WarPaint is rocking out this next round of Uber with some pretty incredible lipgloss. And, I’m not gonna lie, it took me a minute to figure out the difference between the two versions, but when you see it you’re gonna shake your head at me and then go…. that is

Beautiful Tragedy

United Colors and WarPaint make the perfect Duo this month at the Collabor88 Event and a release available at the Mainstore. United Colors has a pretty awesome feathered collar available to you at the new round of Collabor88 which also comes with a pretty great surprise inside for you regardless

Girls Do It Better

Scandalize Originals is hitting you with a double shot of hold onto your butts this month! So, I got a little creative with this one because I wanted you to see just how versatile and badass this Designer is. So, you’re going to have to do some jumping to get

Curse Of Cain

Wicca’s Originals has yet again another really badass new release that you are going to love adding to your ever growing collection of items from this Designer. Not only does everything look incredible as it is but because Wicca is a thinker she makes it possible to really customize absolutely

God Is A Woman

FashionNatic is without a doubt going to blow your mind at this months round of the Cosmopolitan Event. This new release is definitely a lot of fun and I personally really enjoyed styling this one. So of course if you snatch up the big fatpack version of this you’re going

I Woke Up Like This

WarPaint is rocking some really amazing stuff at the Anthem Event this month and as an added bonus, because this Designer is so badass, pretty much everything on my face in this blog is from WarPaint so make sure to check out the whole credits list below. This eyeshadow is

Daisies In The Forest

Scandalize has an amazing new release at FaMESHed this month. I absolutely love overall outfits and honestly, I don’t think there are enough good quality ones out there for the ladies but maybe that’s just because I’m really picky about the types of clothes I wear. Well, Scandalize definitely has

Contemplating The Future

United Colors has a really amazing set for you at the Mainstore. Although this is not a new release it is definitely one you are going to want to go and grab if you missed it at the Event a few months ago. The outfit comes in 2 pieces which

Jet Set

Scandalize has an incredible release that you can snatch up at the Mainstore from a recent event so make sure you’re going to the Mainstore to keep looking for this sweet set. The set has a really fun long sleeved tank that has the wide-end sleeves, High-waisted skinny jeans and

Kiss My

Wicca’s Originals has yet again, another really fantastic new release at the Kinky Event this month. So, the fun thing about these shoes is that they just so happen to go with two other new releases from Wicca. So, these shoes are designed amazingly, they have a chain wrapping that

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