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WarPaint & FashionNatic have some pretty awesome things for you to grab up. Sooo much happening in this post, just for you! Warpaint has multiple releases that will have you scrambling to hit that TP Now button. The first is a set of lipstick available at the new round of


FashionNatic has a really sexy new pair of boots exclusively for you at the new round of Uber this month. The boots are a lot of fun and look really sexy with a mini dress, skirt or even a sexy pair of daisy duke shorts. The shoes have a solid


Wicca’s Originals has one of the most unique and badass kick your butt boots I’ve seen. These spiked babies are up for the taking at the ROMP Event this Month. These boots go just below the knee and have perfectly placed straps that wrap around the boot down to the

Opposites Attract

Okay, hold your butts for this one because there is gonna be A LOT of awesomeness happening in this blog post so pay close attention cause’ it’s all-important!. I am going to send you running everywhere for Scandalize, Wicca’s Originals, and a double shot of Von Noir Tattoo. So, I’m


Being a Model can sometimes be utterly frustrating when you end up having to style really crappy poorly designed products. However, this is not the case with these two incredible designers. Wicca’s Originals and United Colors are an amazing duo with two absolutely amazing releases. Wicca’s Originals has a bold

Fantasy Enchantment

What an amazing new release from Wicca’s Originals this month at the Midsummer Enchantment Event. These boots are one of my personal favorite fashion designs as they have a super intricate and beautifully detailed fairy/elven style look to them. The boots are just below mid-calf length and have a whimsy

Show Off

United Colors and Breathe are bringing you one heck of a duo this month at the FaMESHed Event and at Uber. United Colors starts our shopping spree off at Uber with a pretty flirtatious and racy pair of leather pants that have a very unique aspect to them, they have

Lean Back And Chill

Wicca’s Originals has yet another amazing pair of boots available to you this month at the Kinky Event. So, I definitely cannot resist pointing out that the first thing I noticed with these shoes was when I put the HUD on and saw a color I never expected to see

Weight Of The World

BREATHE has a beautiful and summery new release available at the Belle Event this month. These gorgeous strappy heels are adorned with gorgeous roses around the top of the foot, in front and on the back. The shoes look amazing under jeans or with cropped capris and even better with

Unconditional Friend

Wicca’s Originals has not one but two amazing items for you this month at the Anniversary round of the Access Event. You get a stunning gift of the unique bento gloves that have some pretty sexy pointed metal nails. So, after you snatch up that awesome gift just for you,