She Believed She Could, So She Did

FashionNatic has a pretty awesome new release up for grabs at this months round of Cosmopolitan. This outfit is definitely worth pushing everyone out of the way to grab. The outfit is 3 pieces including the shoes which are sold separately or in the megapack. I’m not gonna lie, it

Come This Way

Scandalize & WarPaint will have you running between the Vanity Event, Collabor88 and Anthem this month with some really awesome new releases. Warpaint has an Eyeshadow available for you at the Collabor88 Event and Blush available at the Anthem Event. The eyeshadow is very stunning and though it’s not pictured

Be Patient

Scandalize & Wicca’s Originals are rocking the FaMESHed Event and the Kinky Event this month. Scandalize has an amazing release out for you for this months round of FaMESHed. The outfit is in two pieces and I am absolutely in love with this one. The Jacket can be worn on


FashionNatic is rocking this months round of the Cosmopolitan Event. This set actually kind of fooled me when I first saw it. I was expecting it to be 2 pieces with a detachable belt. Well, the only part of that i got right was that you can turn the belt

Like Mother Like Daughter

WarPaint has an amazing new release available that is perfect for all the women in the family. This new makeup release is up for grabs at the new round of Uber. The eyeshadow set comes in 6 unique and super sparkly colors for you to choose from. It has appliers

Keep Me Warm

FashionNatic will have you running through the snow and knocking down Snowmen to grab up this new release at this round of Uber. This outfit is a 3-4 piece absolute wonder that you’re without a doubt going to want the Megapack version of so you can have absolutely everything since


Scandalize will definitely have you playing in the snow in fashion this year with a new release at the Collabor88 Event. This outfit is absolutely amazing, not only does it have an amazing low plunge neckline but it also comes with a scarf that you can choose to wear or

Christmas Spirit

United Colors & Wicca’s Originals are giving you a very Merry Christmas this year at the Saturnalia Event and the Equal 10 Event. United Colors has a Jacket available at this round of Equal10 that actually goes with the Christmas Dress that was a release recently at another event. You

Wonderland Cutie

United Colors & WarPaint have some pretty exciting new releases for you at the new round of FaMESHed and the Santa Inc Event. To get you going, WarPaint has 2 exciting new releases for you and the first is actually a mystery reward item inside the nice box this year

Staying At Home

FashionNatic has an amazing new release for you at this months round of the Cosmopolitan Event. This set is definitely everything you need all in a one stop shop. The set is in 4 pieces so not only do you get the sweater, the bra and the pants but you

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