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Reflection Of Love

Teddy Bears…. yay!!!!!¬† MOoH! has 2 absolutely fantastic gachas that are happening at the TWE12VE Event. I chose to show you this specific set but I’ll talk about both anyways. So this one that I have is the one that comes with the poses and the bears. So the two pictures shown below are the poses with the bears, soon as you “add” the … Read More Reflection Of Love

An Heir

So, this just so happens to be the first time I have ever done a pregnancy pose blog, it made for quite a few laughs amongst my friends and not to mention, nothing fits! haha. The pose is really a great one though, it is a new release from p.o.s.e which you can grab at the mainstore. Depending on avatar sizes, only minor tweaks … Read More An Heir


Valor Poses has a very snuggly new pose available in the Mainstore. This pose is perfect for even using it as a chill pose, so whether you do photography or not, it is a wonderful addition to your collection. Cosy up by a fire, in a field, on a chair…. really, wherever you feel. The pose is, of course, perfect for whatever dynamic you … Read More Warmth

Find Yourself, Loved

Such a beautiful combination between Entice and Valor Poses. Entice has an adorable outfit that is perfect for that upcoming V holiday we have that love/hate relationship with. It’s perfect for a gift to your bestie or for the Men that check this out, a great gift for your girl. This Entice dress is sold in a variety of different color options, or of … Read More Find Yourself, Loved


This truly beautiful pose from Valor Poses is out in the Mainstore. It’s sensual and perfect for any image or scene you can create, and honestly, it’s such a lovely pose you could just chill out in it for the day it’s that cosy ūüėȬ† Definitely, a must have for the pose collection and requires very minimal adjustments depending on how big or small … Read More Dedication

All You Need

Valor Poses has this truly sensual and amazing pose hitting the pose fair on January 5th. A truly embracing and well-formed couples pose which works for all gender dynamics. This pose like pretty much all Valor Poses only required small tweaks with fingers to get that perfect custom fit. Definitely, a must have to add to your pose collection. Both people are kneeling in … Read More All You Need

Clench to me, I’ll keep you safe

This pose from Valor poses is the perfect set to use for Christmas. Although, of course, it is perfect for any occasion, it’s definitely very fitting at this time of year, whether you’re outside, decorating the tree or just enjoying an evening gazing out or a romantic end to fun-filled day. The pose works well with even big avatar sizes. Thanks to an amazing … Read More Clench to me, I’ll keep you safe


Valor poses has everything perfect for that special couple, This pose, in particular, is perfect to cosy up under any setting but is definitely wonderful to watch the snow fall outside on a quiet evening. As with pretty much all of Valors Poses I did not edit this set in any way, we fit together perfectly without a single adjustment required. It’s really something … Read More Shadow

Work It Like A Princess

Valor Poses is never a boring pose when you unpack the awesomeness. This one has 4 different pose options to choose from and all props are included that you need to have a great workout with food! And who doesn’t love donuts right! This is a group gift at the Valor Mainstore. Better haul ass and grab it before it goes away ‚ô• Full … Read More Work It Like A Princess


Valor Poses has this amazing new couples pose release at the main store. Of course, like pretty much all poses from Valor, I didn’t have to alter this one at all, what you see is exactly how it posed from rez to sit. Amazing quality and perfect for all couples. So gorgeous and sensual, definitely a must have ‚ô• Full Credits & Links HERS … Read More Lotus

Cuddle Time

This hot new release from p.o.s.e is sooooo cute, and it comes with the box you sit on, the cute little pup on the floor and the lap dog, as well as, the leaf. The pose was designed to be used with Male/Female avatars but as you can see it works really well for besties or girlfriends or whatever your dynamic and choice may … Read More Cuddle Time

Sweet Kisses

Valor Poses is bringing a sweet and sensual pose to your fall moments. Perfect for any couple Full Credits & Links Her Outfit Shirt:¬†Gabriel One sideoff tops / White – Mainstore Pants:¬†!EE Amherstia nobilis pants – Mainstore Hair:¬†.Entwined. Kate / Blondes – Mainstore Body: Maitreya Head: Catwa Catya His Outfit Shirt:¬†Gabriel Loose Pin Shirt / Black – Mainstore Jacket:¬†Gabriel Loose Pin jacket / Black … Read More Sweet Kisses