MADD Modelz

MADD MODELZ is a team managed group. Our key players include:

CEO – RedJess Rowley
CEO – Adriel Huntress
Social Media Director & Model Manager – Savaliya Lenoirre
Modelz College Director – Cheyenne Sadee
Sound Manager – Mercie Firehawk
Video Manager – Jackson Redstar
Head Nanny- Wicca Merlin

Feel free to contact any of the above members if you have questions, or are interested in bringing something to the MADD MODELZ team.  We are always open to new ideas, and people that want to contribute actively on making SL Fashion fun.

We have the strongest, dedicated and multi-talented team of professionals in the SL Fashion Industry on the grid.  We create moments in SL time that make people smile.

We produce events that include (but are not limited to): Fashion Shows, Balls, Styling contests, parties of all sizes and themes, and much more! We are an INCLUSIVE group, and we like to help you learn how to look your best on the SL grid. We are supported by some of the biggest SL creators and we appreciate them all like family.

MADD MODELZ expanded at the end of 2019 by adding a branch to its tree of secondlife; the Modelz Collaborative. The Modelz Collaborative, is an invitation ONLY tag, based on activity in the MADD MODELZ group after 3 events.  Invitation for the Collaborative tag will be done 2 ways, either the 2 annual open auditions in January and June, or directly by Red, or Adriel ONLY. In order to keep your Collaborative tag, you must be actively involved as staff or model in at least 4 events per year.

MADD MODELZ grew again by listening to fellow fashionistas, stylists and creators and at the end of 2019 they added an all-in-one-stop for Fashion events inworld: The MADD Fashion & Events INFO-HUB.  Now a Linden Lab Destination, you can find all active shopping events for fashion, as well as fashion castings, shows, parties and sales and so much more!

In early 2020, MADD MODELZ added yet another branch by adding Modelz College to the group. Modelz College is an affordable and current school to offer diplomas and single certificates or all kinds to enable people interested in participating in SL fashion events with all the knowledge they need to be effective and professional.  Modelz College is being run by the Director, Cheyenne Sadee(Cheyenne.Starlight)

So, here we are, MADD for Fashion, and we are determined to have fun doing it! We are here to make your SL Fashion experience fun and full of light-hearted, exciting event memories that last a lifetime!