Take A Breath

After a little bit of a hiatus I’ve got some catching up to do, and what better way than with ALMA Makeup and ZOZ!!!. Both of these events are over very soon so I apologize for the delay in getting them out to you, but I know ya’ll can haul some pixel booty so you won’t miss out . ALMA is rocking some super bright and fun shades of lipstick at the SENSE Event. The HUD comes with 8 color shade options for you to pick from, some are the more solid type and others have that sultry blend of color like the one I’m wearing. Truly a must-have for that makeup collection. And what better way to pair a pretty face then with some awesome polish! ZOZ has some truly stunning nail polish at the Cosmopolitan Event. And of course, color, color, color yay!!!, you get a choice of 12 amazing colors that combo perfectly with any styling choice. The detail is, of course, phenomenal as we expect no less from this brand. They are a must see and grab for sure.



Full Credits & Links

Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Hair: DOUX – Angelica hairstyle – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ALMA Makeup – Good Vibes – Eyeliners Set 2 – Good Vibes HuntMainstore
Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Serena – Sense Event , Mainstore
Nailpolish: {ZOZ} Sophie Gold Polish (3pk) – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Phone: Smartphone Oroth-Pink
Ring: Chop Zuey WR In My Heart – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Lovely Dreamer

This incredibly stunning and absolutely gorgeous polish set from ZOZ is incredible. ZOZ always rocks the intricate details and never skips a beat on bringing us absolutely amazing and unique designs to spice up our sexy pixel fingers and toes. The set I have is the Lovely Blues which you can get at the eBento Event. There are 12 individual colors to choose from for each pack or you can get the fatpack which of course, who doesn’t want all those amazing colors right at your fingertips! (no pun intended of course ) The polish has very detailed flowers on each finger and if you look close, there’s an adorable little butterfly in there too. I love them!! you really need to grab them all, honest, it’s worth it imageedit_10_9554729443


Full Credits & Links

Sweater: Eliavah ~ Dragonsilk Cardigan – Mainstore
Top: Eliavah ~ Dragonsilk Top – Mainstore
Hair: Stealthic – Willow (Blondes) – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 “Babygoth” makeup – Mainstore
Lipstick: alaskametro<3 “Babygoth” makeup – Mainstore
Nailpolish: {ZOZ} Lovely Blues Polish – eBento , Mainstore
Butterfly: AZOURY – Pure Butterfly (White) (I colored it in photoshop) – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: WHOLE.WHEAT – Marble Fireplace
Pose: Portrait posed on hands – Mainstore


I don’t think I know which I like more in this set, the bed or the pictures!…. okay, maybe I’m leaning a little more towards the bed because it’s so pretty right!. This amazing set from Bee Designs is a hot new release at the Kinky Event. It’s a sex bed shhhhhh (blushes)… of course, you don’t have to use it for naughty naughty stuff it has amazing poses for everyone. The double rugs on either side are truly a wonderful touch to all the intricate details on the bed itself. you can even see the stitching on all the pillows, really, shove your face right up there you can see it I swear 😉  The double picture set comes with this as well for you to hang in any room of the house if you want, beautiful and sultry images, very tasteful.  There are so many poses in the bed. I did try to count them all for you but after twenty minutes of always losing count and forgetting I was supposed to be counting I figured you all could just go to the Event and grab it yourself, it’s truly worth it and looks fantastic in any windlight. I love it!




Full Credits & Links

Bed: Bee Designs Bailey Sex Bed – Kinky Event , Mainstore
Rugs: Bee Designs Bailey Bedroom Set rug – Kinky Event , Mainstore
Pictures: Bee Designs Bailey Bedroom Set wall decor – Kinky Event , Mainstore
Bears: BDSM Bears – Mainstore
Plants: dust bunny . areca palm plant – Mainstore
Cage: Stockholm&Lima: The Birdcage – Mainstore

Blue Horizon

So, it’s really blue right!….. This blog was so much fun to combine designers for and style as well. Lately, I have tried to limit the number of designers I throw into a single blog post, however, it just so happened that all three of these badass creators came out with new releases that flowed so well together you’d think they collabed it!…. they didn’t of course but they’re rockin. So, we have a hot new outfit from BAKABOO which comes in 5 different texture changing options!. The top and pants are separate so you can mix and match, and with the new animated outfits coming from Ocean these designs from the NEO-JAPAN Event are absolutely amazing yay!. The set also comes available for men, but of course, I’m here to promote the ladies woop woop. The designs vary between each of the color sets and randomize from an array of colors. So the blue I’m wearing also ends up rotating to a pretty reddish tone as well. I added some bold and truly stunning makeup from ALMA MAKEUP.  This set comes with both the eyeshadow and the lipstick which of course you can also get at the NEO-JAPAN Event. The eyeshadow has 6 gorgeous colors to choose from and they pair together so well with the lipstick which has 5 stunning shades for you to wear together or separate. To complete this very blue styling, ZOZ has a truly beautiful set of nail polish available at the eBento Event. This one is the “blues” and there are 12 just amazing colors to choose from and the range from various shades of blues into the purply blues. Each polish has an intricate airbrushed set of flowers and butterflies on the tips of them. All of these designers are just amazing and you truly need to do some event hopping and grab them all up



Full Credits & Links

Top: Bakaboo – Sora Top – Color E – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Pants: Bakaboo – Sora Leggings – Color E – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Headpiece: TKW Asagumo – Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Bracelet: Amias Jasna – Mainstore
Hair: TKW Asagumo – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ALMA Makeup – Mei – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Lipstick: ALMA Makeup – Vera – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Nailpolish: {ZOZ} Lovely Blues Polish – eBento , Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: LOP Backdrop Gazebo Japan


Hanni Denim

This super sexy outfit is a hot new release from LsR Moda. It fits well with so many adventures you can take on SL from hanging out a club with friends to chillin on a Tennis court playing some games. The outfit comes with a separate top and bottom so you could even combo it with other LsR items to really rock a styling.  The denim textures on this outfit are absolutely stunning and of course, the 30 texture HUD options we all freaking love!!!!. SO you can mix and match the top and bottom to be whatever you want. Definitely a lovely addition to the outfit selection



Full Credits & Links

Outfit: [ LsR ] – Sexy Hanni Denim Set – Marketplace , Mainstore
Shoes: Blueberry – Tinker – Legwarmer Set – Black – Mainstore
Hair 1: Stealthic – Paradox (Blondes) – Mainstore
Hair 2: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Miori hair-Blond – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Tennis Court: Moo Tennis Court
Fence: Wooden Privacy Fence – Mainstore
Pose w/ Tennis ball prop: .:: Pose Talk ::. Tennis Pose – Mainstore


This absolutely stunning new release from Partners In Crime is just “wow!” truly, words are at a loss for me with this one. I recently re-did my own home land, and upon doing this blog, I now have not 1 but BOTH of these scattered around my place. The detail in the fabric, right down to the intricate stitching is just stunning. Without getting up in your face close, my pictures don’t do justice to this set. It comes with pretty much everything you see…. except the animals, those are mine and you can’t have them lol…. kidding…. sort of, you’ll need to read the credits for those ones. So, this set comes in pink or blue, both are shown below. Pink has windlight effects and the blue I have shown exactly as is, no windlight enabled at all. Sooo… you get the couch, the coffee table, and accessories that are on it, the ottoman, the floor lamp as well as the wooden floor panel and gorgeous backdrop. It all comes in a pre-bundled handy drop and rez so you can get it exactly as is, or you can manipulate the pieces on your own to scatter around how you wish. The couch has fantastic single poses and adorable cuddles for couples, and of course it has the forbidden naughty menu… sure does!.  It’s truly a must have for your home decor or outside decor, it really works anywhere.



Full Credits & Links

Building: Trompe Loeil – Jiayi Pool – Mainstore
Potted Plants: JLD – Dracaena Tree – Mainstore
Sofa Set w/ Backdrop: Amberly Set {Blue} & {Pink} – Mainstore
Puppy in Basket: Foxwood – Lilly – Puppy Basket – pink – Mainstore
Teddybear: hive // sweet teddy bear . pink heart – Mainstore
Chihuahua: [Black Bantam] Love Struck Long Haired Chihuahua Heart Decor – Mainstore

Beauty In A Frame

This incredibly vibrant and bold eyeshadow from ALMA Makeup is something surely worth hauling butt to the Dubai Event to go and pick up. 8 really intense and bright colors come on the HUD for this set. I paired this gorgeous eyeshadow with some variant lipstick from ALMA as well. They obviously are not a set, but they both give a great contrast to each other that is a subtle but intense blow of color. This eyeshadow rocks it on a runway as well, for all my fellow models


imageedit_18_3353102136 (2)

Full Credits & Links

Dress: Azul fifteen minutes of fame garnet – Mainstore
Hat: Azul fifteen minutes of fame garnet – Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears – Mainstore
Earrings: Avaway Mia Earrings – Mainstore
Bracelet: AvaWay Florence Bracelet & Ring – Mainstore
Hair: Sintiklia Hair Milan – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: ALMA Makeup – Alina – Dubai Event , Mainstore
Lipstick 1: ALMA Makeup Babygirl – Mainstore
Lipstick 2: ALMA Makeup – Red vs Pink – Mainstore
Nailpolish: alaskametro Classic/Solids – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Prop & Pose: Azul fifteen minutes of fame garnet – Mainstore

In The Wind

This gorgeous newer release from Tiffany Designs is truly stunning in so many ways. The intricate detail on the lacing is just incredible, no matter the picture, it wouldn’t do justice to the artwork that was done to create this gown. It comes in so many colors it’s really hard to choose one. The gown comes with a stunning Necklace and matching earrings. This gown has separate appliers for the bodice of the dress plus the gloves so it gives you full control over where you want each to go to prevent glitching. It’s an amazing dress, a must-have for your gown collection.


Full Credits & Links

Dress: ::TD:: Nicole Gown with Appliers ~ Pink – Marketplace , Mainstore
Headpiece: no.match_ ~ NO_JEWEL B ~ Mainstore
Necklace: ::TD:: Nicole Gown with Appliers ~ Pink – Marketplace , Mainstore
Earrings: ::TD:: Nicole Gown with Appliers ~ Pink – Marketplace , Mainstore
Gloves: : ::TD:: Nicole Gown with Appliers ~ Pink – Marketplace , Mainstore
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_JEWEL B ~ Mainstore
Eyeshadow: .::frosting::. Dreamers Eyeshadow Palette – Pixie Dust – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Prop: FOXCITY. Photo Scene – Breezy – Mainstore

Reflection Of Love

Teddy Bears…. yay!!!!!  MOoH! has 2 absolutely fantastic gachas that are happening at the TWE12VE Event. I chose to show you this specific set but I’ll talk about both anyways. So this one that I have is the one that comes with the poses and the bears. So the two pictures shown below are the poses with the bears, soon as you “add” the bear to your avi, it will pose you in the shown position, I did not edit any of the poses so they are exactly as shown but will of course differ depending on your own avatar height and whatnot. There are sooooo many variations between these two gachas, you get the holdable smaller bears, you get some bigger ones including those you can rez and other poseable ones that are much bigger that pose you as well, there’s a cute one pushing a bear in a shopping cart, though I didn’t do a picture, it’s super cute. Both the gacha sets come with a Rare and so many more others to get a hold of. Many colors as well. Definitely a must have, you need to get them all and then just fill your house with stuffies! or not, maybe that’s just me… I have these MOoH! bears all over my land




Full Credits & Links

Top 1: Bauhaus Movement Greta Top – Mainstore
Outfit 2: Scandalize Kya – Mainstore
Headpiece: Bauhaus Movement Robin Headpiece – Mainstore
Necklace: Avaway Cynthia – Mainstore
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears 0.2 – Mainstore
Rings: SpotCat Fastener – Mainstore
Hair 1: Ayashi Miori Hair – Mainstore
Hair 2: Stealthic Paradox – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: Shiny Stuffs Fae Kissed – Mainstore
Lipstick: Spirit Skins Shimmering Lips 1 – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Prop & Pose

Bear 1: MOoH! Teddy pink shoulder – TWE12VE , Mainstore

Bear 2: MOoH! Teddy panda peekaboo – TWE12VE , Mainstore

Yes Please

This sexy dress from LsR Moda is a really hot addition to your wardrobe at the Whore Couture Event. It is a truly stunning outfit that has the intricate and sexy little garter straps built right into the dress!…. and of course, it’s LsR Moda, so we all know it’s about to get even better right?…. Not only does this dress come with 30 Knit Textures…. But…. It ALSO has 30 Satin textures!!!!  woop woop.. you know you’re dancin over there too with excitement. Okay, maybe just me, cause’ I get overly excited like that but truly ladies, This dress is gorgeous. It even has the little peekaboo bum thing happening on the back, but of course, if that happens to not be your thing, LsR has a few coats and sweaters that actually overlay with this outfit very well for a more modest look. Whatever suits your fancy


imageedit_2_5653185117 (1)

Full Credits & Links

Dress: [ LsR ] – Sexy Lili Dress – Whore Couture , Mainstore
Hair: Stealthic – Intrepid (Blondes) – Mainstore
Lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Cherish You – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Bed: GW Hanging Bed (PG) – Mainstore
Pose: [AbsolutA] Poses – Model 19_06 – Mainstore


LeLuck has this really incredible and vibrant eyeshadow available at the Whore Couture Fair. There are 6 really intense colors to choose from for any occasion you want to turn some heads with that “wow” factor. Each shade has an intricate combination of cosmic colors that bring new life to your eyes. They are truly incredible and are a must have to the virtual makeup bag


Full Credits & Links

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ears – Mainstore
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Ariana – Light blondes – Mainstore
Eyeshadow: [LeLuck]Meteoroid Eyeshadow – Whore Couture , Mainstore
Nailpolish: alaskametro<3 “Cosmic” – Mainstore
Beauty Marks: !!!Izzie’s – Face Moles – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya
Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Level Up – Mainstore


Bee Designs has an incredible Gacha release that is out at the Ace Event. There are 10 absolutely gorgeous items for you to win (9 Common and 1 Rare) in this round and each one of them is worth every pull on that machine. The soft pastel colors are remarkable, and of course, the detail is just “wow” but it’s Bee Designs, of course, it’s awesome! The floor pillows have really cute cuddle animations in them, and the bed has a whole lot of absolutely stunning and fluid poses in it as well both sweet and cuddle and a little naughty ;). It looks fantastic in any of Bee’s homes, and of course, being a gacha, you can re-arrange this to whatever you enjoy or mix and match it with a bunch of other items you surely already own


Full Credits & Links

Building: .:Bee Designs:. Greenwoods Log Cabin –Mainstore
Bed: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 2 RARE – ACE Event , Mainstore
Pink Flowers: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 1 – ACE Event , Mainstore
Rug: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 3 – ACE Event , Mainstore
Night Table: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 4 – ACE Event , Mainstore
Blue Container: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 5 – ACE Event , Mainstore
Pink Container: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 6 – ACE Event , Mainstore
Lamp: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 7 – ACE Event , Mainstore
Wall Emblem: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 8 – ACE Event , Mainstore
Floor Pillows: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 9 – ACE Event , Mainstore
White Flowers: Bee designs Lotus Bedroom gacha 10 – ACE Event , Mainstore