Event and Blush available at the Anthem Event. The eyeshadow is very stunning and though it’s not pictured

Like Mother Like Daughter

WarPaint has an amazing new release available that is perfect for all the women in the family. This new makeup release is up for grabs at the new round of Uber. The eyeshadow set comes in 6 unique and super sparkly colors for you to choose from. It has appliers

Wonderland Cutie

United Colors & WarPaint have some pretty exciting new releases for you at the new round of FaMESHed and the Santa Inc Event. To get you going, WarPaint has 2 exciting new releases for you and the first is actually a mystery reward item inside the nice box this year

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