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Take Me There

I had such an exciting time playing with the decor in this gorgeous skybox from NYNE that is yours for the taking at the UniK Event this month. It’s cute, low prim, and has one of the most ideal setups for your home needs. The details are incredible, super versatile


This bedroom set quickly became a personal favorite of mine from Zen Creations. Most of my furniture in my house is from Zen so it was pretty easy for me to swap one bedroom set from them to another. Of course, this is the new one that I absolutely love.

Neon Desires

Swank & Co is lighting up the Swank Event this month with a pretty badass Gacha set. It’s sooo colorful!. 31 Commons to win that vary between colors, there’s so many! as well as you can win the silhouettes, the keyholes and the writings which says Don’t Bless me I


This stunning new release from Zen Creations has been an exciting area in my own home. It’s a simple yet gorgeous design that is perfect for any home style. The set comes with everything you see in the first image below. It rezzes out as a bulk group so you

Lil Tillie

This is certainly one of the most adorable living room sets I’ve seen in quite some time. Partners In Crime have made this set as an exclusive for a great cause. 100% of the proceeds from this release are being donated directly to the cause for paws charity which helps

A Romantic Gathering

What better addition than to add this stunning gazebo style set from Tylar’s Treasures and this romantic lagoon from M.Law to your slice of heaven. Whether it be a small parcel or a full region, both are the perfect size to fit into whatever outdoor decor you’ve got going on.

Take Some Time

There is so much happening at the new round of the On9 Event! This event is certainly filled with some pretty awesome designers including the two in this post. Jumo Originals and CryBunBun are offering some pretty fantastic stuff this round. Jumo has 2 absolutely stunning dresses for you to

Every Girl Needs Comfort

This is certainly one of my personal favorites from Bee Designs. This bedroom gacha set from the Cosmopolitan Event is one that is a perfect combination of sweet, innocent, cosy and just fun in general…. and of course…. you guessed it… it’s pink yay!!!!. Okay well, that’s a seller perk


I don’t think I know which I like more in this set, the bed or the pictures!…. okay, maybe I’m leaning a little more towards the bed because it’s so pretty right!. This amazing set from Bee Designs is a hot new release at the Kinky Event. It’s a sex


This absolutely stunning new release from Partners In Crime is just “wow!” truly, words are at a loss for me with this one. I recently re-did my own home land, and upon doing this blog, I now have not 1 but BOTH of these scattered around my place. The detail

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