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Bee Designs has an incredible Gacha release that is out at the Ace Event. There are 10 absolutely gorgeous items for you to win (9 Common and 1 Rare) in this round and each one of them is worth every pull on that machine. The soft pastel colors are remarkable,

Sweet Dreams

This is not a brand new release from Bee Designs. However, it is a pretty awesome one regardless, and since I love to share, or maybe I just love to talk…. either way… it’s awesome! This set is really stunning and it just so happens to be in my favorite

Bohemian Room

This is not a new release from Zen Creations but it is a really freaking fantastic one that if you do not already own, you really need to grab it. You can get in on the marketplace or in-world. The set comes with literally everything you see in the picture

La Vie En Rose

This absolutely stunning Gacha release from Bee Designs is truly worth going neurotic at the Shiny Shaby Event playing to get every piece of it. There are 11 total fabulous items for you to obtain in this set. All of them are an amazing addition to your home decor items

Spring Hideout

Bee Designs has an absolutely adorable new Gacha release at the Cosmopolitan Event. There are 10 common items you can win, and 2 Rares. The detail is nothing less than exceptional, but of course, all Bee Designs products are more stunning than the last. So many amazing single and couples

Kendall Living

Words cannot even begin to express my excitement to be a part of the Bee Designs Blogger Family. Yay!!!. I’ve used many of their products already in other posts but now….. now you all get entire full posts dedicated solely to them!  You know you’re excited too ;).  So, to

A Zen Space

Zen Creations is a personal favorite of mine in regards to the majority of my home decor go-to’s. This is my first blog post for them, and it’s not often I get to actually relate a personal experience to a designer but in this case, I could not be prouder,

A Moment Away

This is my first post for partners in crime, and I couldn’t be happier to be able to showcase two incredibly amazing designs by them. The table and cushion set literally comes with everything you see on it. stunning candles, plants, intricate cushions that surround the table itself, the rug,

A Boudoir Hide-away

Oubliette has one of the most stunning bedroom sets that I’ve seen in a very long time. This gorgeous set is available at the Gachaland Event Jan 1st to 31st. There is 13 amazing commons to win and 2 wonderful Rares (Vanity & Bed) that you can get a hold


Raindale has some truly fantastic items to win at the Lootbox Event. There is a truly stunning skybox, a black chair with 12 solo animations, and a gold colored wall art to win as rares and then there are 10 common items to win such as deco branches, grandfather clock

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