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What cannot be seen

Tiffany Designs and Zibska paired surprisingly well together with these two releases. This combination is definitely one I would rock down the runway for a styling inspiration without a doubt. The dress from Tiffany Designs comes with a HUD that has 19 color options! and all of them are truly just as gorgeous as the last. Each has the duotone of color along the … Read More What cannot be seen

Amidst The Creative

Here are two truly outstanding designers showcased together. Zibska and Bakaboo both have that unique, edgy and just truly thrilling concept that is so unique to both and in the fashion world of SL in general. Zibska has this rocking new release at the Sense Event this month. I did something a bit unique with my styling of this to show you just how … Read More Amidst The Creative

Surrounded By Blossoms

I’m a little late with getting this outfit posted for you, but…. with Tiffany Designs even being a little late is worth it because she has recently released a really rocking new gown that is so much fun to play with, really. This absolutely amazing gown comes in 10 various colors for you to choose from. Each color has a unique twist with the … Read More Surrounded By Blossoms

Breakaway Diva

I wasn’t sure about packing this many designers into one post….. however, it worked surprisingly well because lets face it, they are all pretty damn awesome! The On9 Event is rocking some pretty fabulous brands this round. So we get to see some great things from SlackGirl, TryskMoon, Sass and Tameless. So, we’ll kick things off with some truly gorgeous shoes from SlackGirl…. my … Read More Breakaway Diva

Take Some Time

There is so much happening at the new round of the On9 Event! This event is certainly filled with some pretty awesome designers including the two in this post. Jumo Originals and CryBunBun are offering some pretty fantastic stuff this round. Jumo has 2 absolutely stunning dresses for you to snatch up, each comes with a HUD to control the various levels of color … Read More Take Some Time

Look Busy

So much color!!! MoOH! and LeLuck had the perfect pairable items for this post. MoOH! has this exceptionally cute jogging style suit outfit available at the Mainstore for this months group gift! This outfit has 6 super fun colors all changeable via color HUD. LeLuck has this really fun and exciting dotted eyeliner available at the CYBER/PUNK Fair. There are 6 intense and vibrantly … Read More Look Busy

Hanni Denim

This super sexy outfit is a hot new release from LsR Moda. It fits well with so many adventures you can take on SL from hanging out a club with friends to chillin on a Tennis court playing some games. The outfit comes with a separate top and bottom so you could even combo it with other LsR items to really rock a styling.¬† … Read More Hanni Denim

In The Wind

This gorgeous newer release from Tiffany Designs is truly stunning in so many ways. The intricate detail on the lacing is just incredible, no matter the picture, it wouldn’t do justice to the artwork that was done to create this gown. It comes in so many colors it’s really hard to choose one. The gown comes with a stunning Necklace and matching earrings. This … Read More In The Wind

Yes Please

This sexy dress from LsR Moda is a really hot addition to your wardrobe at the Whore Couture¬†Event. It is a truly stunning outfit that has the intricate and sexy little garter straps built right into the dress!…. and of course, it’s LsR Moda, so we all know it’s about to get even better right?…. Not only does this dress come with 30 Knit … Read More Yes Please

Kiss This

I have to say, this new release from Bakaboo really gives that whole “little black dress” thing a run for its money. This is one of the most fun outfits I have had the pleasure to wear, but I will tell you…… trying to get a picture timed with all the continuous color changing was a B***h lol. The boots and the dress, all … Read More Kiss This

Batter Up

LsR Moda has a pretty fun exclusive release out at the ACE Event. This adorable top and shorts outfit comes with single colors but of course, if you grab the fatpack you can mix and match your colors to be whatever you want. The fatpack has 30 amazing colors that range from black and darks all the way to white and pastels. It’s pretty … Read More Batter Up


This truly stunning gown was originally designed by Bakaboo for the winner of Miss Metaverse as her formal gown. Now, you can own it!!! a truly stunning gown that has the option to also remove the sash for those that don’t wish to have it. It comes in 14 truly stunning and vibrant colors for you to choose from for whatever style you’re planning … Read More Queen