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╰☆╮Cry Pretty ╰☆╮

This picture was not originally taken to blog, however, I’m wearing some pretty fantastic stuff so I thought I would share it with you. Check out the credits below Full Outfit Credits & Links Dress: ISON sahara wrap dress – Mainstore Necklace: Chop Zuey IK Shirobana Slv Choker – Mainstore Earrings: Chop Zuey IK Shirobana Slv Earrings – Mainstore Hair: Exile Drive Fast – Mainstore Mascara: [POUT!] Cry baby … Read More ╰☆╮Cry Pretty ╰☆╮

✾ Wilde Helen ✾

I was able to combine my absolute 2 favorite designers into one for this outfit. I get my favorite fashion by Giz Seorn and my favorite jewelry and accessory store Chop Zuey. This super cute dress comes in many colors which you can get at Uber. And the hair wreath from Chop Zuey has a super cute color HUD which you can get at … Read More ✾ Wilde Helen ✾

☪ Street Angel ☪

We all love angels, who doesn’t!…. welllll Miss Adriel Huntress has PREY‘d up this super sexy twist on that angel vibe. This hot outfit comes with the boots, the wings, top, and super sexy shorts. There are so many endless possibilities with this outfit I would be here for hours posting photo after photo. Personal Feedback: Love it!!!!! It poses really well, is fun … Read More ☪ Street Angel ☪

♡ Scarlett ♡

This outfit is actually a combination of 2 different Giz Seorn outfits. I combined some amazing Chop Zuey elegant jewelry into this savy and sultry outfit. The top comes in many different colors as do the shorts. The tassels down the front are a perfect add-on to this top and accent the frills of the shorts. This outfit works in pretty much any venue … Read More ♡ Scarlett ♡

† Damned †

Chop Zuey!!!!! Yessssss…… This is my first time wearing Chop Zuey Fashion itself. I love love love the jewelry but now, welllll helloooo sexy!. This entire outfit is made by the amazing Belle of the Chop Zuey brand. And of course, the familiarity of those of us who are queen of the damned fans make this outfit all the more exhilarating. The belt, skirt, … Read More † Damned †

⚜ Rose ⚜

I cannot even begin to express the amount of detail in this gown from Ghee. And of course, it’s in many various shades of my favorite color, Pink! It has all the details every princess loves, ribbon, frills, satin yes!. This dress is in 3 pieces so it would work exceptionally well to mix and match with other gorgeous items from Ghee. The hat … Read More ⚜ Rose ⚜

❤️️ Love Me On The Spot ❤️️

I had a lot of fun putting this super sexy outfit from PREY together. This outfit is a combination of two of Prey’s stunning designs. This outfit is sure to catch the eye of anyone and will get a double and triple wow! Pokadots are a super fun accent to this dress. Personal Feedback: The dress is not rigged but fits incredibly well with … Read More ❤️️ Love Me On The Spot ❤️️