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Christmas Spirit

United Colors & Wicca’s Originals are giving you a very Merry Christmas this year at the Saturnalia Event and the Equal 10 Event. United Colors has a Jacket available at this round of Equal10 that actually goes with the Christmas Dress that was a release recently at another event. You

Touch A Butterfly

Moondance Boutique never fails to wow and amaze us with pure elegance and beauty and you’re definitely going to see that with this new release at the Designer Showcase Event. This is a complete set so you get the necklace, two bracelets, two rings and a gorgeous pair of earrings.

Get Comfortable

Okay, ladies, I’m gonna hit you with a triple shot this time. We’ve got three incredible designers with some pretty amazing releases for you to grab up this month. Amias, Moondance Boutique and BREATHE. We’ll start you off with Amias….. now, this is not a new release but it a

Love It Like You Mean It

Moondance Boutique has one of my personal favorites from this designer released at the SWANK Event this month. This set is absolutely truly stunning in so many ways. The set comes with intricately made fan style earrings with a heart base, a necklace, bracelets, and two rings. All of these

♫ Tuuuneeee ♫

Moondance Boutique & LeLuck are bringing some really badass new Exclusive releases to the Darkness Monthly Event and the Sense Event. Moondance Boutique has a truly stunning and elegant jewelry set that comes with gorgeous teardrop style earrings, a ring for each hand, bracelets and a beautiful necklace. The super

Lay With Me

LeLuck & Moondance Boutique have an amazingly pairable set of New Releases available this month at the Whore Couture Fair & The Designer Showcase. The gorgeous and exceptional bold eyeshadow from Leluck is definitely worth a trip to the Whore Couture Fair to snag up this set. There are 6

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Moondance Boutique will have you dreaming of this amazing new release at the Mainstore and SANITY Designs this month for days to come. This absolutely stunning collaboration set comes with an intricate teardrop style necklace, bracelets, a ring for each hand and stunning teardrop style cascading earrings with a unique

Crown Jewels

Moondance Boutique brings more than just elegance and exceptional quality to the Sense Event this month. This absolutely stunning and highly detailed set comes with the Crown, earrings, necklace, bracelets, and rings for each hand. Not only do you get a 28 color standard HUD with this but…. you get

Exquisite Feeling

Safira’s exclusive release at the Cosmopolitan Event this month will certainly leave you feeling sexy with this stunning slip dress. The intricate scrunch drop neck is truly gorgeous and the form-fitting style accentuates those sexy curves. The lace detail on this dress is very pretty and fully customizable to alter

Diva Ready

Moondance Boutique and LeLuck are an explosive pair of Designers this month with some extraordinary new releases. LeLuck is rocking the Darkness Monthly Event with an in your face bold eyeshadow that is dramatically gorgeous in more ways than one. The eyeshadow has 6 smoking colors to choose from for

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