Modelz College

Who is MADD?
We are a group of new and seasoned people from around the grid that have a plethora of skills. Some of these skills include but are not limited to, scripting, building, photography, music, fashion styling, designers, event producers, magazine editors, show hosts, managers and many more!
We encourage and empower people to bring their ideas and skills to the table at all times. We offer opportunities to all that want to participate.


With all that said, MADD MODELZ & Modelz College continues to evolve, and we all decided its time to change with the times, and we are bringing a different type of education to inform and maximize people’s time in SL.


What can we do for you at Modelz College that no one else can?
We can share what we have learned.
We can teach you how to rock your avi’s styling with color theory, mesh matching and seasons.
We can educate and elevate you in new ways of genre styling, avi shaping and modeling on different platforms.
We can offer you work at events and inworld stores, as well as put you in front of top creators and people that organize fashion events inworld.
We can show you how to take amazing photography inworld and using Photoshop.
We can develop your skills with building and prim (yes we still use them) work to enhance your styling and event builds.
We can help you learn how to produce events and parties.
We can support you to be who you want to be in SL.


We offer preset courses and a la carte courses. All courses are done in Discord voice calls.





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