Cobi Lodge

{Why Not?} has an incredible new living room set for you at the Mainstore. This set is grouped together as a 5 piece set but you can of course, move each piece to decorate your home however you like or mix these pieces with others from this Designer to make your home or furnished area even more welcoming and exciting. This set somes with an L shaped couce, a regular couch, a chair, an ottoman and a rectangular rug. The couches and chairs all have perfectly placed pillows and draped blankets on them for that added touch of class in your decor. The chair has two bento scenes, one for women and one for men. There are also 4 male poses, 5 female poses, 2 drink poses that give attachments, and 2 reading poses, one for men and one for women. The ottoman has 8 female poses, and 5 male poses. The regular couch has 6 female poses, 7 male poses, 4 reading poses, 3 drinking poses, 4 laptop poses, and 13 couples poses. The L-Shape couch has 7 male poses, 8 female poses, 7 drink poses, 3 friend poses, and 11 couples poses.

Full Credits & Links

Background Building: Trompe Loeil – Cobi Lodge – Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not?} Roybridge Sofa-Cream Leather – Mainstore
L Shape Couch: {Why Not?} Roybridge Chase Sofa-Cream Leather – Mainstore
Chair: {Why Not?} Roybridge Armchair-Cream Leather – Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not?} Roybridge Rug/Cream Leather Set – Mainstore
Ottoman: {Why Not?} Roybridge Ottoman-Cream Leather – Mainstore
Large Leaf Tree: dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree – Mainstore
Short Tree: dust bunny . potted dragon tree – Mainstore
Large Palm Tree: dust bunny . potted palm – Mainstore
Fine Palm Tree: dust bunny . areca palm plant – Mainstore
Blankets: Included With Furniture
Words: {Why Not?} Roybridge Leather Sofa Set-Cream – Mainstore
Fireplace: Included With Cobi Lodge

A Hidden Christmas Cabin

{Why Not?} won’t be hiding anything this year but they are making things a little fun with a new Gacha release at the Yuletide Event. This is an amazing set because not only is it perfect for the current winter season or upcoming winter wonderland, depending on where you are from. This set can be used with and without the snow which means it’s amazing all year round. You can keep it filled with all the decor this set is made for and then swap it out for other amazing releases from this designer in the summer. It’s surely a win win. The gacha set has 2 rare items and 22 common items that you can grab up. Normally I take pictures of each piece but 24 is quite a lot so I attached the gacha chart at the bottom so you can see what each looks like if I missed it in one of the images. The credits are also broken down as to what item is what number. All the furniture has single and snuggle animations as well so you’re sure to keep warm in the cold

Yuletide Event: December 1st – December 31st


Full Credits & Links

Background: ..:Bee Designs Christmas Skybox 2 – Mainstore
House: 01{Why Not?} Lomand Xmas Cabin RARE – Yuletide , Mainstore
Snow: 18{Why Not?} Lomand Xmas Cabin Snow Roof – Yuletide , Mainstore
Bed: 08{Why Not?} Lomand Couples Bed – Yuletide , Mainstore
Bedside Table: 12{Why Not?} Lomand Side Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Side Table With Blanket: 10{Why Not?} Lomand Blanket Box – Yuletide , Mainstore
Couch: 03{Why Not?} Lomand Sofa – Yuletide , Mainstore
Star Ornament: 23{Why Not?} Lomand Starlight Floor Decor – Yuletide , Mainstore
Christmas Tree & Gifts: 14{Why Not?} Lomand Christmas Tree & Gifts – Yuletide , Mainstore
Rug: 20{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Fireplace Rug – Yuletide , Mainstore
Coffee Table: 05{Why Not?} Lomand Coffee Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Drink & Cookies: 18{Why Not?} Lomand Hot Coco & Cookies – Yuletide , Mainstore
Red Rug: 20{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Bedroom Rug – Yuletide , Mainstore
Clothing Rack: 09{Why Not?} Lomand Clothes Rail – Yuletide , Mainstore
Vanity: 16{Why Not?} Lomand Vanity Set – Yuletide , Mainstore
Wall Table: 11{Why Not?} Lomand Wall Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Wall Table Decor: 22{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Table Decor – Yuletide , Mainstore
Chair: 04{Why Not?} Lomand Armchair – Yuletide , Mainstore
Curtains: 20{Why Not?} Lomand Curtains – Yuletide , Mainstore
Fireplace: 02{Why Not?} Lomand Fireplace RARE – Yuletide , Mainstore
Wreath: 21{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Wreath – Yuletide , Mainstore
Dining Table: 06{Why Not?} Lomand Dining Table – Yuletide , Mainstore
Dining Chairs: 07{Why Not?} Lomand Dining Chair – Yuletide , Mainstore
Place Setting: 19{Why Not?} Lomand Place Setting – Yuletide , Mainstore
Leaning Shelf: 23{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Leaning Wall Decor – Yuletide , Mainstore
Buffet Table: 13{Why Not?} Lomand Buffet – Yuletide , Mainstore
Deck Potted Trees: 18{Why Not?} Lomand Fir Tree – Yuletide , Mainstore
Sled: 17{Why Not?} Lomand Couples Sleigh – Yuletide , Mainstore
Bench: 15{Why Not?} Lomand Deck Bench – Yuletide , Mainstore

Holiday Fine Dining

{Why Not ?} is the first sponsor of mine that is kicking off the holiday season this year with a truly incredible set of releases. I personally liked them both so much that I hit them together. Not only can you swing by the Mainstore and grab this incredible dining room set, but you can also grab a pretty awesome decor item of balloons and streamers that fits perfectly above the table to add that bit of extra flare for your guests. Like all other releases from this Designer, the quality and detail is truly incredible. The table comes with 8 chairs but of course, if you don’t need that many, you can just delete a few and re-arrange the others to fit whatever theme you’re going for in your home. But, with this set, you’re going to want to pack that table full!  The ballons come exactly as you se them in the first image below. Lots of color, glitter, ribbons and all creatively made to be an awesome addition to your dining room. The table has a menu option with access to 27 different props ranging from dinners, christmas, breakfast, individual food items, wine and more. The chairs have a menu option that is accessed via the table that allows you to change the cushions between 7 fabric colors. The chairs themselves have a menu that activates when you sit that allows you to choose between 5 female poses, 5 male poses, 6 dining poses and 4 drinking poses. I couldn’t take a picture of absolutely everything, that would make this blog painfully long, so, you are just going to have to get it and check it out yourself. It’s worth it, I promise

Full Credits & Links

Building: Scarlet Creative St Paul – Mainstore
Table: {Why Not ?}Kilmory Dining Table 8 Seat – Mainstore
Chairs: {Why Not ?}Kilmory Dining Chair – Mainstore
Balloons: {Why Not?} Kilmory Christmas Ceiling Decor – Mainstore
Pugs: [Black Bantam] Party Pooper Pug Hat – Mainstore
Large Dog: [Rezz Room] Beagle Adult Animesh – Mainstore
Laying Dog: Foxwood – Little Lady – Ssleep Decor – Mainstore
Cat: [Black Bantam] Bengal Kitten Pose 2 – Mainstore
Cabinet & Decor: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Side Board – Mainstore
Multiple Picture Frame: {Why Not ?} Alness Art Shelf – Mainstore
Large Picture: {Why Not ?} Alness Wall Art – Mainstore
Plants: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Basket Plant – Mainstore

A Home For Every Season

{Why Not ?} has something extra special for you at the Secret Garden Event. This is a gacha event, though I am still learning myself how the new gachas work, from what I understand is you get to actually have a preview of what you’re getting now before you get it and then it randomly selects the next prize and you buy that and so on. So, with that being said, I also did my best to put in (brackets) in my credits, the number of everything available for you to get your hands on from this set, there’s a lot! There’s also a good possibility I may have messed up some of the numbers though so if I have, I apologize way in advance lol. So, this is truly one heck of a set, especially for those who aren’t really ones to want to decor an entire room because lucky for you, this deisgner has done it all for you! you get absolutely everything you need to turn your home into something truly stunning. THe detail from this designer, which if you’ve seen my other posts, is just incredible, very realistic, which I know for me personally, is a huge sell when I buy products for my house. The couch has 7 Female poses, 7 Male poses, 3 Friends poses and 5 couples poses. The chair has 13 Female poses and 12 Male poses. The ottoman has 10 Female poses and 7 Male poses. The floor cushions have 3 Female poses and 3 Male poses. So get your clicker fingers ready so you can get over to the event when it opens, I’m giving you lots of notice!

Secret Garden Event: November 1st – November 30th

Full Credits & Links

Background: BBX CALM HOME – UnFurnished – Mainstore
Tissue Box: ACORN Tissue Box -Gold – Mainstore
Sleeping Cat: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Cat Nap Decor (13) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Stack of books: dust bunny . book pile – Mainstore
Food tower: .: vive nine :. Delicate Snacks Tray – Mainstore
Bag: Nutmeg. Disarray Bag w/ Papers Beige – Mainstore
Laying Dog: [Rezz Room] Basset Hound Puppy – Mainstore
Sitting Dog: [Rezz Room] Shiba Inu Adult – Mainstore
Basket: dust bunny . dreamy outing . blanket basket – Mainstore
Chair: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Arm Chair (7) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Ottoman: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Ottoman (8) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Sofa (rare) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Book Shelves: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Book Shelf (3&4) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Pictures: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Split Wall Art (11) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Lamps: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Reading Lamp (16) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Side Table: {Why Not ?}Gleneam Side Table (10) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Table Lamp: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Table Lamp (16) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Fur Rug: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Fira Place Rug (14) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Cushion Pile: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Animated Floor Cushions (5) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Plant: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Basket Plant (12) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Coffee Table: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Coffee Table (9) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Side Board: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Side Board (6) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Rug (14) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Table Decor Bowl & Bottle: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Table Decor (17&15) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Fireplace: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Fire Place (rare) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Flowers: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Flowers (14) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Giraffe Plant: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Giraffe Planters (12) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Ornamental Vase: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Ornamental Pot (13) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
White Dish: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Side Board Decor Bowl (17) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Floor Candles: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Fire place Decor (17) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Fireplace Top Decor: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Candles, stag & books (15) – Secret Garden , Mainstore

A Peaceful Outdoor Escape

{ Why Not ?} has a really fun and beautiful new release up for grabs at the Mainstore. Are you ready for it? you should be! This is by far, one of the best investments you are going to grab for your land whether you have a skybox or you’re just on the ground level. I wish I could show you every single detail this bench has to offer but that would just be an excessive amount of pictures so I will paint the best picture I can with words and of course, some visual aids to help the process along. So, first off, I can’t express the level of detail enough about this designers products, it’s so real looking! it photographs sooo well in all windlights too which for anyone who’s a photographer, you’re going to love that. And it’s the perfect place to cozy up with your special someone, or even just some friends and chill out The bench Has 9 female poses, one rezzes a guitar that you can play, another rezzes a squirrel that you can talk to if you feel lonely. There are 7 male poses to choose from, there is a rezzable guitar in these as well. There is a drinks section of poses, where the coffee one rezzes out a cozy pillow for you to lay back on, some magazines for light reading and a cup of coffee beside you plus one that rezzes into your hand. There is beer for a male pose though women can use it to and it too rezzes a beer in your hand, don’t get loaded and fall off the bench though! There is a wine pose that rezzes a bottle of wine beside you plus a pair of sexy designer glasses and also puts the wine glass in your hand as well. There are a total of 4 drink poses. There is also a couples tab that has 5 amazing snuggle poses for you to choose from.

Full Credits & Links

Ground: HPMD* Cliff Hill – green B – Mainstore
Rock Base: Rezzable Prop From Bench – Mainstore
Rocks: 21strom Birch Meadow BASE – Mainstore
Grass: HPMD* WildGrasses -green- a – Mainstore
Clover: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens- b – Mainstore
Flowers: (Fundati) Chamomile – Mainstore
Deer: JIAN Fallow Fawn – Mainstore
Tree Bench: { Why Not ?} Blairmore Tree Bench – Mainstore
Tree: Rezzable Prop From Bench – Mainstore
Tiger: Foxwood – Little Tiger – Mainstore
Panda: SEmotion Libellune Panda Bear – Mainstore
Sugar Glider: Foxwood – Sugar Glider – Mainstore
Cow: Foxwood – Little Moo – Mainstore
Raccoon: JIAN :: Raccoon – Mainstore
Red Tree: dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . red apple tree – Mainstore
Orange Tree: dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree – Mainstore
Dog: [Black Bantam] Puppy Pup – Mainstore

For You

{Why Not?} has something pretty great this week for you at the Saturday Sale. This complete set is definitely one that will make you never want to leave home. This set is in 9 total pieces so you can put everything wherever you want it in your living room or loft. The couch has 8 male poses, 9 female poses, and 9 couple poses for you to choose from. The pouf stool has 3 female poses and 2 male poses. The room divider has pictures in it and although it’s not possible to change these, if you would like to have your own in there, just rez a prim, slap it over top and put whatever you want there in replace of it. This set pairs perfectly with a lot of other products from this designer so you can go on a shopping spree while you’re getting this and find other great items that you can mix and match to create the house of your dreams

Full Credits & Links

Apartment: hive // built-in kitchen skybox – Mainstore
Wall Divider: {Why Not?} Kennet Room Screen – Mainstore
White Dog: SEmotion Libellune English Beagle Premium – Mainstore
Stool: {Why Not?} Kennet Pouf – Mainstore
Coffee Table & Decor: {Why Not?} Kennet Coffee Table – Mainstore
Dog in cup: [Black Bantam] For You Yorkie Decor – Mainstore
Flower Vase: !ROIRO! – Flower vase (Plumeria) – Mainstore
Potted Plants: dust bunny . potted dragon tree – Mainstore
End Tables: {Why Not?} Kennet Side Table – Mainstore
Table Dome: {Why Not?} Kennet Dome Terrarium – Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not?} Kennet Coffee Table – Mainstore
Hanging Plant: dust bunny . darling hanging plant – Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not?} Kennet Sofa – Mainstore
Big Dog: [Rezz Room] Beagle – Mainstore
Lamp: {Why Not?} Kennet Table Lamp – Mainstore
Mixer: Apple Fall Mixer – White & Gold – Mainstore
Grocery Bag: dust bunny . homemade soup . bag of groceries . pattern b – Mainstore
White Dish: dust bunny . kawaii lunch . fawn bento – Mainstore
Pumpkin Board: Astralia – Pumpkin Spice Cake (Step 1) – Mainstore
Bundt Cake Platter: Astralia – Lemons Bundt cake (Step 1)
Cheese Tray: Apple Fall Cheeseboard – Mainstore
Soup Board: dust bunny . homemade soup . prep board – Mainstore
Bun Basket: dust bunny . harvest feast . dinner rolls – Mainstore
Bread Board: West Village Seeded Bread & Azoychka Tomatoes – Mainstore
Pear Basket: West Village Pears in Vintage Trug – Mainstore
Blizzard Machine & Cup: Junk Food – Snowblast Machine – Mainstore

Window Views

{Why Not ?} is an amazing sponsor that is new to me this month. I haven’t blogged home and harden in a while but I am so very happy and excited to be able to do so again for this designer. I had a lot to choose from for sure, but this gorgeous living room set won my heart right off the bat. This is a 7-piece set that you are without a doubt going to fall in love with as well. There is a gorgeous piece of artwork picture that has a wall hook so you can literally put it anywhere. There is a wall shelf that has black and white art sketches adorned along it. A hanging fabric light that is adorned with tassels to match the couch. There are two end tables, each is prepped and ready with décor to add that perfect amount of class to your living room. The couch is pretty awesome too, it’s a stunning deep blue color that has the right amount of pillows and blankets for you to snuggle up in. There are 7 female poses, 7 male poses, 3 friend poses and 5 couples poses. You can grab this whole collection from the Mainstore or on Marketplace.

Full Credits & Links

Building: Onsu ~ “Eggplant” Exp. Skybox – Mainstore
Planters: Ariskea[Malyn2] Philodendron Plant & table – Mainstore
Side Table w/decor (Left): {Why Not ?} Alness Plant Table 2 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Side Table w/decor (Right): {Why Not ?} Alness Plant Table 1 – Marketplace , Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not ?} Alness Sofa – Marketplace , Mainstore
Books: dust bunny . book pile – Mainstore
Laptop: .peaches. Tap That App – Laptop and Books – Mainstore
Magazines: Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 2 – Mainstore
Picture: {Why Not ?} Alness Wall Art – Marketplace , Mainstore
Shelf: {Why Not ?} Alness Art Shelf – Marketplace , Mainstore
Candle: +Half-Deer+ Everlight Votive Candle – Pastels – Gold Dots – Mainstore
Kleenex Box: ACORN Tissue Box -Gold – Mainstore
Coffee Table: Fancy Decor: Nathan Coffee Table – Mainstore
Small Dog: [Rezz Room] Chihuahua – Mainstore
Big Dog: [Rezz Room] Beagle Adult – Mainstore
Floor Lamp: Fancy Decor: Miller Floor Lamp – Mainstore
Hanging Light: {Why Not ?} Alness Ceiling Light – Marketplace , Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not ?} Alness Rug – Marketplace , Mainstore

Peaceful Place

Partners In Crime is not only bringing some amazing class in a new release but they’re making this original design a charitable event. At the Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo 2020 this year, Partners In Crime is offering an Exclusive release in two colors only available at the Expo. We all know how important charity events are and I am an avid contributor myself to those events and fighting for those causes. 100% of all proceeds from these two items go directly to the charity. Of course, there are other items available including a new release that is a cozy firelog and blankets set that will keep you warm or just give you a fantastic place to chill outside but does look pretty great in the living room or sitting room of a log home as well. The wall clock and table with decor is the one you for sure don’t want to miss out on as that’s what’s being donated to charity. It comes in two color choices and is grouped together to make placement super easy or you can separate them to place around your home however works for your interior design concepts. Definitely need to go snatch these up and check out the Home & Garden Expo Website for more information about what’s happening.



Full Credits & Links

Wall: Partners In Crime Amberly Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Floor: Partners In Crime Amberly Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Couch: Partners In Crime Amberly Set {Blue} – Marketplace , Mainstore
Caged Candle: Partners In Crime Amberly Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Coffee Table & Decor: Partners In Crime Amberly Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Kitten: [Black Bantam] Leaning Kitten Bow V1 Gold – Mainstore
Potted Plant: dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree – Mainstore
Cat: TLC grey tabby cat – Mainstore
Table & Decor: Partners In Crime Dakota Lounge Set {Ash} – RFL Expo , Mainstore
Wall Clock: Partners In Crime Dakota Lounge Set {Ash} – RFL Expo , Mainstore
Dog: LOVE – DOGGY AND LAMP – Mainstore
Hanging Plant: dust bunny . darling hanging plant – Mainstore
Log & Blankets: Partners In Crime Ashley Garden Set – RFL Expo , Mainstore
Basket: Partners In Crime Ashley Garden Set – RFL Expo , Mainstore


Thank goodness the worst of the cold weather is over and we can start getting excited for some lovely spring weather right!. Zen Creations is giving us the perfect opportunity to do just that with this stunning new bedroom set release at the Mainstore & Marketplace. The bedroom set comes with a bed, ottoman and a lovely bedside table with a lamp. This stunning set comes with a pretty fantastic customization HUD that allows you to manipulate all the pillows, the blanket, the ottoman cushions between 25 different texture schemes. There is also an added 4 color wood option to customize this decor completely to your own liking and to match any room or place you have it set up in. It goes really well with other Zen creation products so you can rock a house full of this truly stunning furniture. The poses are fluid and well made but of course, we expect nothing less from this fantastic creator. If you aren’t into the adult content for posing this set also comes with a PG version if you’d rather that, no need to go buy an extra piece which is super handy and very cost-effective, but Zen Creations rocks like that



Full Credits & Links

House: Abiss design Beachfront residence – Mainstore
Pool: Abiss design Beachfront residence – Mainstore
Lights: Abiss design Beachfront residence – Mainstore
Palm Trees: Abiss design Beachfront residence – Mainstore
Rocks: Abiss design Beachfront residence – Mainstore
Bed: Opulent Bed – Marketplace , Mainstore
Night Table & Lamp: Opulent Night Table with Lamp – Marketplace , Mainstore
Ottoman: Opulent stool – Marketplace , Mainstore
Lounger: Coastal Cabana – Marketplace , Mainstore
Gazebo: Coastal Cabana – Marketplace , Mainstore
Small Table & Decor – Marketplace , Mainstore
Pillow Pile: Coastal Cabana – Marketplace , Mainstore
Chair & Pillows: Hanging Out Decor Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Ladder: -Hanging Out Decor Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Floor Decor: Hanging Out Decor Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Potted Plant: Coastal Cabana Plant – Marketplace , Mainstore

In A Glorious Moment

There’s definitely a lot happening this month with Celestina’s Weddings and I’ve somehow managed to pack it all into one amazing and wonderful get it all here kind of post. I’m awesome like that! no, not really, but Celestina’s is pretty freaking fantastic to give us bloggers the opportunity to show off TWO awesome new exclusive releases. The gown is just the start to your escapades around SL to grab all this stuff. You can grab this sexy number from the Designer Showcase Event. The gown comes in 7 sparkly colors for you to choose from or you can grab the entire set in a Fatpack so you never have to have those moments where you go sh**t I shoulda grabbed that color. Each single purchase, as well as the fatpack, comes with the gown for all major mesh bodies, the chest brooch, a pair of sexy gold earrings and a bouquet of beautiful flowers which also has it’s own pose and movements enabled in it. Now, for the background and other showcased image here, there’s the incredible 2nd Exclusive release from Celestina’s Weddings which is the party venue. This set comes with sooo many pieces, no really, there’s A LOT to this set and you can move it all around how you like, swap pieces in and out or whatever you desire. Absolutely everything pictured comes with this set. The gorgeous balloon arch, tables with all decor already linked to it, more balloons, lots of lights, glitter, and so much more. You can grab this at…… the Designer Showcase too! you thought I was gonna make you go all over hells half SL huh?. Celestina’s has made grabbing everything super easy cause’ it’s a one-stop-shop unless you head on over to the Mainstore to stockpile more but otherwise you can grab it all in one place. Awesome right!




Full Credits & Links

Dress 1: .:(CW):. Glory Gown Dress / Black – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Dress 2: .:(CW):. Glory Gown Dress / Pink – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Earrings: .:(CW):. Glory Earrings Gold – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Brooch: .:(CW):. Glory Brooch Gold – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Shoes: Pure Poison – Paola Pumps – Mainstore
Hair: TRUTH Eternity – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: [LeLuck]Glitter Eyeshadow – Mainstore
Lipstick: Catwa Default
Nailpolish: Maitreya Default
Bouquet: .:(CW):. Glory Weddings Bouquet / Dove – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya


Pose: Included with the bouquet in purchase – Designer Showcase , Mainstore




Tree with hanging lights: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree & Golden Fairylights – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Tree with hanging lights & party sign: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Tree & Fairylights 2Arch – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Balloons: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Balloon Arch Twist Lights – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Table with decor(left): .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Table – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Table with decor(right): .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Food Table – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Table with decor(far right): .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Table party – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Chairs: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chair – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Cake: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Chocolate Panna Cotta Cake – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Sign: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Frame Time To Drink!!! – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Small Table with decor: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party Set – Champagne Tower – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Balloon Group: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloons – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Cake Stand: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Cake Stand – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Ground Balloons: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – balloon Floor – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Grass: .:(CW):. Vanilla Party – Grass – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Ground Glitter: .:(CW):. Vanilla Weddings Set – floor lights with script – Designer Showcase , Mainstore