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What cannot be seen

Tiffany Designs and Zibska paired surprisingly well together with these two releases. This combination is definitely one I would rock down the runway for a styling inspiration without a doubt. The dress from Tiffany Designs comes with a HUD that has 19 color options! and all of them are truly just as gorgeous as the last. Each has the duotone of color along the … Read More What cannot be seen

Fairytale Princess

Although these items are not new or exclusive releases from IT! they are still pretty fantastic and PINK! Okay, they do come in other colors ya ya but way deep down you know you love pink too right?  IT! has a really pretty tiara available, it comes in a bunch of different colors for you to choose from and has a HUD that allows … Read More Fairytale Princess


It took me a few days to work my brain a little for this one. As a model, I get to do some really crazy styling and so many fun and unique things to present on the runway. With Zibska, it is a brand I use sooooo often as a model and well, I think most of us do. The unique, vibrant and intense … Read More Bebe

Good Vibes

I had so much fun running around finding all the exciting items available at The Good Vibes Hunt including these items from IT!. Although the hunt is over, these items can be purchased at the Mainstore and are worth the trip and so much less work than having to run around like a crazy person looking for stars lol. You can get a hold … Read More Good Vibes

Breakaway Diva

I wasn’t sure about packing this many designers into one post….. however, it worked surprisingly well because lets face it, they are all pretty damn awesome! The On9 Event is rocking some pretty fabulous brands this round. So we get to see some great things from SlackGirl, TryskMoon, Sass and Tameless. So, we’ll kick things off with some truly gorgeous shoes from SlackGirl…. my … Read More Breakaway Diva

Moondance Daisy

What an absolutely stunning set from Moondance Boutique!  This complete set is available now at the On9 Event. A gorgeous group of fantastic jewelry, you get the earrings, 2 bracelets, 2 rings, and an incredible necklace. All of these, of course, can be completely customized by the very user-friendly color HUD that is included. The entire set has very detailed inner gems and each … Read More Moondance Daisy

Moondance Jewels

So, this is not a new release from Moondance Boutique, but in my inability to stay off Marketplace and stop shopping, I found it and well, I just had to!. It’s sooooooooo pretty!. It’s one of those jewelry sets that you can literally wear with anything. Pair it with a jean set, catsuit, a lovely gown, hell wear it with a bikini if you … Read More Moondance Jewels


I definitely stepped a little outside my comfort zone doing this one…… But, it was so worth it!!!!. So, I paired some stunning jewelry by Moondance Boutique with some badass makeup from ALMA Makeup. Okay, lets get to the awesome of these two designers. The jewelry comes with really cool oblong earrings that are a lot of fun, plus a choker, bracelets as well … Read More Elven

Moondance Aribella

Moondance Boutique has an absolutely stunning Jewelry set that is hitting the On9 Event. The set comes with earrings, two rings (one for each hand), necklace and two bracelets. The tiara is from an entirely different set, but as you can see, pairs really well with this one. But that’s the case with all of Moondance products, you can mix and match them all … Read More Moondance Aribella

Feel Like A Princess

I know these two stunning releases are not brand new to either of these designers, I couldn’t help but pair them together for some absolutely gorgeous and truly stunning styling. Tiffany Designs and Moondance Boutique really rock together for that elegant night out with your special someone or just because it’s pretty awesome to spend a day looking like a princess. The dress from … Read More Feel Like A Princess

Content Reflections

LsR Moda, LeLuck & VENGE (Vengeful Threads) are truly a combination of fierce styling not to be reckoned with. The stunning dress from LsR Moda which you can get in-world or on Marketplace is adorable in more ways than one. It has a fantastic and user-friendly HUD that gives you the opportunity to have 30 different color options! How awesome is that!. You can … Read More Content Reflections


I am so proud to be a part of the Moondance Boutique Blogger family. There is a truly gorgeous and amazing new release to kick of another fantastic year in Second Life. This beauty of a set comes with 3 sets of earrings, 2 sets of rings a set of bracelets and a beautiful necklace. All of these are controlled via HUD to make … Read More Porscha