Category: Fashion

Sweet Tooth

FashionNatic is throwing a hot and sexy new release your way at the Cosmopolitan Event this month. This adorable romper is super cute and a perfect addition to your ever growing clothing wardrobe from this amazing designer. The outfit also has a pretty sexy pair of mid high sandals that


Wicca’s Originals is all full of sultry surprises this month with an array of very sexy new releases. This new one is available to you at the Pretty Event. This outfit reminds me quite a lot of when you go to one of those really classy and expensive lingerie/kink stores


Scandalize has a very fun and definitely sexy new release for you at the current round of Collabor88. You can of course, grab this sit in individual colors which has its bonuses as well seeing as how the shirt sleeves and belt are separate attachments so if you’re not one

Beautiful Dolls

Dead Doll is going to send you on a whirlwind of beauty with some pretty hot new releases. One of these gorgeous dresses is available for you at the new round of Uber and the other is from a past event that you can now snag into your inventory from


Wicca’s Originals is definitely going to make the men and potentially the ladies drool over this hot and sexy release at the Whore Couture Porn Edition Event this month. This exceptionally well designed lingerie type outfit is the perfect addition to that naughty folder you know you all have. The


Scandalize has an amazing and sexy release available for you at the Tres Chic Event this month. This set is super sexy and the perfect addition to the end of summer wardrobe. The set comes in two pieces and if you snatch up the fatpack you get 3 different color

Musical Therapy

United Colors has an absolutely stunning and truly beautiful gown available to you at the Mainstore. Snatching up the fatpack of this dress is definitely a route you’re going to want to take. The gown is floor length and has some pretty fantastic additions into the customization HUD. Not only

A Moment To Think

This may not be a new release from United Colors but it is definitely without a doubt one you are going to want to slip over to the Mainstore to pick up. This outfit is not only stunning but it is really fun, especially with so many ways to customize

Intricate Art

Scandalize has a sultry new release for you that is up for grabs at the Vanity Event this month. This outfit is ready to go for you to throw on and hit the clubs or go out and about to whatever occupies your time in SL. The set comes in

Sharing Is Caring

Scandalize has such a fun and sultry new release available this month at the Access Event. This outfit is perfect for those of us who are hanging on to the last bit of summer. This set can be worn in multiple ways and of course can be mixed and matched