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Clubbing It

LsR Moda has a really fun new release exclusive to the Sense Event this month. This exceptionally sultry dress has a revealing peekaboo style side that is open but leaves plenty to the imagination. The dress comes in 30 different colors via the awesome huge HUD so you can custom color this to whatever you’re style choice is. It fits perfectly, but of course, … Read More Clubbing It


This outfit from Tiffany Designs is exceptionally stunning. It is a total set, so the only effort you need to put into it is what color jacket you want to pick and what you’re going to put on your head. It comes with everything! So, for those busy ladies on the go, you can literally wear it and be gone. This VIP outfit comes … Read More Dior

Lets Race

This really fun dress from LsR Moda is perfect for that busy on the go styling. Of course, with the fun racing stripes, it’s the perfect outfit to wear to the tracks to watch all those left turns for a few hours. The dress comes with the huge 30 color option HUD that we all love. The dress fits like a glove and really … Read More Lets Race

Enticingly Enchanted

Entice has one of the most stunning and fun outfits ever at the Enchantment Event. It has quite a seductive and intricate twist on goddess meets some badass swimsuit model. The outfit comes in 8 colors including the ability to have your trim either gold or silver. But, if you get the fatpack, you get an added 2 color bonus giving you 10 options!. … Read More Enticingly Enchanted

Sparkle & Rose

MOoH! and LeLuck have two exceptionally pairable new releases available this month that I personally really love. The tank top and sweater are available at the Truth or Dare Affair this month. The tank top is changeable in color via a massive HUD with every color you can possibly think of and the knit sweater comes in 10 colors. It’s gorgeous to wear together … Read More Sparkle & Rose


Holy Bakaboo!…. So, this is my first time blogging one of Oceans his and her sets, I typically just do the women’s ones. But, thanks to an amazing friend of mine, Aaron Milles, who just happens to be another model! Yay!, we managed to pull off a pretty rocking set. The women’s outfit is available at the On9 Event. It comes in a variety … Read More His/Hers


I had so much fun pairing two really incredible Entice releases together for this post. The outfit is exclusive to the Burlesque theme at the Frou Frou Event. It comes in 2 pieces. The outfit itself comes in 8 colors all sold individually, or the fatpack with a gorgeous 2 bonus color option. The intricate details on this are absolutely stunning, it fits like … Read More Enticesque

Forever Yours

ALMA Makeup and LsR Moda are just a wow combination in this post. I was able to combine 3 absolutely stunning releases from both of these fantastic designers, and they paired together beautifully. LsR Moda has this really fun, cute and sultry 2 piece outfit available at the ACE Event. You can get it in single color options or of course the Fatpack which … Read More Forever Yours

Just Breathe

There is so much excitement and amazing things to share with this post, hence, just breathe! don’t pass out or you can’t go shopping, just sayin ♥. Sooo, Vann Underwood has a gorgeous and really fun dress available at her store. It has a HUD that allows you to choose between 5 various colors that are all very unique and a lot of fun. … Read More Just Breathe

Find Yourself, Loved

Such a beautiful combination between Entice and Valor Poses. Entice has an adorable outfit that is perfect for that upcoming V holiday we have that love/hate relationship with. It’s perfect for a gift to your bestie or for the Men that check this out, a great gift for your girl. This Entice dress is sold in a variety of different color options, or of … Read More Find Yourself, Loved

Feel Like A Princess

I know these two stunning releases are not brand new to either of these designers, I couldn’t help but pair them together for some absolutely gorgeous and truly stunning styling. Tiffany Designs and Moondance Boutique really rock together for that elegant night out with your special someone or just because it’s pretty awesome to spend a day looking like a princess. The dress from … Read More Feel Like A Princess

Bakaboo Crossing

I spent a great deal of time playing with some of my favorite Bakaboo releases, and in doing so, I paired together two truly stunning items to bring some sunshine color to this post. Neither of these are new releases, so you can haul some butt to the Bakaboo Mainstore and grab them yourself. The dress is absolutely stunning and comes in a variety … Read More Bakaboo Crossing