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Scandalize is jumping into the warmer weather with the rest of us at the new round of the Kinky Event. This set is going to have you running to the beach for sure, or sprawling out in the back yard to catch some amazing sun rays. The set comes in

Night Flowers

United Colors is jumping all in for spring at the new round of Uber. This top is so much fun because not only does it come in gorgeous pastel colors to embrace the spring but it also looks like a flower! how freaking awesome is that. The top colors in

Tame The Wild

FashionNatic is rocking the new round of Uber with a pretty hot new release. This set is definitely one that has multi-purpose options. The dress has two options to it so you can wear it as a fun strapless summer dress or you can have the T-Shirt underneath giving a

Look What I Got!

FashionNatic has a really amazing new release up for grabs at the new round of Cosmopolitan. You are without a doubt going to enjoy the hours you’re going to spend playing with the customizations of this set to create a really unique and fun look just for you. The set

Quiet Travel

Scandalize has an amazing new release available at the new round of the Tres Chic Event. This outfit is truly one you’re not going to want to miss out on. this is definitely a summery casual set that I personally love. The set has a top that is a front

Cute Like Candy

Limited Addiction has a truly fun and bright new release available for you at the Mainstore or on Marketplace that you are absolutely going to need to add to your ever growing collection of awesome outfits from this Designer. This set is unique in the way it was designed. The

Loved You Better

Envious has an amazing new release at the Mainstore and on Marketplace. This outfit is a three-piece set that is definitely a nice addition to the wardrobe with the warm weather coming more. The set has a halter style top with a print front that is adorned by ruffles. The

You Are Strong

Scandalize has a really fun skirt set for you this month at the new round of Vanity. This is definitely one of those outfits that is going to turn more than a few heads when you walk into a room. The sweater is a front raised long sleeved style that

When Love Becomes A Lie

Little Fox is rocking this months round of the Vanity Event with a really awesome new release. This set is one that you are going to love putting on and chilling out at home or for those days that you just don’t feel like bringing out the fancy clothes or

Sweet Spring

Envious and WarPaint were an awesome duo to put together for this blog. Envious has a hot new release and WarPaint is spoiling us at the Anthem Event. To start you off head on over to grab up the awesome release from Envious at the Mainstore or on Marketplace. This

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