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Show Off

United Colors and Breathe are bringing you one heck of a duo this month at the FaMESHed Event and at Uber. United Colors starts our shopping spree off at Uber with a pretty flirtatious and racy pair of leather pants that have a very unique aspect to them, they have

Lean Back And Chill

Wicca’s Originals has yet another amazing pair of boots available to you this month at the Kinky Event. So, I definitely cannot resist pointing out that the first thing I noticed with these shoes was when I put the HUD on and saw a color I never expected to see

Weight Of The World

BREATHE has a beautiful and summery new release available at the Belle Event this month. These gorgeous strappy heels are adorned with gorgeous roses around the top of the foot, in front and on the back. The shoes look amazing under jeans or with cropped capris and even better with

Unconditional Friend

Wicca’s Originals has not one but two amazing items for you this month at the Anniversary round of the Access Event. You get a stunning gift of the unique bento gloves that have some pretty sexy pointed metal nails. So, after you snatch up that awesome gift just for you,

Hurt You First

BREATHE is spoiling us again this month at the FaMESHed X Event with an absolutely awesome pair of heels that are not only stunning but exceptionally unique and sooooo much fun!. These heels have a truly interesting and fun half wedge style to the bottom of them so if you

I Got You

BREATHE and Kira Tattoo made for quite an interesting styling duo for this blog post. First off, Kira Tattoo has one of my favorite types of tattoos available for you at the Darkness Event this month. I actually just did a runway show and I wish this had been released

Under My Spell

I think Wicca’s Originals puts some freaky mojo in her products cause I go a little bonkers like a crazy person trying to get my hands on the next new release. Okay, well, maybe not, but you should be spinning to get them too!. This month you’re definitely going to

Sit Back And Enjoy

BREATHE never lets us down on the creativity department when it comes to top of the line fashion for our feet. Definitely your one stop shop for the best looking legs and feet on the grid without a doubt. And for your wearing pleasure this amazing designer has come out

Loving It

TAOX Tattoo and BREATHE have some pretty amazing things for you to snag up. TAOX has a gorgeous unisex tattoo available at the Mainstore. This tattoo is exceptionally detailed and very unique. It covers the upper body above the breasts, the arms, the neck, up to the base of the

Never Alone

BREATHE and Safira are a perfectly paired duo this month at the FaMESHed Event. With just two designers you get to rock a complete outfit that is going to have everyone asking where you shop at. To start off your adventures around the event, make sure you grab up this

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