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Yoga Me

Scandalize is going to have you pulling on that Gacha machine lever like a crazy person at the new round of The Arcade to try and score this really awesome new outfit. The outfit is in 4 pieces that you can mix and match if you don’t get the Rares.

Turn It Up

FashionNatic is hitting all our senses at the new round of Cosmopolitan this month. This is one heck of a set ladies! We get wicked fashion and some kickass tunes all in one place. This set comes with a sexy pair of draped overalls and a cute short sleeved tank

It’s All In The Name

Wicca’s Originals is not only an amazing duo of Designers/Creators but Wicca is an amazing and close friend of mine. I had a little holiday recently and came back to the best surprise everrrr. I got to be the inspiration behind the new release at the Vintage Fair this month.

Like Fine Wine

Scandalize has one of my new personal favorite dresses available to you at the new round of the Dubai Event. This dress is pretty awesome because it can be worn two different ways to give a unique look to whatever you are styling. The dress can be worn with or

Home Life

FashionNatic has an amazing new outfit release for you this month at the Uber Event. This cute summer short and sneaker set is definitely one to add to the ever growing items in your inventory. Of course, buying the big pack gives you a fun pair of studded shorts, a

My Little Friend

Scandalize has an awesome new release for you at the Tres Chic Event this month. This awesome set can be purchased as the mega pack so you get everything included or buy them all separately to mix and match how you like. This set has a long-sleeved low cut tied

A Peaceful Walk

FashionNatic has a really awesome new summer release at the new round of Cosmopolitan. This is a three piece set that for those of you who like to combo items from Designers, this works perfectly for that but of course, nothing beats the original to wear this as the set

That Of My Pains Sprout Flowers

United Colors and Rubedo are rocking yet again, another amazing combination for you to put together. This time you can jump over to the Access Event as well as staying put where you are at the 77th Street Fair. So, to get you all caught up with United Colors new


Scandalize has one of my new favorite lazy day outfits at the new round of the Access Event. This outfit will definitely be cozy to wear around the house, go to the gym, or just wear in general because it’s pretty awesome. The set comes with a cute tank that

On The Verge

United Colors and Rubedo are a rocking duo this month between the Kustom9 Event and the 77th Street Fair. To kick you off I’m gonna send you over to get your face rocking some new makeup from Rubedo at the 77th Street Fair. This makeup is really awesome and has

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