What an absolutely stunning set from Moondance Boutique!  This complete set is available now at the On9 Event. A gorgeous group of fantastic jewelry, you get the earrings, 2 bracelets, 2 rings, and an incredible necklace. All of these, of course, can be completely customized by the very user-friendly color HUD that is included. The entire set has very detailed inner gems and each is surrounded by hundreds of small little diamonds do give it that pop factor when you apply your desired colors. It is a definite must-have for any pretty ladies jewelry collection


Full Credits & Links

Necklace: Moondance Boutique -Theresa Set – On9 Event , Mainstore
Earrings: Moondance Boutique -Theresa Set – On9 Event , Mainstore
Bracelet: Moondance Boutique -Theresa Set – On9 Event , Mainstore
Rings: Moondance Boutique -Theresa Set – On9 Event , Mainstore
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Milan – Light blondes – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Contained – Mainstore
Pose: DHX Studio Sultry Pose – Mainstore

So, this is not a new release from Moondance Boutique, but in my inability to stay off Marketplace and stop shopping, I found it and well, I just had to!. It’s sooooooooo pretty!. It’s one of those jewelry sets that you can literally wear with anything. Pair it with a jean set, catsuit, a lovely gown, hell wear it with a bikini if you want. It colors to a ton of different options and is absolutely gorgeous. The set comes with bracelets, two rings, a necklace and earrings. All are resizeable and color changeable via touch and select. A must have ladies

imageedit_4_4802082002 (1)

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Dress: KiB Designs – Serena Wedding Dress – Mainstore
Hair: Exile Veronica (blondes) – Mainstore
Jewelry: Moondance Jewels Cindy Full Jewelry Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

I definitely stepped a little outside my comfort zone doing this one…… But, it was so worth it!!!!. So, I paired some stunning jewelry by Moondance Boutique with some badass makeup from ALMA Makeup. Okay, lets get to the awesome of these two designers. The jewelry comes with really cool oblong earrings that are a lot of fun, plus a choker, bracelets as well as the circlet. All of these are fully customizable by the really easy to function Moondance Exclusive HUD and you have 20 colors to choose from!, that’s pretty awesome. On a side note, the earrings, I showed them wearing elf ears because it fit the theme of what I styled, but these earrings do fit perfectly on normal ears as well whether they are mesh or not. The jewelry also has the ability to turn the glow on or off and resize to get that perfect fit. Truly a must-have, you really need to go grab these at the XXX Event. Now, ALMA Makeup…. OMG!…. I got so excited when I saw both of these releases I had to put them together, I couldn’t pick just one and I’m sure you won’t either. So, the eyeshadow, this comes in 6 vibrant colors which you can go get your hands on at the Sense Event. And the lipstick, look how badass that is, it’s like sexy luscious water on your lips. This also comes in 6 vibrant colors and as you can tell, the two pair together perfectly. The lipstick is available at the DUBAI Event. Everything is a must have, it really is… RUN RUN and get it ♥



Full Credits & Links

Top: Belle Epoque { Ocean’s Daughter } Top Blue – GACHA
Headpiece: Moondance Boutique Eowynn Circlet – XXX Event , Mainstore
Necklace: Moondance Boutique Eowynn Collar – XXX Event , Mainstore
Earrings: Moondance Boutique Eowynn Earrings – XXX Event , Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD – High Definition – Mainstore
Bracelet: Moondance Boutique Eowynn Cuffs – XXX Event , Mainstore
Hair: TruthxL&B Parker – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ALMA Makeup – Alba – Sense Event , Mainstore
Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Water – Dubai Event , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

House: Wishbringer Underhill II – Mainstore
Tree: Enchanted Fairies Tree Green – Mainstore
Fairy: Enchanted Fairies Tree Green – Mainstore
Fairy Castle: Fairy Garden Tree ~ pinks – Mainstore
Mushrooms: Fairy Garden Tree ~ pinks – Mainstore

Moondance Boutique has an absolutely stunning Jewelry set that is hitting the On9 Event. The set comes with earrings, two rings (one for each hand), necklace and two bracelets. The tiara is from an entirely different set, but as you can see, pairs really well with this one. But that’s the case with all of Moondance products, you can mix and match them all so you definitely want to keep that inventory full of products ;).  The Aribella set comes with a pretty fantastic HUD that allows you to customize everything to your own liking with 22 color choices! plus 8 metal options. You can resize and move all the jewelry to get it placed perfectly with your body, it’s fantastic and really, it’s an incredibly gorgeous set


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Full Credits & Links

Dress: [KR] ILONA DRESS -White- Mainstore
Crown: Moondance Jewels Resplendent O’Hare Crown – Marketplace , Mainstore
Necklace: Moondance Boutique Aribella Necklace – On9 , Mainstore
Earrings: Moondance Boutique Aribella Earrings – On9 , Mainstore
Bracelet: Moondance Boutique Aribella Bracelet – On9 , Mainstore
Ring: Moondance Boutique Aribella Ring – On9 , Mainstore
Hair: .:JUMO:. Jaylo Hair Blondes – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Glances – Mainstore
Lipstick: Glam Affair Cosmetics – Mindy Lipstick – Mainstore
Nailpolish: {ZOZ} Fay Polish – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Flutter Black – Mainstore
Flower Petals: FOXCITY. Prop – Flutter Petals – Mainstore

I know these two stunning releases are not brand new to either of these designers, I couldn’t help but pair them together for some absolutely gorgeous and truly stunning styling. Tiffany Designs and Moondance Boutique really rock together for that elegant night out with your special someone or just because it’s pretty awesome to spend a day looking like a princess. The dress from Tiffany Designs comes with a huge color HUD with more choices than I could begin to describe. gorgeous gold trim and fits like a glove. Definitely, a must have you can get in-world or on Marketplace. Moondance Boutique has this gorgeous jewelry set, it comes with the necklace, ring for each hand should you choose, 2 versions of bracelets as well as 2 versions of earrings so you can achieve whatever look you’re going for. And of course, the freaking awesome customization HUD to make it your own, sooo many buttons to push! you can grab this incredible set in-world or on Marketplace. Truly they are both a must have ladies



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Dress: ::TD:: Gloria Fitmesh Dress – Marketplace , Mainstore
Necklace: Moondance Boutique Audrey Necklace – Marketplace , Mainstore
Earrings: Moondance Boutique Audrey Dangle Earrings – Marketplace , Mainstore
Bracelet: Moondance Boutique Audrey Fancy Bracelets – Marketplace , Mainstore
Ring: Moondance Boutique Audrey Ring – Marketplace , Mainstore
Shoes: ::TD:: Morena Mesh Sandals – Marketplace , Mainstore
Hair: .:JUMO:. Jaylo Hair Blondes – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 “Florence” eyeshadow – Mainstore
Lipstick: LUXREBEL – Glossy Lipstick #2 – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – #MyWardrobe – Mainstore

LsR Moda, LeLuck & VENGE (Vengeful Threads) are truly a combination of fierce styling not to be reckoned with. The stunning dress from LsR Moda which you can get in-world or on Marketplace is adorable in more ways than one. It has a fantastic and user-friendly HUD that gives you the opportunity to have 30 different color options! How awesome is that!. You can choose from so many different styles of striped colors for this dress to really make any outfit combination your own. LeLuck is rocking a new makeup set January 13th at the GLOSS Event. A truly incredible array of colors between 6 stunning eyeshadows and 6 absolutely gorgeous lipsticks. Perfect for that bold “look at me” statement. Of course this set combos perfectly with all the other amazing LeLuck products you should be filling your makeup bag with. Vengeful Threads has a remarkable set of earrings with a huge color HUD to really customize these to pair with any outfit you’re wearing. The color array spreads across 10 different options to multiple areas of the earrings. You can customize 7 different parts! Which is pretty fantastic to make these unique to your own styling. Exceptionally detailed as all VENGE products are and truly a must have to the jewellery collection you can grab at the Swank Event.

sexy rosa

maat justice

Full Credits & Links

Dress: [ LsR ] – Sexy Rosa Sweater Striped Dress – Mainstore , Marketplace
Earrings: VENGE – Key of Maat Earrings – Swank , Mainstore
Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair < Alina> Blond – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: [LeLuck]Shimmer Eyeshadow Justice – GLOSS Event , Mainstore
Lipstick: [LeLuck]Shimmer Eyeshadow Justice – GLOSS Event , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – The Brownstone Hotel Stoop – Mainstore

I am so proud to be a part of the Moondance Boutique Blogger family. There is a truly gorgeous and amazing new release to kick of another fantastic year in Second Life. This beauty of a set comes with 3 sets of earrings, 2 sets of rings a set of bracelets and a beautiful necklace. All of these are controlled via HUD to make each piece really custom to your styling or whatever your choice may be. There is 8 metal choices, 3 different gemstone areas to color individually with 22 different color options! This set is absolutely unique and incredible. This set is available at the anniversary round of the Designer Showcase Event and is definitely a set you want to add to your Jewelry collection. Truly a must-have ladies ♥



Full Credits & Links

Dress: Bakaboo Spring Gown Floral – Mainstore
Necklace: Moondance Boutique Porscha Necklace – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Earrings: Moondance Boutique Porscha Earrings – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Bracelets: Moondance Boutique Porscha Bracelets – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Rings: Moondance Boutique Porscha Rings 1&2 – Designer Showcase , Mainstore
Hair: MINA Leslie – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: .::frosting::. Shimmer Shadows – Metallics Palette – Mainstore
Lipstick: [Glam Affair] Lipstick [ Catwa ] 010 – Mainstore
Nailpolish: Mani Pedi Something New The Bride – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Lux – Mainstore

Two truly incredible designers have some awesome things happening this month that I’m exceptionally excited to share. Entice is throwing some stunning items your way at the Trunk Show Event. A truly stunning Dress and Jacket. Each sold separately in 8 beautiful colors or you can get the fatpack which has 2 bonus colors in each. Each of these look amazing either mixed and matched with other articles of clothing or together as a set. Vengeful Threads is throwing some intense jewellery your way at the Gachaland Event. The set entails both silver and gold options to each of the items you can win. Earrings, Necklace, Eye Jewels, nose ring and the rare headdress. And to add even more great details, the eyepieces come in two stone options, either garnet or sapphire. Truly stunning additions to your stylings and of course you can wear them separate or throw them all together to rock your outfit.



Full Credits & Links

Dress: Entice – Latex Love Dress – Trunk Show , Mainstore
Jacket: Entice – Latex Love Coat – Trunk Show , Mainstore
Headpiece: VENGE – Kemetic – Life Priestess Headdress – Gold – Gachaland , Mainstore
Necklace: VENGE – Kemetic – Sacred Keys Ankh Necklace – Gold – Gachaland , Mainstore
Earrings: VENGE – Kemetic – Sacred Keys Ankh Earring – Gold – Gachaland , Mainstore
Nose Ring: VENGE – Kemetic – Sacred Key Ankh Nose ring – Gold – Gachaland , Mainstore
Eye Jewelry: VENGE – Kemetic – Eye of Horus – Gold Saphire &
VENGE – Kemetic – Eye Of Ra – Gold Saphire – Gachaland , Mainstore
Hair: Stealthic – Persephone (Blondes) – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: VENGE DarkStar- Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: DaD DESIGN “Southwoods Cottage” – Mainstore

LsR Moda & Venge(Vengeful Threads), has two absolutely stunning and amazing releases that pair truly great together. The dress from LsR Moda has 30 amazing colors to choose from, It’s fitmesh so it moves really well with your body, you can rock it out at a club or cosy up at home, it’s perfect for any of your SL adventures. This stunning dress can be picked up at the Mainstore or grab it off Marketplace. Venge (Vengeful Threads) has a release that will be available as an Exclusive release at the SaNaRae Event. Although I’m not wearing them, there will be some rocking Lelutka Lashes Exclusive there as well. But the choker is truly a must-have. It’s fully customizable to match whatever you may or may not be wearing. The base changes as well as each individual stone in the front. 14 color options for each section of this beautiful necklace. It’s re-sizeable and unisex so, perfect for men or women ♥

A Moment Of Reflection

A Moment Of Reflection Headshot

A Moment Of Reflection 2

Full Credits & Links

Dress: [ LsR ] – Sexy Rosa Sweater Dress – Mainstore , Marketplace
Panties: [hh] Bethany C- String (unpacked) – Mainstore
Necklace: VENGE – Modish Choker – SaNaRae , Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair Gift < Lilak> – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: VENGE DarkStar – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

House: DaD DESIGN “Southwoods Cottage” – Mainstore
Kitchen: Trompe Loeil – Finley Kitchenette – Mainstore
Cocktail Glass: {what next} Palisades Cocktail Glass Decor – Mainstore
Cookbook: dust bunny . homemade summer treats . recipe book
Batter Pan: dust bunny . homemade summer treats . strawberry ice cream
Cookies: dust bunny . homemade summer treats . cooling cookies

I was so excited when I was accepted as a Venge Blogger, I use quite a lot of their makeup as a model for many of my challenge or runway ensembles because of how intense and detailed their products are. I get overly excited with small things so I couldn’t help myself and combined a whole bunch of amazing Venge products into one post. So, to start, Vengeful Threads has a gorgeous set of lipstick rocking the Chapter Four Event. There are 8 amazingly bold and creative options to choose from. Please note though, this is for the Lelutka head only, so make sure you bust that head out as it’s truly gorgeous and worth it. And to get in with the Christmas spirit, Venge has the sexy Ankh nose ring as a gift at the same event!.  Okay, so now you’ve bought those…. if you head over to the Ultra Event, this truly stunning necklace is available there. It comes as either silver or gold and the ribbon is customizable through a HUD with a ton of color options. And for those of us that have the kinky side we get the option of a scripted RLV version making it into a truly adorable collar addition to your RP. Although it’s not a new release, I’m also wearing gorgeous eyeshadow from Venge called Venom which you can score on the Marketplace or In-World



Full Credits & Links

Top: ::GB:: Lether Bra & Pants set – Mainstore
Jacket: ::GB:: Fur Fuzzy Jacket – Mainstore
Shorts: ::GB:: Lether Bra & Pants set – Mainstore
Necklace: VENGE – Silver Rosalie Ribbon Collar – Ultra , Mainstore
Hair: Stealthic – Fleeting (Blondes) – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Vengeful Threads Venom – Marketplace , Mainstore
Lipstick: VENGE – Lelutka Lipstick – Starlette – Chapter Four , Mainstore
Nose Piercing: VENGE – Ankh Nose Ring – Copper – Chapter Four , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka Spencer
Background/Prop: Focus Gothic Backdrop – Mainstore
Chair: brocante. linen chair & pillow / black PG – Mainstore