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Clench to me, I’ll keep you safe

This pose from Valor poses is the perfect set to use for Christmas. Although, of course, it is perfect for any occasion, it’s definitely very fitting at this time of year, whether you’re outside, decorating the tree or just enjoying an evening gazing out or a romantic end to fun-filled


Valor poses has everything perfect for that special couple, This pose, in particular, is perfect to cosy up under any setting but is definitely wonderful to watch the snow fall outside on a quiet evening. As with pretty much all of Valors Poses I did not edit this set in

Work It Like A Princess

Valor Poses is never a boring pose when you unpack the awesomeness. This one has 4 different pose options to choose from and all props are included that you need to have a great workout with food! And who doesn’t love donuts right! This is a group gift at the


Valor Poses has this amazing new couples pose release at the main store. Of course, like pretty much all poses from Valor, I didn’t have to alter this one at all, what you see is exactly how it posed from rez to sit. Amazing quality and perfect for all couples.


Valor Poses has a brand new pose release out in their Mainstore. Although this pose was designed for a male and female avi, I wanted to show you that you can also use it with your bestie or whatever she may be to you. But it is also truly gorgeous

Tangled Mess

I was so excited when I saw this pose, although it’s not a new release it is going to be a fantastic addition to the pose fair where I’d highly recommend grabbing. Like pretty much all Valor Poses I didn’t make any adjustments to this one, it’s shown exactly as


PosEd has this pretty fantastic new release out. Prop, of course, is included and self-rezzes when you sit on the posestand. Though we all have our own meaning and idea of a broken heart I’m sure you’ll really enjoy making this unique pose into your own. Full Credits & Links

Think Pink

With the help of an amazing friend, we’ve put together a blog after a fantastic evening at the #Team Greek Think Pink Breast Cancer Bash where we had almost 60 people dancing up a storm and the donations were flying in by the thousands to support a near and dear

Dancing Queen

What an amazing combination with Entice’s brand new exclusive release for the Cosmopolitan event. Lights and Darks are available for these super cute shoes and the combinations are endless!. The HUD on these is phenomenal and incredibly unique, you really don’t want to miss these. And they pair perfectly with

Just Like This

This Pose from p.o.s.e was the perfect fit for my bestie and I. And of course since we both love to shop, we are duly decked out in Petry Model Store clothing and tattoos by Von Noir. The pose comes with the can prop and the base so you can

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