Sweet As A Berry

Rubedo did it again at the Inithium Event!! andddd there’s a bonus surprise with this one. This makeup is an alteration of a previous release but tweaked quite a lot. I wore a similar blue version of this with my formal gown in Miss SL 2021 and damn this lady


Scandalize has a pretty fun and unique new release for you at the current round of the Access Event. This outfit is in two pieces with an adorable pair of shoes available separately (not pictured) The set has a cute strapless little ruffle top that fits beneath a suspender strap

Vacation Vibes

Scandalize is definitely helping us along on our packing needs for summer vacay this year with a really awesome and fun new release at the Collabor88 Event. This set is soooo much fun! It is a skort so you get shorts and a skirt all in one! the skirt has

Hidden Objects

Wicca’s Originals is kicking up a storm at the SL18B Bash with a really awesome pair of boots. Don’t worry, yours don’t have stuff hidden inside other than a really awesome HUD for you to customize these babies to whatever you like. The boots are a mid calf style with

Yoga Me

Scandalize is going to have you pulling on that Gacha machine lever like a crazy person at the new round of The Arcade to try and score this really awesome new outfit. The outfit is in 4 pieces that you can mix and match if you don’t get the Rares.

Oh Canada!

Rubedo is rocking the Second Life 18th Birthday Event with a really awesome new makeup. I was so very fortunate enough to have this amazing lady sponsor and design my makeup for the Miss SL 2021 competition and this makeup set is the variation of my makeup from this event

Under The Sea

Rubedo is gonna have you shining those fish tails for sure at the new round of the Mermaid Cove Event with some pretty badass makeup. I was super excited to come back from a small holiday to some really amazing new designs to play with and this is one of

Turn It Up

FashionNatic is hitting all our senses at the new round of Cosmopolitan this month. This is one heck of a set ladies! We get wicked fashion and some kickass tunes all in one place. This set comes with a sexy pair of draped overalls and a cute short sleeved tank

It’s All In The Name

Wicca’s Originals is not only an amazing duo of Designers/Creators but Wicca is an amazing and close friend of mine. I had a little holiday recently and came back to the best surprise everrrr. I got to be the inspiration behind the new release at the Vintage Fair this month.

Like Fine Wine

Scandalize has one of my new personal favorite dresses available to you at the new round of the Dubai Event. This dress is pretty awesome because it can be worn two different ways to give a unique look to whatever you are styling. The dress can be worn with or

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