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Opposites Attract

Okay, hold your butts for this one because there is gonna be A LOT of awesomeness happening in this blog post so pay close attention cause’ it’s all-important!. I am going to send you running everywhere for Scandalize, Wicca’s Originals, and a double shot of Von Noir Tattoo. So, I’m

I Got You

Kira Tattoo is doubling up on amazing tattoos this month between the EBento Event and SWANK. The first tattoo is for the ladies which you can grab up by heading over to the EBento Event, the detail on this back tattoo is truly stunning, the colors are so vibrant even

Uncover The Beauty

Von Noir Tattoo took a little time away but guess what, she is back! and what a statement this amazing designer is making with this brand new Exclusive release at the Darkness Event this month. This tattoo not only comes in three various shades for you to choose from but

I Got You

BREATHE and Kira Tattoo made for quite an interesting styling duo for this blog post. First off, Kira Tattoo has one of my favorite types of tattoos available for you at the Darkness Event this month. I actually just did a runway show and I wish this had been released

Come A Little Closer

TAOX Tattoo definitely gives us amazing designs that you can’t help but zoom in on to admire the exceptional detail, thought, and overall incredible products that we get to flaunt all over our body and make so many statements within our own interpretation of such hard work. This Mainstore release

New Friends

Scandalize and Kira Tattoo are quite the combination with two absolutely amazing exclusive releases this month between the Sense Event and the Belle Event. Kira Tattoo to start off has quite the bold statement tattoo available at the Sense Event. The tattoo goes from high on the upper thigh all

Walking Together

TAOX Tattoo has three really amazing tattoos on the upper floor of the mainstore for you to enjoy. The first tattoo which is a stunning Cross with a skull is exceptionally well detailed, the shading is absolutely perfect and you can choose between three different shades of this tattoo. And

A Flower A Day

Kira Tattoo has an amazing exclusive release this month at the UniK Event. This tattoo is absolutely stunning in more ways than one, the detail is phenomenal and with the ability to choose between three various shades that come in an applier as well as BOM for those that use

Loving It

TAOX Tattoo and BREATHE have some pretty amazing things for you to snag up. TAOX has a gorgeous unisex tattoo available at the Mainstore. This tattoo is exceptionally detailed and very unique. It covers the upper body above the breasts, the arms, the neck, up to the base of the


Kira Tattoo has a pretty amazing new release up for grabs at the Darkness Event. The detail on this front body tattoo is truly incredible. This tattoo is definitely perfect for the current and upcoming season with incredibly detailed purple leaves and a violin. It’s like sitting in a stunning

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